Open note to: Museveni Kaguata Yoseri Tibuhaburwa

I am writing to request for the immediate release of my fellow Ugandans that have been falsely detained and imprisoned on fake or no charges. They are grabbed from streets, their businesses or homes. They are then killed or brutally arrested, beaten, kicked and the majority sustaining broken bones, damage to their organs, wounds etc from the torture inflicted by your soldiers (military men).

So many men, women and teenagers are dying whilst in your custody (your prisons, safe-houses and various torture centers). Most of these people have not had a chance to trial, hence abusing their rights to life and freedom.

The girls and women in detention are raped again and again in addition to the cruel beatings and torture they are subjected to by your soldiers. They can barely walk and some are still bleeding as a result of aggressive assault suffered. This inhumane treatment is despicable and disgusting.

The soldiers raping these girls are actively spreading sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). These women need urgent treatment for the STDs that they have contracted from being raped by your men. The unfortunate cases that have contracted HIV technically have been denied chances of getting urgent help making their health problems even worse!

Did you know that HIV can be prevented if these girls/women had access to emergency treatments such as PrEP? These innocent girls/women have no hope for medical checkups, treatment or future. You have sentenced many people to death indirectly!!! And most of them have died in your custody. The girls’ wombs are ruptured, and there is general internal damage to the girls & women from the rape and gruesome torture.

Not only the women suffer but the men too, their manhood (private parts), are completely destroyed due to the torture inflicted on them. Your soldiers squeeze the men’s testicles and at times, beat them with huge sticks or kick them in their manhood.

In general, so much damage has been inflicted on the kidnapped and arrested victims. Missing body parts like fingers, organs or damaged/crushed organs like kidneys etc. have been noted. Also many dead people as well as dismembered bodies are disposed off in various locations around the country. Ugandans have a right to know or be 2 informed when their loved ones are dead. It should not be hidden from the public and the dead people need to be respected as they deserve a right to decent burials.

The rest of Ugandans are treated like criminals on a daily basis, the only free individuals are your relatives, friends and the police plus foreign soldiers you deployed in our country. (Foreign soldiers from Angola, Congo, Rwanda, Sudan, Somalia etc…)

Are Ugandans your enemies? What did we do to you?

  • Order all your torture centers and prisons to release those innocent people immediately. The country is aware these people have been beaten and tortured so badly. Let them be released so they can go for treatment
  • Save lives now! Do not keep them trying to heal their wounds in detention before releasing them because you make their health problems even worse.
  • Stop killing people. If anyone of them have committed a crime, they can be summoned and stand trial prior to sentencing. They should not be tortured or killed. Uganda’s constitution does not even support the death penalty. So who are you to judge, and kill people on the spot without trial? Why?
  • Immediately stop kidnapping people. Many are taken away in unmarked vehicles.
  • The internet is off and that is a major problem. Is the internet your property too? Many people have died as a result. You have denied the country access to their mobile money accounts or finances. Money for food, hospital treatment and other necessities cannot be accessed. The internet and social media should be turned back on. Internet is not ‘State Property’, it is the people’s right.

Finally my thoughts on the sham elections.

We as Ugandans have had enough. We are in hiding because we had elections!! What a shame? If you claim you won elections, then go out and celebrate. Why are you killing people? Why do we have to walk on eggshells? Respect our country. If you feel you are not liked, then it is about time you stepped down. It is not a crime if Ugandans want a different leader. Personally I do not think killing, torturing or kidnapping people with a difference in opinion will change anything. You can capture people (bodies) but remember that their minds or souls are not captured. Are you going to kidnap everybody? Or perhaps kill everyone? Stop all the injustices Uganda cannot suffer anymore. No!!! Uganda will respect you more if you stepped down, sooner than later!