White Silence, Black Genocide

Silent Protest on 4 May 2024

Last year on 4 May 2023 the Ugandan community protested peacefully and silently during the Second World War Memorial on Dam Square.

“Black Genocides Matter” refers to the Dutch government financially supporting a genocidal regime that is responsible for ethnic cleansing in Kasese, Karamoja & Northern Uganda and the November 2020 massacre.

The Ugandan community supports the commemoration and
the two minutes of silence, but protests the permanent silence of the West when it comes to genocides committed under the Ugandan regime support by Europe & USA. Vladimir Putin has been indicted by the ICC after the massacre of Bucha and other atrocities in Ukraine, but the dictator of Uganda Yoweri Museveni who is responsible for more deaths is not.

Last year the Amsterdam police was taken by surprise by our peaceful protest and illegally confiscated & destroyed most of our placards, for which they later accepted to pay damages. Fortunately, the only placards that remained were well visible on television.

But 7 October changed everything.

The genocide in Gaza is getting a lot of attention (contrary to the Ugandan genocides) and exposes the hypocrisy of the West. Just like the unarmed civilians of Gaza, Ugandans are facing weapons supplied by the West.

It’s very unfortunate how the Dutch government is restricting peaceful protest. Freedom of expression is a fundamental right.

Moreover, the Uganda community has the right the table the issue of Western support for African dictators. Human rights are ignored for geopolitical interests and access to African minerals. The Dutch media are failing to cover this subject.

We refer to the neo-colonial policy that impoverishes a whole continent and leads to silent genocides as AFROCIDE.

TikTok censorship & removal of my account

TikTok has become a battle place for the struggle since so many Ugandans have signed up for this social network. It’s known that TikTok censors content, but not being on TikTok is not an option.

In December I started to post under my handle @drnico256. Quickly I started to gain followers, but likely also attract Ugandan government operatives ‘reporting’ the videos I posted. On 27 February my account was suspended.

As a result of this, important videos relating to Human Rights abuses in Uganda are no longer available.

93k video exposes Moses Ssimbwa, a fake victim of Human Rights abuses who was paraded by the regime during NRM day in an attempt to downplay human rights abuses reports and discredit the National Unity Platform.

33.7k video is part of a live where Olivia Lutaaya was discussed; a human rights activist / political prisoner who has been on remand for 4 years now.

32.9k video is my first TikTok that went viral and covers a one-man pothole protest in the Netherlands.

39.8k video highlights international hypocrisy when it only mentions Uganda when it comes to their own favorite subjects like Ukraine or Palestine.

17.1k video is a report from a protest held at Dam Square Amsterdam by the National Unity Platform.

Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines are important to keep a platform a safe place. However, Tiktok has allowed these Guidelines to be abused by Ugandan regime operatives to have content removed that exposes the Ugandan dictatorship.

Below I’m lising various excuses that were used to ban my videos

  1. Hate Speech.

In reaction to a hateful comment, I replied in a friendly way. Twitter does not consider it hateful. It has 3k views. https://twitter.com/klup/status/1761283654532112394

2. Civic and Election Integrity

The video is a screenrecording of a Twitter Space with EC spokesperson Paul Bukenya. It continues to be available on X/Twitter without any issues: https://twitter.com/klup/status/1756448016322453697

3. Nudity and Body exposure

It is understood that TikTok does not want naked body parts. But even after hiding those naked parts, Tiktok hid my video from the ‘For you’ feed, meaning it loses up to 90% of it’s visibility.

Another video that was removed claiming ‘Nudity’ was our submission of Ugandan Human Rights violations to the ICC in The Hague. The bum of Alexandria Marinos is hardly recognizable. Also this removal is an exaggerated application of the Community Guidelines, and the video continues to be available on X.

4. Synthetic and Manipulated Media

This is by far the weirdest warning I got from TikTok: “AI can make it more difficult distinguish between fact and fiction”. The video is a report about a demonstration in Brussels, and images have been added using TikTok’s own Toolkit. No Artificial Intelligence is used to construct this video.

The video is available on X: https://twitter.com/nup_diaspora/status/1761133193598517253

5. Dangerous activities and Challenges / Shocking & Graphic Content

On 27 February a video was widely shared of a Ugandan demonstrator being run over by a government car.

Since TikTok warned me about the original clip that shows the moment of impact, I removed that moment.

TikTok does not apply it’s guidelines consistently, since multiple videos including the moment of impact remain visible on TikTok. Example

Statement on NUP protest at NIMD event 29-Feb

On 29 Feb 2024 members of the Dutch chapter of the National Unity Platform (NUP) attended a meeting organised by the Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy and started a surprise protest.

