Quebec Chapter

Ponsiano Ndyabahika is born, raised and studied in Uganda, holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Makerere University and Masters in Business Administration.

Ponsiano is the Chairperson of NUP/People Power Canada, Quebec Chapter, he is a patriot and very committed to seeing that Ugandans get back their country from a ruthless and authoritarian dictator Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

Our only hope for the desired change is President Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine. Museveni and his killers continue to make it difficult for us to achieve our goals as they have planted their wrong people everywhere but their sinister motives can only delay our progress. Sooner than later we shall get back our country. We continue to focus on the main prize, no amount of intimidation, arrests, torture or imprisonment will stop us from liberating Ugandans most of whom are oppressed by the ruthless regime. The writing is on the wall that Ugandans are ripe for change, the dictator continues to get weaker day in day out, and Museveni no longer has any support from the populace save for a few sycophants who are targeting handouts from him. We also continue to knock on doors of foreign donors and explain to them why they should stop dishing out monies that Museveni uses to oppress and kill the people that its supposed to help get out of terrible poverty, give medical care, revamp the education sector, provide infrastructure to mention but a few. Museveni’s dictatorial regime continues to survive on donor support and without foreign aid, the NRM party will collapse in no time. Donors, please stop giving money to Museveni, your aid is being misused and it’s doing more harm than good.

To our dear president Bobi Wine, we appeal to you to keep strong, the entire Diaspora is with you, your values, governing principles, strategies and overall leadership approach are great, and sooner than later we are taking the crown.

People Power Our Power, NUP everywhere!

Address: Canada Quebec Chapter.