Calendar of the liberation of Uganda

14 January 2021

Ugandan elections were rigged by general Museveni
11 February 2021European Parliament passes a resolution saying ”
Parliament deplores that the 14 January general elections in Uganda were neither democratic nor transparent. MEPs also condemn the excessive use of force by the police and armed forces during the election and their growing interference in political affairs “

12 February 1982
Birthday of Bobi Wine
12 May 2021Illegal swearing in of general Museveni
31 May 2021Release of “Three killings in Kampala”.
3 August 2021Fred Lumbuye arrested in Turkey
13 August 2021Ahead of by-elections in Arua, Bobi Wine’s driver was killed.
3 Novermber 2020Bobi Wine arrested on Nomination Day.
18 November 2020Bobi Wine arrested during campain in Luuka. During protests after his arrests hundreds of unarmed Ugandans are killed.
27 December 2020Frank Senteza run over by police vehicle during campaign.
30 December 2020Entire NUP campaign team arrested in Kalangala and locked up for many months.