On various occasions the NUP has protested against the cooperation of NIMD with the Ugandan dictatorship; the most notable being the protest on July 1st 2022. A couple of months later NIMD decided to stop supporting the much-hated Interparliamentary Dialogue (IPOD).

However, NIMD has continued to operate in Uganda. The NUP has the following objections.

  1. The certification of NIMD says it applies to ‘young democracies’. Uganda has been under dictatorial rule for 38 years.
  2. In media expressions of events organised by NIMD, the contributions of opposition leaders were stripped of direct criticism on the dictatorship, and specifically the word ‘dictator’.
  3. The youth leader of the National Unity Platform, honorable Francis Zaake has told us never to have been invited to any NIMD event. Zaake is known to be a very vocal critic.
  4. The NIMD applies two measures when it comes to democracy. In 2020/2021 elections were rigged in Belarus and in Uganda. Only in the case of Belarus did the NIMD express it’s concerns. Scientific research has shown that African elections are treated differently by Western observers as other elections.
  5. NIMD & Dutch embassy organise youth events with the idea of empowering the young generation. However, during the elections of 2021 the youth massively voted for Bobi Wine, which has been well documented. Youth were massively abducted & tortured. Because of election rigging dictator Museveni remained in charge. We regard these youth events that do not refer to the 2021 elections, and do not refer to youth political prisoners, as a part of the whitewashing of the dictatorship.
  6. On 23 February Sharon Kemigisha was abducted. She participated in the ‘National Youth Symposium’ on 21 February. She remains incomunicado to this very day and is likely raped & tortured. Why does NIMD not take an interest in this?
  7. Because of the issues we see with NIMD, the NUP decided not to participate in the Leadership training. Many of the students were from NRM, the party of the dictator, who proudly tweeted (see below)
  8. We have reason to believe that NRM is effectively controlling the NIMD office in Uganda. For example, the Dutch board of NIMD was not aware that Frank Ruso, the previous country director, was a former Electoral Commission member and NRM member.

One year ago the board of NIMD decided that they wish to end communication with the Dutch/European representative(s) of NUP.

We think this is not in the interest of dialogue; we would prefer to have a private meeting to see which of the above issues can be resolved. Our protest of 29 February was a cry for attention.


The Ugandan community is disappointed by Ali Campbell performing in Uganda on 21 Dec. The concert is organised by dictator Museveni to divert attention from thousands of activists, women & children being MURDERED, TORTURED, ABDUCTED or RAPED.

Ugandan Human Rights Commission & GANHRI

Stop Whitewashing Torture & Abductions!

From Monday 6 November until Wednesday 8 November the Global Assocation of National Human Rights Institutions (GANHRI) will gather in Copenhagen, Denmark.

GANHRI supplies UHRC and many other non-functional African human rights organisations with “A-status”, while at the same time it removed Russia as a member. Again this confirms that white people have more human rights than black people.

This double standards on Human Rights has to stop!

The National Unity Platform will demonstrate against this Whitewashing of Ugandan Torture & Abductions by GANHRI & UHRC. Below it is explained why the UHRC does not comply with the so-called Paris principles.

  1. In 2021, author Kakwenza suffered an arrest, prolonged isolation, and brutal torture at the hands of Muhoozi Kainerugaba, the son of Ugandan dictator Museveni. Shockingly, annual reports have remained conspicuously silent on this issue. An initial UHRC tweet describing ‘scars and injuries’ was mysteriously removed, casting doubts on the independence of the commission.
  2. Regrettably, several well-documented cases of torture, such as those of Samuel Masereka, Ziggy Wine, Muhammad Ssegirinya, Robert Kyagulanyi, and countless others, are noticeably absent from the annual UHRC reports.
  3. A report from the NUP outlining 18 cases of disappeared opposition members has been unjustly labeled as ‘questionable’ by the UHRC without providing any substantiated evidence.
  4. The infamous ‘November massacre,’ in which security forces allegedly killed over 54 unarmed civilians following the arrest of presidential candidate Kyagulanyi, remains unexamined in any of the annual UHRC reports.
  5. Shockingly, torture techniques in Uganda, including beatings with iron bars, whippings, burnings with hot flat irons, (anal) rape, genital torture, waterboarding, nail pulling, and flesh removal with pliers, have gone unaddressed by the UHRC.
  6. Despite the UHRC’s stated mandate that suspects should be brought to court within 48 hours, it’s deeply concerning that hundreds of opposition supporters have been held incommunicado in ungazetted prisons, with no accountability.
  7. Alarming statements from the UHRC chairlady suggest a desire to amend torture laws like the “Prevention and Prohibition of Torture Act” to allow security forces greater leeway in protecting themselves.
  8. Equally concerning is the revelation that some commission members have been observed carrying firearms to their meetings, further undermining the commission’s perceived impartiality.
  9. Disturbingly, the selection of UHRC members appears to prioritize loyalty to the regime over a track record in civil society or human rights. Instances of members like Simeo Nsubuga, a supporter of Muhoozi Kainerugaba, threatening opposition leaders, and Jackline Atuhaire’s involvement in a murder case, raise serious questions.
  10. The troubling case of peaceful activist Nana Mwafrika, who was arrested along with her 14- and 2-year-old children when she sought to protest Kakwenza’s abduction at the UHRC, underscores the dismissive stance taken by the commission toward valid complaints.

