Press Statement


At the time of this press release, flag-bearer of the National Unity Platform and Presidential Candidate Honourable Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu has again again violently pepper-sprayed and illegally detained at the infamous Nalufenya ‘torture house’ in Jinja, and charged with breaching COVID guidelines.”

Honourable Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu has been on a campaign trail for National Unity Platform for a week now, each one of his stops cleared with the relevant authorities beforehand. At every stop he has made since the unveiling of the manifesto in Mbarara, the state operatives have been trying to stop the general public from accessing him.

We have reports of Ugandans who have been shot by the Police, while others are in different hospitals nursing wounds inflicted on them by the same Police. We have witnessed increasingly violent efforts by Uganda Police Force and other units, intended to prevent Honourable Kyagulanyi from addressing the general public. In some areas he has been outright prevented from addressing the public, as was seen in Iganga a couple of days ago.

This is clearly an effort to stem the wave of support following our Principal as he makes his way about the country and can in no way be seen as the precursor to a free and fair election. This morning’s arrest took place on the campaign trail in Luuka, Eastern Uganda. Disturbing images have been captured of Uganda Police Force assaulting and arresting Ugandans for invoking their inalienable right to assembly, their right to freedom of political expression. In the protests that have sprung up in Kireka Market and other locations since Honourable Kyagulanyi’s arrest, people have been beaten, brutalised by Uganda Police Force. Reports of at least 5 deaths at the hands of the Police have reached us. From street vendors to politicians, Ugandans are not safe in the hands of those tasked to protect us.

We note with concern the unjustifiable silence of the East African Community, the African Union, the European Union, the Commonwealth as well as the US State Department and the United Nations. It is time for our partners in development to stand with the Ugandan voices seeking justice and a non-violent, democratic DIASPORA COMMUNICATIONS DESK PP/NUP Diaspora Communications Team E: transition of power. Our hope is that their silence will not render them complicit in the Museveni regime’s many crimes against humanity. We, again, condemn the brutality visited by the Ugandan Police force on Ugandans. We, again, call upon on all individuals, bodies, media and governments around the world to not only condemn the actions of the regime, but to ACT in support of Uganda, her People and their rights.

We remind the dictator Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni, that his days are numbered. We are not intimidated by his tyranny, and we will never be. We will continue to fight. We will be free of him. To our Brothers and Sisters fighting for our freedom in the streets, in the workplace, on social media – stay strong.

Uganda will be free. Resist!

Uganda Will Be Free.

Herman Ainebyona
Team Leader
PP/NUP Diaspora
+1 857 231-3739 [USA]

Kharim Ntambi
PP/NUP Diaspora
+1 410 469-0533 [USA]

Namata Serumaga-Musisi
PP/NUP Diaspora
+233 50 536 2117 [GHANA]

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