Doreen Kajumba

People power / National Unity Platform officially came into existence in August 2019, But the Ugandan community in Canada always kept track of all issues happening at home in Uganda. On 14th August 2018, on the eve of the Arua By-elections, the dictatorship under the orders of President Yoweri Museveni brutally arrested, tortured and detained the Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu and other who were charged with fabricated charges of unlawful possession of fire arms (treason) and incitement of violence.The community immediately took to the streets in downtown Toronto to demonstrate and raise awareness of  Uganda’s hostile political climate and also to put pressure onto the Canadian government to demand the release of Hon Kyagulanyi and the rest.
This sparked world wide demonstrations in major cities in the world.
Toronto Chapter is our biggest chapter and we have recently rolled out to other parts of the country including Ottawa, Montreal, and Fort Mc Murry.

Doreen Kajumba joined the struggle because she needed to join Ugandans to push Museveni out of power since she realized that the dictator was not working for Ugandans but his children and grandchildren. Ugandans needed their power back since Museveni who doesn’t work for them had taken it all away, so I believed that no one will help me to capture our power back but ourselves .
In Uganda injustices on citizens were becoming normal , acceptable and unchallenged. When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes our position so we can fight against that law.I joined the struggle so that I together with other Ugandans , we could demand for the opening of political space and allow other political players to freely engage in politics of Uganda without being arrested or killed.The UPDF and the Uganda Police shooting or citizens instead of protecting them, their property and boarders is another reason why I joined the struggle, I need a country where security agencies work for citizens not Museveni.

Brenda Nakato

Brenda Nakato ,  a Coordinator and the Chairperson of the Toronto Chapter Executive, which is the biggest chapter in Canada joined the people power/ NUP Struggle because of the following reasons .The current situation in our country, police brutality where the security organs are mistreating and killing Citizens, Mothers dying in labour because of poor health services, poor roads and infrastructure, corruption with no political will to fight it, killings in Kichwamba and Kasese and culprits not brought to book, Museveni selling all national assets that previous leaders put in place to himself, friends and family, poor electrification of the country and higher tariffs of those that have access to it, fighting hard so that all Ugandans benefit from oil and other natural resources of the country unlike it is now that a few are benefiting from them.When Kyagulanyi came, I saw someone that resonates with me and other Ugandans, I am pretty sure that he will tackle every single problem faced by Ugandans and we shall finally liberate our country from this 35 years dictatorship.