Demonstration 5 Aug ’23 Western hypocrisy: Do only Ugandan LGBT have human rights?

Announcement of demonstration during Gay Pride, Amsterdam, 5 August

Human Rights are Universal, but not in the eyes of Western countries

For decades Ugandans have pointed out to the United States & Europe how the dictatorship of Yoweri Museveni violates human rights. Still, they decide to continue their financial and military support of the dictatorship.

Ssebyara Majibu is not homosexual. This is the reason why the Western donors of the AMISOM peace force in Somalia took no interest when he was tortured by Ugandan soldiers and the picture below was taken.

As a result of his torture Ssebyara is now impotent. Because he complained about his treatment, his torturers then accused him of theft. A Ugandan judge sentenced him to 20 years in cell.

All of this was no reason for the Dutch and other European governments to stop their support of the rotten Ugandan judicial system. They even financed Kitalya prison, where thousands of opposition members were tortured.

According to the National Unity Platform all humans have the same Human Rights. We object against the double standards that the West are applying.

The Western governments and press fail to understand that Yoweri Museveni is playing with them. Since Uganda has no Rule-of-law, this law is a just a piece of useless paper. Top officials in Ugandan government are homosexual, and none of them will be arrested. Museveni needs to distract the attention from rampant corruption and state violence.

Just this weekend 137 Ugandan soldiers were killed in Somalia in an attack by Al-Shabaab. It’s a reflection of how Uganda is turning into a failed state, that’s not even able to pay it’s own soldiers, while Museveni and his friends put the millions of dollars that the west is sending for AMISOM in their own pockets.

It’s a good decision to stop the financing of the Ugandan dictator, but the moment is wrong and shows a disregard for all human rights.

To highlight the hypocrisy of the west when it comes to Human Rights, the Dutch chapter of the National Unity Platform will be demonstrating during the Gay Parade in Amsterdam of Saturday 5 August 2023.

During the 4 May War Commemoration the Dutch chapter had a similar demonstration to expose the Western hypocrisy. They held up placards with the text “White Money, Black Genocide” showing the children killed in Kasese, Western Uganda in 2016.

On 5 August, we will be carrying the torture pictures of private Ssebyara Majibu, whose torture was financed by the Western donors.

White money, Black genocide

The Dutch community of Ugandans is drawing attention to the financial and military support of the Dutch government for the Ugandan dictatorship. Every year, 70 millions euro’s is sent to general Museveni, who uses that money to rape, torture, abduct and kill Ugandans.

The bodies are the children of Kasese, tied and then killed by Museveni’s security forces as revenge for not voting for him during the 2016 elections.

Our demonstrations have been ignored. Foreign Affairs have listened to us and sent us away. News programs only report on Uganda if LGBT-right are at stake. But don’t the other Ugandans have human rights too?

On 4 May 2023, we will silently draw attention to genocidal regime that is sponsored by the Dutch.

The Dutch audience doesn’t know. Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs falsely informs the Parliament, and nothing is done about it. We will carrying these flyers with more information.

8 February 2023: Demonstration at NIMD Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy

On Wednesday 8 February 2023 the Ugandan opposition will demonstrate at NIMD. Their activities have not contributed to democracy but only strengthened the position of the dictator.

The central problem is the country manager of NIMD, Frank Rusa. In it’s actions and expressions NIMD in Uganda does not appear to be neutral, but rather indirectly supporting the dictatorship

