UK chapter

Outlines of the National Unity Platform – People Power United Kingdom of Great Britain & the Republic of Ireland Chapter

Launched on 14 June 2019.

Runs official National Unity Platform – People Power WhatsApp Group.

Email is:

Telephone number is:

+44 7597 736095

The Chapter has members platform (or General Assembly) where all members belongs and Executive Committee platform, where decision about the chapter is made. Each respective committes also got their own platforms

The Executive Committee comprises of:

1). The UK Chief Coordinator or Team Leader

Belinda Atim is the Team Leader in overall charge of the UK Chapter.

2). The Deputy Team Leader position is vacant (pending election/nomination/appointment).

3). The Chairpersons, responsible for day to day management of the Chapter are, Alex Oringa and Harriet Bwete.

4). Secretary

Patrick Odoki

5). Assistant Secretary position is vacant volunteers are required to fill the role.

6). Finance Secretary

Hood Ssemebwa

7). Deputy Finance Secretary position is vacant. Volunteers are required to fill the role.

8). Finance Committee members are: Lee, Nina Bukiirwa, Patricia, Jael, Patricia, Simon.

9). Secretary for Policy

Peter Ekakoro

Peter is supported by eminent lawyers, Senior Counsel Mr Yosef Serugo-Lugo and Mr Alex Oringa.

10). Policy committee members Ruth Mukasa, Patrick, Josephine, Alex Godfrey, Belinda, Hood, Yosef, Lee, Josephine, Harriet, Everest.

11). The Secretary for Events & Mobilisation Team

Everest Kamukama

12). Deputy Secretary for Events & Mobilisation


13). Events & Mobilisation committee members:

Madam Josephine, Everest Kamukama, Isa Godfrey, Janet, Harriet, Rita, Florence, Said Mukasa, William, Harriet Noble, Godfrey, Robert Kato, Hood, Patrick, Lee, Edwin.

14). Communications & Publicity Unit.

Head of Communications


15). Deputy Head of Communications


Volunteers are required to fill the role.

16). Communications & Publicity Committee members

Robert Kato, Lee, Patricia, Belinda, Hood, Peter, Harriet, Patrick, Margaret.

17). Secretary for Senior elder/eminent persons affairs

Vacant, pending nomination/election.

18). Deputy Secretary for Senior elder/eminent persons affairs

Vacant, pending nomination/election.

19). Senior elder/eminent persons affairs committee members

Counsel Yosef, Madam Loy, Madam Josephine, Alex

20). Secretary for Youth affairs

Vacant, pending nomination/election

21). Deputy Secretary for Youth affairs

Vacant, pending nomination/election

22). UK Coordinators, Belinda, Lee, Peter, Ruth, Hood.

23). The Coordinator for Northern UK, Newcastle, Manchester

Musa Mwanga

24). Secretary for Election Management Committee

Paul Egaru

25). Deputy Secretary for Election Management Committee

Jael, Duncan

26). Election Management Committee members

27). Paul, Harriet, Hood, Janet, Peter, Belinda, Duncan, Jael, Robert Kato, Alex, Everest, Patricia, Rita, Ruth, Moses.

28). Executive Committee members is made up of members from each respective Teams.

The function of the Chapter is governed by its Constitution and directives from the Secretariat. At present the Executive Committee meets weekly, often on Saturday or Sunday evenings. The members General Assembly meets quarterly.

The central office in Kampala is responsible for policy implementation and our Manifesto for 2021 Elections in consultation with the UK and other Diaspora Teams.

The Chapter Web contents is managed by the Diaspora External Communications Unit

Our aims are:

● To promote and campaign for the values and visions on which the National Unity Platform -People Power Movement was founded and to support the mission statement of the National Unity Platform and Power Power Movement.

● To increase Mobilisation, sensitization, and organizations at local, regional and international levels. 

● To support the work of the national Secretariat in Uganda.

● To support the leadership of National Unity Platform Party – People Power Movement.

● To support the National Unity Platform -Power Power winning elections and forming government. 

● To take a lead in mobilisation for peaceful change of government and removal of the discredited NRM regime and Museveni from power and reconstruction of a new country.

Activities done by the Chapter

In addition to our first and most successful 2021 Elections Fundraising on 30 August 2020, the Chapter:

Organised protests at the UK Africa Trade Summit in North Greenwich, which was attended by Dictator General Museveni and at the Sheraton Hotel and at the Uganda – UK Trade and Investment Convention, opposing visits to the Convention by corrupt government ministers.

Over the course of the years, members also successfully organised demonstrations at the Uganda High Commission and Whitehall. Protests were held to highlight incidents of increased political suppression, corruption, land evictions, unlawful arrest and detention of opposition leaders and activists, and an end to the use of the so called ‘safe houses’ and torture. Other areas the team campaigned on included an end to intimidation, restrictions of the media, attack on journalists and violations of human rights, threat and harassment of oppostion leaders and diaspora activists.

Members also presented petition to the UK government and called on the British government to ensure that UK oil companies operating and investing in Uganda must conducts their affairs in transparent ways and be subjected to UK regulations and standards of operations