Jim Nsubuga

My father was killed by Obote for giving Museveni guns then when he was in the Bush of Luwero. He was picked in the morning in 1985 and that’s the last time I saw him. We were told that the very people he was giving the guns they are the one who reported him to the Obote soldiers. I was less than 10years by then and with many siblings. Well, I was fortunate that I managed to study up to the university but that is a difficult story I can’t narrate and while at Makerere, I strongly supported Col..Besigye because I felt that Museveni and his men betrayed my father so I never supported NRM.¬†Well 2001 KB lost and I witnessed the rigging of votes by Con. Kayanja of the wembley operation by then who had a cell in a house of my boss who is one of the rich Kampala business men. Then I lost hope for any possibility of change of government through ballots. I left the country later and never to want to look back. But home is always home. Every time I go there, the plight of our people would make me to cry. I once said that