South Africa


– coordinator/ Team Leader – South Africa.

If not us who?, if not now when?. 
I joined this struggle for liberation of my motherland Uganda because I believe that it will take me and like minded others to do so. No one will fall from another planet to fix our country but us. And I choose NOW because iwent through much pain yesterday so i want to end the pain now so that tomorrow I be pain free. And I joined PP/ NUP because i believe in its values, Mission and vision  it has for my dear country Uganda.

As team South Africa leadership, our three major factors from get go have been to mobilize, sensitize and organize our people and yes the response has been tremendous. In all the Nine provinces of South Africa ,people relate to the message of people power / NUP and they all not just agree but are ready to partake in causing change of leadership that we so badly need in our country Uganda. I can assert without fear or favor that 90% of Ugandans in South Africa believe in the mes