Saturday: Speakers Day

Key note speakers:

His Excellency Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu

PEN award winner Kakwenza Rukirabashaija

Satirical novelist Kakwenza raises Shs40m to bail out his four sureties –  The Kampala Report

Rather then one speech after another, we will have panels with experts to stimulate discussion. The following panels are scheduled

9.00 Opening

People Power Netherlands & Belgium: Stephen Dradenya

Diaspora Deputy Team Leader: Susan Nabuti

Team leader welcomes the people and introduced the Chairpersons & MC

9.15 The Role of the free press

Kakwenza Rukirabashaija, Alex Waiswa. Chairman: Prof. Allimadi

10.o0 Slavery in the Middle East

Dr. Lina Zedriga, Joe WhalouXhaso (virtual), Hon. Muwada. Contribution from 1 of our escaped women in Saudi Arabia. Chairman: David Steel

10.45 Ending torture in Uganda

Bruce Afran, Honorable Derrick Nyeko, Nubian Li, Mathias Mpuuga. Chairwoman: Evelyn/David

11.30 Why elections?

Bruce Afran, Hon. Muwada, Alex Waiswa, Harriet Nakweede. Chairman: Professor

NUP has participated in three elections so far. All were rigged. Does it still have value to participate in these elections? How to maximize our support for NUP candidates. Should UVote be used again?

12.10 Pick Lunch

During us picking Lunch Dr. Lina will give a report on the regions. The mike is open.

12.30 Diplomacy: How to end international support for the dictatorship

Mathias Mpuuga, Ismael Serunjogi, Tony Makayo. Chairman: Professor

The dictatorship has infiltrated Western institutions and blackmails them with the fear of islamic terrorism in Somalia and refugees coming to Europe. How do we convince the IMF, the Worldbank, the EU, the US & the UK that a democratic Uganda is better for the world than a black version of Putin?

13.15 Joining hands in fighting African dictatorships

Alex Waiswa, Hon. Muwada, Chenayi Mutambasere (Zimbabwe), Robert Amsterdam (international lawyer). Chairman: Milton Allimadi

Dictators in African countries learn the “best practices of tyranny” from each other–how to rig elections, how to cow the populace through state security violence, how to decapitate opposition movements by incarcerating or liquidating the leaders, how to win international diplomatic, financial and military support through media monopoly and propaganda, and other nefarious activities. How can opposition movements, parties, and pro-democracy forces learn from each other and coordinate their resistance to gain the upper hand in the struggle for democracy in Africa? We will hear from those involved in the freedom struggle in Uganda, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, and other parts of Africa and the world.

14.00 Women League Diaspora

Dr Lina Zedriga, Phiona Nalubwama, Rachel Walusimbi, Patricia Sewungu Chairwoman: Evelyn

14.45 The next Ugandan catastrophe: climate change

Muwada, to be announced. Chairman: Professor

Scientists believe that the increase of the global temperature will be more than 2 degrees Celsius, making large parts of Uganda unlivable. We already see the effects of extended droughts in Karamoja. The dictatorship doesn’t care, they have secured their future in other parts of the world. They see building the East African Crude Oil Pipeline as a fantastic opportunity to take a cut in the construction and use the revenues to buy weapons and rig more elections.

15.15 Political Prisoners and welfare

Dr. Lina Zedriga, Lewis Rubongoya, Teddy Lubega, Dorothy Lubowa. Chairwoman: Evelyn

16.00 Key note by H.E. Robert Kyagulanyi

17.00 Appreciation of the chapters

17.30 Traditional Dance

18.00 – 20.00 Dinner

Guest speakers:

Milton Allimadi, Author at FAIR

Professor of Journalism Milton Allimadi

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NUP Secretary General David Lewis Rubongoya

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Leader of Opposition Honorable Mathias Mpuuga

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NUP Vice-President (Northern) Dr. Lina Zedriga

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NUP Vice-President (Western) Jolly Mugisha

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NUP Vice-President (Eastern) Honorable John Baptist Nambeshe

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Honorable Flavia Nabagabe

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