Kibi Alex Mukasa

Team leader Kenya.

Having grown up in the areas of kyotera Uganda, it was so hard for me to engage in different political activities of the area (country) I do think this was because of the sorrounding environment, however after my form six I decided to further my studies from outside the country. The first day that I did step in Kenya opened up my mind, this is so because of the developments that I evidenced, the respect that they do have to their various institutions and above all power belonging to the people. That was so touching to me to the extent that I could not believe that such is happening in the country that we share boarders with.

In 2015 I joined various movements that fought and are still fighting for human rights, it’s at this point that I realised that what I am fighting for in a foreign land I can as well do the same in my home country.Hon Kyagulanyi rising up in 2017 and putting to his front the Value of Building Uganda that the citizens desire to live in became a grea