Lwanga Benard

My name is Lwanga Bernald I am a coordinator in Japan chapter from saitama prefecture. I joined the struggle for some reasons; 1 – peaceful transition of power (change) 2 – for justice in Uganda 3 – for a new Uganda without a directorship.

people power our power

 Kikayira Erisa

Basically I joined the struggle because of bad governance by NRM government compounded by Nepotism, grabbing land and property, state on the economy including selling of government property for personal gains, killing and torturing innocent Ugandans, systemically Taxing and destroying Business of which I am a victim, overstaying in power, last but not least a wake up call from Hon Robert kyagulanyi.
Chapter Japan has good people (about 500) in number People that have in the past been divided by Religion, political parties and Other inside fighting However since people power struggle began we have tried to unite and continue trying God willingly we will unite

Kikayira Erisa Japan chapter 

Taura- cho  3-38 Yokosuka-Shi 

Kanagawa Japan

Ronald Mutyaba

l joined the struggle because Museveni each day he is breathing to wipe out the origins in uganda, lf you look at ugandan thy are losing there culturals and once we loss our cultural we will be doomed l want him to go. To all command in different chapters let`s join hands and fight this man. The only way to do that is to support the people on the ground and let us not be like the media broke they talk to much and confuse people. what we need is to act on these metter like (people arrested help them to came out )(those  how are brutalized)