The concept of diaspora refers to groups of people with a similar heritage or homeland, who live in a foreign country but maintain a close relationship with their country of origin.

My fellow patriots, who live in the diaspora, are you really maintaining a close relationship with Uganda? I am of the view that you would be boiling with anger or blind rage, ready to overthrow Museveni given the conditions in which our country is nowadays. And for sure every Ugandan in the diaspora would be now in a position to contribute any amount of money, to support the struggle of kicking Museveni not only out of power but also out of Uganda because he has his country of origin (Rwanda) where he belongs and it is the country, he and his Rwandese brothers and sisters have developed.

Diasporas’ engagement with their countries of origin is not a felony. I know some of us have both; fear and narrow-minded thinking that, participating in the struggle of our country will be a crime. That is why even some people who live in the diaspora keep on saying that, for me, I still go back to Uganda. I don’t want my name to be in black books. My dear brothers and sisters, the day you will be denied entry at Entebbe airport by those Rwandese who are ruling us will be the time for you to realize that, what I and other Ugandan die hearts are telling you to do, is the right thing to do before it is too late. Be part and parcel of the struggle even though you live in the diaspora. Have you ever thought about the fact that people in the diasporas have the potential to make any contributions to their homeland countries? One of them apart from sending money back home from time to time is changing the bad political systems, like that of Uganda that has made you slaves in the diasporas working day and night in order to sustain your home people. Have you ever realized that the remittances you always send back home make you slaves for your relatives? Working so hard without even having leisure time for yourselves, because you also have to pay exorbitant bills for your daily living in a foreign country. Why don’t we really wake up and do the right thing which will not only help the people at home but also you Ugandans who live in the diaspora?

Dear Ugandans who are in the diaspora, let us contribute ambitiously to the liberation of our country, I know all of you can genuinely get involved in the political liberation efforts of our motherland from wherever you are, so long as you have the love for Uganda which is falling into the Rwandese hands at a terrific speed. Dear members of the diasporas, we have to prevent that scenario from happening in order to save Uganda’s future generations to come. Let our main agenda be liberating Uganda our lovely country, something that will be geared towards reviving democratization and socioeconomic development of Uganda above all, democracy and human rights.  Let us build a strong foundation of how we can lay strategies and also maintain the struggle in a good relationship as people of the same country, who are ready to identify ourselves as Ugandans, who want a fundamental change in our country. Let us put an end to the denial of democracy and human rights, oppression, poverty, and exploitation of Ugandans by the Rwandese who are working tirelessly to continuously implement the Hima-Tutsi plan.

I really want to ask you some questions my lovely brothers and sisters who live in the diasporas. Why don’t we have a united voice in the Musevenism pandemic issue? Don’t you think that, if there is good governance in Uganda it will also help you not to work like donkeys to support your home people? I can assure you that if there is good governance in Uganda, our brothers and sisters back home will not put pressure on their relatives in the diasporas for help. I profoundly regard Ugandans in the diaspora communities as agents of change who can contribute philanthropically to the noble cause of changing Museveni’s government. My humble request is not to leave that work to a few individuals because it is a very hectic workload to do without combined help. I would suggest that, let it be our collective responsibility and obligation to work for change in Uganda by raising international awareness about Uganda’s alarming political situation and also contribute financially to the struggle. Let us continue to maintain a strong attachment to our homeland. Let us not think that being outside of your country, means that you are outside Uganda with all your clan members or relatives. That cannot happen and it will never happen. People at home need help in the political struggle. National Unity Platform(NUP) is calling us to liberate Uganda. Let us not turn a deaf ear towards the struggle because Ugandan needs you in the struggle for a change.

Brothers and sisters in the diaspora, I really have many questions for you. Kindly read them and find solutions. Don’t you really see much pain and suffering Museveni has caused to those who hold different opinions from his? Don’t you reckon that Museveni is a wicked man, full of hatred and mistrust of everyone who thinks and also acts differently from his ideas and appearance?  Don’t you really see that Museveni is an individual whose mouth incites rage and discomfort in Ugandans? Don’t you know that Museveni is the most mendacious person on earth? (a person or someone who tells lies, especially habitually, dishonest and deceitful). How can Ugandans lack clean drinking water, electricity, fuel, modern health services, a proper education system, and basic consumer goods and people in the diaspora decide to continue looking on, living your homeland brothers and sisters in such a deplorable situation? Ugandans in the diaspora let us fully get involved in Uganda’s efforts for political change. It is our obligation to take part in the struggle against the oppressive Museveni’s administration. Let us, therefore, work together to overthrow Museveni but, we will need a very long healing therapy after his overthrow because Ugandans live in hell in our own motherland.