  1. Just after the violent and rigged elections of January 14th 2021 NIMD put out the following tweet and statement suggesting the violence came from two sides. Over a 100 Ugandans lost their lives.
  1. According to their certification, the dialogue model of NIMD is only applicable in young democracies. But independent parties such as freedom house do not qualify Uganda as a democracy or young democracy, but as a authoritarian regime.
  2. Frank Rusa, the country representative of NIMD was a (former?) active member of NRM. He later became Head of Legal of the Electoral Commission. The Electoral Commission is one of the most loyal institutions to the Museveni dictatorship. Members and personnel of the EC are appointed by Museveni himself.
  3. Thijs Berman at first denied angrily that Rusa was connected to the Electoral Commission, referring to it as ‘accusations’. When screenshots were shared of Rusa’s LinkedIn profile, showing he was Head of Legal of the EC, Thijs Berman changed the story. Rusa had indeed been working for the commission, but was no member of the EC and those appointments are not political. An expert that we spoke to reacted to the distinction that Berman made with laughter.
  4. After a demonstration had taken place at NIMD head quarters, this is what Thijs Berman had to say about NIMD silence of 2 MPs, Ssegirinya and Ssewanyana, being locked up for years by the dictator on bogus charges.

NIMD task is to promote democracy through dialogue, and parliament is the most important place for this. Removing 2 MPs from this dialogue is a mayor democratic intrusion and can be disregarded as a ‘social justice’ issue.

6. NIMD organised a youth symposium where it invited youth leaders of all political parties. However, Francis Zaake, the well-known leader of the Youh of NUP was not invited. Francis Zaake is known as one of the most outspoken critics of the dictatorship. He critized the dictatorship in parliament, which led to him being removed from parliament functions.

7. During this youth symposium there were presentations by Anne Adeka, Doreen Nyanjura & David Lewis Rubongoya. The twitter account of NIMD gave a false impression of what these speakers had said.

We asked Nyanjura if this was a good summary and she told us “Lol, of course it’s not. Missed so many words [..] that’s why I never retweeted it”

We spoke to David Lewis Rubongoya. His reaction: “I never said that”. The argument of age discrimation has been used to change the constitution illegally to keep Museveni in power. Only a Museveni fan could write something like that without feeling the painful memories of the violence used to remove Age Limit from the constituion.

An MP called Betty Nambooze got disabled after being attacked in Parliament by Security Forces that had promised her they would break her back if she opposed the Age Limit reform. NIMD never said anything about this.

8. After clearly indicating we wanted to submit a complaint with NIMD about their country manager Frank Rusa we were referred the very same man to submit that complaint.

Danish support for Museveni’s human rights abuses

Denmark is highly respected when it comes to Human Rights and Democracy. However, the Danish government is supporting the brutal, violent Ugandan dictatorship.

The Danish embassy, the MFA, and development cooperation know about this and choose to remain silent. However, they continue to morally and financially support a dictator responsible for 100.000s of deaths. The reason for this is geopolitical, Uganda hosts 1.5 million refugees and contributes the AMISOM peace project in Somalia. The Ugandan dictator has repeatedly threatened to end this support.

For example, the Danes support the sham organisation “Ugandan Human Rights Committee”. In it’s report this UHRC states “Uganda’s record of respecting human rights is a household reality”. 

This week, the Danish ambassador Signe Winding Albjerg went to the sham UHRC and complimented on their work.

Screenshot 2023-02-01 at 11-54-33 Signe Winding Albjerg on Twitter.png

After Ugandans started to confront the ambassador with photos of the many human rights abuses, she closed the comment section on her tweet (see screenshot)

In the past, Denmark has seldomly spoken out to the defense of human rights victims, to mention a few Muhammed Ssegirinya, Alan Ssewanyana, Olivia Lutaaya.

The only exception is  Kakwenza Rukirabashaija. He’s a writer who was severely tortured by the son of the dictator, Muhoozi, because of a tweet. Only after the torture had already ended, the EU came out with a press statement that resulted in his release. He fled to Germany and became my friend. The photo of his back shows the grave torture he endured.


The Danish government should know how corrupt the Ugandan government is, and even the Ugandan embassy right under their nose in Copenhagen. In 2020, an audio leaked of a Zoom call in which the staff of the Ugandan embassy discussed sharing the unspent money to their private accounts.

Stolen Elections Commemoration

On 14 January we will commemorate 2 years after the stolen election of 14 January 2021.

The program is the following:

15.00 CET Start (9.00 Eastern, 14.00 UK, 17.00 Kampala)

15.05 Opening by Allimadi

15.15 Jolly Mugisha (NUP Western)

15.30 Dan Magic (Kitalya victim)

15.35 Movie Stolen Elections

15.40 Book ‘Rigged’ by Dr. Nico Schoonderwoerd

15.50 Dr. Lina Zedriga (NUP Northern)

16.00 Bruce Afran (Lawyer Bobi Wine)

16.15 Marco de Swart (DGF)

16.30 Malte Gallee (Member Eur Parl)

16.45 David Lewis (NUP Secretary General)

17.00 Harriet Nakweede (NUP Kayunga)

17.10 Questions from the Audience