My fellow Ugandan brothers and sisters, when one reads history about Museveni, it depicts that he is not a person. He is a devil, a manipulator who has kept Ugandans in poverty with the intention of ruling Ugandans for life. I have therefore decided to write this article after seeing the above advertisement that House Keepers are urgently needed in Saudi Arabia and Dubai. My mind is swimming in a sea of thoughts and I have a plethora of questions which of course Museveni’s government cannot answer. Does the Ugandan government award degrees to the youth to go to Arab countries to work as Housekeepers? Hasn’t the government ever heard that many Ugandan youths who go to Arab countries have not been treated like human beings? A number of them have been maltreated, raped, not paid the exact amount of money which is agreed on in their contracts, and also countless Ugandan youth have lost their lives or are intentionally killed to take out their body organs for sale. The government is aware of what is happening to Ugandans in the middle east but the fact that we are being ruled by Rwandese they do not mind about the conditions of Ugandans not only in Uganda but also outside Uganda.

How can a nation rely on human slavery? Without any shame, Museveni’s useless government is proud of the mess they have done in Uganda hence keeps on advertising for such degrading jobs in the middle east yet Ugandan youths qualify to work in very important offices rather than babysitting a job that can be done by any school dropout. What even surprising is that the current devilish Rwandese government in Uganda is fond of spreading wrong information that Ugandans will be offered free return flights, insurance, and all other benefits but when our youth go to the Middle East, they face hell and even if they want to come back they can’t because their passports are taken away from them, leading innocent young ladies and gentlemen into real slavery. What a shame for Lutabasirwa Tibuhaburwa’s government. Why did that Rwandese come to Uganda to make Ugandans suffer as if we don’t have a country? We need to unite and get rid of them.

Fellow Ugandans we are in a moment in history when so much is possible if we are determined to liberate our country. Now is the time to push forward on the progressive desires into actions that will create a Uganda that works for all of us. We have to embark on serious transformative policies and actions that include rebuilding Uganda’s economy and restructuring it to be more fair and equitable something that will stop our Ugandan youth from going for slavery in the Middle East. We also have an obligation of protecting Ugandan democracy; dismantling Museveni’s Rwandese supremacy that he has created for all the years he has ruled Uganda, rejuvenating our education system, health, transportation which is a death trap for people in Uganda, the list is endless. Doing all the mentioned elements will help us have a lovely Uganda in the future and hence, leaving a lasting legacy for the future Ugandan generations that will never ever admire to leave for neither the Middle East nor any other part of the world to suffer from there. Ugandan youths have become exports to the Arab world because there are no jobs in Uganda. Generally, the whole country is in a total mess because we are being ruled by uncultured pigs that do not have any plans for our country.

It sucks and really hurts that innocent Ugandan youth are taken out of their country after graduating from different institutions, to be sold like commodities. It is heartbreaking that those Innocent Ugandans who are ready to venture into the world are tortured, raped, done all inexplicable and innumerable terrifying unwanted things when they are in the middle East. It goes without saying that, our fellow Ugandan brothers and sisters are at their wits’ end in Saudi Arabia whereas the Rwandese who sell them based on the intention of reducing Uganda’s population are jubilating. Dear Ugandans, please stop taking your sons and daughters to the Arab world because those jobs in the Arab countries are in form of slavery with low pay and no security. The jobs demand 24/7 availability but don’t guarantee benefits like; health care and paid sick leave, and are often unsafe. It is worse to hear that in most cases it is not a guarantee for your child to return. You will even be so chanced to bury your child’s body if at all he/she is brought back home.

My compatriots, Museveni’s government is really bad. The reason why our youths are sold or exported to the Arab countries is; Uganda doesn’t have enough government companies and parastatal bodies to employ the youths who have become a problem since the youths are the majority in the country. It is good to note by the way that, Uganda had enough parastatals which used to employ a big number of Ugandan youths. But in 1991, the government embarked on a large-scale of selling off previously state-owned parastatals claiming that Ugandans were not educated and that didn’t have the skills and expertise of running them thus, were sold by the current mafia government. However, it turned out, that the new buyers were not any better because our national assets fell in the hands of hungry wolves, who bought the previously owned national assets, in disguise of foreign investors. My questions to the Rwandese man Museveni are; 1-Can devil Museveni clarify to the people of Uganda the type of buyers who bought those government-owned properties to make them even worse than before? 2-How those parastatals were sold? 3- What was done with the money got from all those assets? It is lamentable to see that, having sold all government-owned parastatal bodies Uganda, still is not a productive country. Most of the goods we consume are either imported from China or other countries. At this juncture, I want to make it clear to all Ugandans that, Museveni’s selling off all the parastatals was done with the purpose of making Ugandans poor so that he can be able to rule us for life since it is not a piece of cake to rule people who have money. The list of the parastatals which were sold is really long. Below are some of them.

