David Ntambi

Am David Ntambi team leader Chicago chapter who lives in Cary IL USA.The reason I chose Nup was the fact that after so many years of stress and wandering, Hon Kyagulanyi stepped in , gave up everything  just to give hope to all Ugandans, for once we had someone who was willing to take up the dictator with all he has. I would say God chose him 
And as a Ugandan , I believe my calling is to provide him with which ever tools/support he needs.
HON Kyagulanyi gave us hope we had lost many years ago.
His a true Patriot to many of us
I call on all Ugandans to join the struggle for the better of our home country.
We launched chicago chapter as a small group of 3 members after a few days that number  grew to 14. A fortnight later we had registered over 60 members, this shows how Hon Kyagulanyi is the new change we need.That’s how we started and now have so many Ugandans in diaspora that really yawn for change.