Fellow Ugandans in the diasporas, the time has come now for people in the diaspora to find a cure against Museveni’s evils. He is a figure of disorder and the most mendacious President in the History of Uganda. Unfortunately, he has passed on those evil acts onto Ugandans by using his tendency of turning people into his personality. Indeed, he must expect his consequences. Museveni’s evil genius of his ability to always tell lies, denying what he says, creating conflicts among people, have made him the hero of his own bad government and we now have to find remedies to stop him from continuing misleading Uganda.  We cannot just look on and accept his barbaric actions to continue spreading in our motherland. We have seen enough of his regime and for sure no amount of words can describe the enormous wickedness; extreme criminality, cruelty, and other horrible situations Ugandans have witnessed since Museveni became a president of a country for which he does not even have any roots of attachment. Much as Museveni has recruited a number of Rwandese and other foreigners in the army just to protect himself in power, let us be courageous enough to stop what is happening in our Uganda because no country will come to our rescue if we dont step out of our comfort zone to join hands with NUP to do the needful.

Lovely Ugandans in the diaspora, let us be the Vanguard of a revolution in Uganda. Your contribution towards the struggle will help Ugandans, in stopping disrespecting human rights and finally yield into getting rid of Museveni’s authoritarian regime that has dominated our country for 35 years. I can assure you that, if we contribute wholeheartedly in the struggle of liberating our country we shall, of course, achieve what we want Uganda to be. What we need to have amongst ourselves is mutual cooperation.  I know some Ugandans are not interested whatsoever in Ugandan affairs. But please, my humble request is; let us get interested in Ugandan affairs because Uganda is our country. Let us work together to see how we can stop Museveni from continuing to ruin our country because he doesn’t have any vision for Uganda and he has never had any vision for our country being a foreigner from Rwanda. Dear countrymates, let us have a nostalgia that is inextricably linked to the independence struggle of our country Uganda. I know some of you might now say as you are reading this article that Uganda is independent. Allow me to make it clear to you that; our country is in captivity. We are not independent at all. Ugandans are not free that is the reason why we need to fight tooth and nail to free Ugandans from Rwandese who use Uganda to develop their country. It is no longer a secret because that is even why we have Rwandese generals in the Ugandan army, who travel to whatever place they want using Ugandan passports. It is very sad for our country and it is our duty to stop it.

Sons and daughters of Ugandan territory in the diaspora it is time to mobilize all the Ugandans whom you live with outside Uganda, to stand patriotically and get aligned as people of the same nation in the struggle of liberating Uganda because our country is a mess. We need to clean up the dirt with all our patriotic feelings in solidarity for change.  Most of you who are in diasporas, have seen and also enjoyed the democratic environments in which you live. But why don’t we really work hard to make it also happen in our country? Let us get rid of Museveni before he makes Uganda a pariah state. To define what a pariah state is, it is a nation considered to be an outcast in the international community. A pariah state may face international isolation, sanctions, or even an invasion by nations which find its policies, actions, or existence unacceptable. Museveni has done a lot of bad things not only in Uganda but also in the neighbouring countries. So, people who live in the diaspora we really need your support to save Uganda before it is considered to be a pariah state.

Ugandans in the diaspora I really don’t know why you underestimate your strength in overthrowing dictator Museveni? You really have the potential to revolutionize Uganda, instead of cementing power for the worst authoritarian regime like some members in the diaspora are trying to do, through Ugandan North American Association – (UNAA), which was founded in 1988 calling itself the oldest and largest Ugandan diaspora organization. Such organizations are doing nothing about Museveni’s bad regime but instead keep on receiving taxpayers’ money from Museveni, in disguise of supporting UNAA but which money is used to spy on Ugandans who live abroad to enable Museveni to prolong his stay in power. To me, I get perturbed when seeing UNAA wrongly calling itself the most influential and well-organized body in the diaspora but, it cannot even comment on the bad things Museveni is doing in our country simply because he gives UNAA money

Fellow compatriots who live in the diasporas, I think you have meticulously read my article and I believe you will have a second thought about our country. I now want to end this article by requesting you to ponder over these seven questions below?

1-Brothers and sisters who live in the diasporas, when will you stop providing survival to your relatives in Uganda who live in Museveni’s unsustainable economic, social, and political regime?

2- Ugandans who live in the diasporas and have never contributed anything towards the struggle and even those who were active but left the struggle or were bought by a Rwandese man Museveni! Why don’t you have Uganda at heart?

3-Fellow Ugandans, why don’t you feel proud of being Ugandans much as a number of you have been naturalized?

4-Do you really think that holding other countries’ passports can make you forget and completely desert your country of origin?

5-Why should we allow Museveni, a foreigner to deprive Ugandans of their liberty?

6-Why do we allow Museveni to make Ugandans live under a regime of segregation and terror in which Ugandans are killed, tortured day and night even not sparing innocent children?

7-Don’t you think dear Ugandans who live in the diasporas that it is the time to pledge ourselves to radically transform our nation in the direction of the rule of law?

Conclusively, do not forget that you are what you are because of Uganda your birthplace. Therefore, change begins with you.