1.Uganda Airlines 47.Uganda Securiko Ltd
2.Nile Breweries Ltd 48.Agricultural Enterprises Ltd
3.Uganda Spinning Mills 49.Uganda Tea Corporation Ltd
4.East African Distilleries 50.TUMPECO
5.Uganda American Insurance 51.Lake Victoria Bottling Co. Ltd
6.Shell (U) Ltd 52.Blenders (U) Ltd
7.White Horse Inn 53.Hotel Margherita
8.Mt. Moroto Hotel 54.Rock Hotel
9.Uganda Cement Ind. -Hima 55.Lira Hotel
10.Soroti Hotel 56.Hilltop Hotel
11.Uganda Fisheries Enterprises 57.Mt. Elgon Hotel
12.White Rhino Hotel 58.Uganda Leather and Tanning
13.Uganda Meat Packers Ltd 59.Lake Victoria Hotel Ltd
14.Lake Victoria Hotel Ltd 60.Uganda Hardwares Ltd
15.Winits (U) Ltd 61.Mweya Safari Lodge
16.Uganda Cement Ind.- Tororo 62.Uganda Motors Ltd
17.Kampala Auto Centre 63.Dairy Corporation
18.Kinyara Sugar 64.Uganda Railways Corp
19.National Housing 65.New Vision
20.Nile Hotel International Ltd 66.Uganda Electricity Generation Co
21.Uganda Electricity Distribution 67.DFCU
22.Foods & Beverages Ltd 68.Uganda Grain Milling
23.Total (U) Ltd 69.African Textile Mills
24.Fresh Foods Ltd 70.Uganda Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
25.Uganda Hire Purchase Co. 71.Republic Motors 100 100
26.NYTIL 72.African Ceramics Co.
27.Motorcraft and Sales Ltd. 73.Stanbic Bank (U) Ltd.
28.Kibimba Rice Co. Ltd. 74.Agip (U) Ltd
29.Associated Match company 75.Transocean 1998 (U) Ltd
30.Comrade Cycles (U) Ltd. 76.Uganda Meat Packers Ltd
  31.Uganda Crane Estates Ltd.   77.Uganda Ind. Machinery Ltd.
32.Barclays Bank of Uganda Ltd 33.Bank of Baroda 78.Apollo Hotel Corporation Ltd. 79.BAT Uganda
34.Lango Dev. Co. 80.PAPCO Industries Ltd.
35.Second National Operator 81.Entebbe Handling Services
36.BAT Uganda 82.NEC Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
37.Kakira Sugar Works 83.Masindi Hotel
38.Steel Corporation of EA 84.Uganda Garment Industries
39.Central Purchasing Company 85.Uganda Telecom Ltd
40.Uganda Clays Ltd. 86.Uganda Commercial Bank
41.Uganda Commercial Bank 87.Rwenzori Highland Tea Co
42.Uganda Transport Corporation (U.T.C), 88.Barclays Banks Uganda Limited,
43.British American Tobacco (B.T.A), 89.Post office Uganda,
44.Uganda Telecommunications, 90.Uganda Commercial Bank( UCB)
45.National Insurance Corporation 91.Uganda Railway
46.Agriculture Enterprises The list is endless.

In conclusion, Museveni’s government sold all Ugandan parastatal bodies in order to rule poor Ugandans. That is why his rotten administration has curtailed all private business activities. Unfortunately, this has resulted in Uganda’s economy being monopolized by the NRM party in power and Museveni’s close military Rwandese plus his henchmen. People who live in the diasporas, much as you hold passports of other different countries, I strongly urge you, to find means and ways of stopping Museveni’s bad governance because you are also Ugandans who contribute to the well-being of our relatives back home in particular and Uganda in general.



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