White Silence, Black Genocide

Silent Protest on 4 May 2024

Last year on 4 May 2023 the Ugandan community protested peacefully and silently during the Second World War Memorial on Dam Square.

“Black Genocides Matter” refers to the Dutch government financially supporting a genocidal regime that is responsible for ethnic cleansing in Kasese, Karamoja & Northern Uganda and the November 2020 massacre.

The Ugandan community supports the commemoration and
the two minutes of silence, but protests the permanent silence of the West when it comes to genocides committed under the Ugandan regime support by Europe & USA. Vladimir Putin has been indicted by the ICC after the massacre of Bucha and other atrocities in Ukraine, but the dictator of Uganda Yoweri Museveni who is responsible for more deaths is not.

Last year the Amsterdam police was taken by surprise by our peaceful protest and illegally confiscated & destroyed most of our placards, for which they later accepted to pay damages. Fortunately, the only placards that remained were well visible on television.

But 7 October changed everything.

The genocide in Gaza is getting a lot of attention (contrary to the Ugandan genocides) and exposes the hypocrisy of the West. Just like the unarmed civilians of Gaza, Ugandans are facing weapons supplied by the West.

It’s very unfortunate how the Dutch government is restricting peaceful protest. Freedom of expression is a fundamental right.

Moreover, the Uganda community has the right the table the issue of Western support for African dictators. Human rights are ignored for geopolitical interests and access to African minerals. The Dutch media are failing to cover this subject.

We refer to the neo-colonial policy that impoverishes a whole continent and leads to silent genocides as AFROCIDE.