Refusal of NUP to German Foreign Office Conference

Good morning!

Yesterday we, the Uganda opposition, were refused access to participate in this important conference about Strenghening Democratic Institutions in Africa, organised by the German Foreign Office. We find this strange as 45 million Ugandans are (unfortunately) very experienced with flawed institutions. We have not seen any representatives of other African opposition movements either. This is why our banner says:

Don’t talk ABOUT US without INCLUDING US

With us is also Dr. Nico Schoonderwoerd, EU ambassador for the National Unity Platform, which represent 60% of the Ugandan population. In his book Rigged he provides evidence of the election rigging and excessive violence by dictator Museveni. We have copies with us.

The Ugandan dictator Museveni has been in power for 36 years. He took part in wars in Congo, Rwanda, Sudan which resulted in the deaths of about 7 million Africans. He’s the African Hitler. Thousands of people have disappeared. Hundred thousands of girls have been raped. Writer Kakwenza, who was heavily tortured by the son of dictator Museveni, found exile in Germany, but many Ugandans still suffer and are tortured in safe houses. All of this leads to hardly any critism by the G7 countries. The Ugandan dictator could not stay in power without the financial and military support of them. Is this viewpoint not allowed in this conference?

The reason why we are demonstrating is that we would like to talk to you. So feel free to approach us. If you dont have time now, you can do it later.

NUP EU ambassador
Dr. Nico Schoonderwoerd
Twitter: klup

NUP Germany coordinator
+49 173 1897821
Twitter: nup_de

NUP Diaspora welcomes EU parliament resolution on EACOP

Dear members of the European Parliament,

We thank you very much for your motion for a resolution RC-B9-0409/2022 of Thursday 15 September 2022 in which you address the forced displacement of hundreds of thousands of Ugandans and Tanzanians without proper compensation, and of the gross human rights violations in the name of the EACOP project.

Also in February 2021 you had a powerful resolution condemning the violence by the Ugandan government, asking for an audit into the (rigged) elections results, and requesting Magnitsky sanctions against human rights violators.


Your motion has reminded the world of the atrocities in our beautiful country. In Uganda everyone, and especially political activists, suffer under the dictatorship of Yoweri Museveni. Whether you are fighting for democracy and honest elections, or whether you fight for the environment of Uganda and against climate change.

The Ugandan government propaganda machine has come out to condemn your motion for a resolution. The deputy speaker of the Ugandan parliament Thomas Tayebwa (who is on video torturing an electricity company employee) pretends to be speaking on behalf of the Ugandan people, but he only speaks on behalf of corrupt NRM MPs, who used violence and bribes financed by IMF & Worldbank loans to secure their seat in parliament. 

All these propagandists fail to answer the issues you raise in your motion. Tayebwa speaks about the sovereignty of Uganda, but it is the government of Museveni that squanders the resources of Uganda by only having 15% of the shares in the EACOP project. Even the profits of that 15% will mostly go into the pockets of the dictator or be used to buy more weapons to suppress the Ugandan people.

In your motion you are asking Total and the Ugandan and Tanzanian authorities to come up with an alternative, preferably using sustainable energy. It’s important to understand that dictatorships have no interest in the well-being of their people. They don’t suffer from the dramatic effects of climate change and their homes will not be destroyed for building this pipeline. Just like they don’t suffer from the present famine in Karamoja, they really don’t care about human life. They will therefore ignore your request.

This is why you have to urge the European Commission and European nations to stop supporting the dictatorship financially and militarily. 


Open letter to Rotary chairwoman Mrs. Jones

Dear Mrs. Jones & colleagues at the Rotary,

The National Unity Platform is happy for the interest that you have shown in Uganda and for your investments into the failed Ugandan health sector.

However, by participating in a propaganda show by the Ugandan dictatorship you allow for the suffering of the Ugandan people to be extended.

It’s the present dictatorship that Mrs Jones shook hands with that wasted the health sector of Uganda to an extent that the dictator and his friends go abroad for healthcare treatment.  It’s this dictatorship that is responsible for 1 in 20 babies dying.

In 1940, the Rotary convention formulated the following powerful message:

 “where freedom, justice, truth, sanctity of the pledged word, and respect for human rights do not exist, Rotary cannot live nor its ideal prevail.”

In Uganda there’s no freedom, no justice, no truth and no respect for human rights. Why have you diverted from your strong stance on human rights?

Mrs Jones met with prime minister Nabbanja, who is known to be behind the violent rigging of elections in Uganda and was caught on camera bribing voters. Also she met with Janet Museveni, the wife of the dictator who is responsible for the death of 6 million lives in Uganda, Congo, Rwanda & South-Sudan.

We are not saying you should withdraw your charity from Uganda. However, any activity should be in agreement with a thorough human rights policy, should never have a negative impact on the people of Uganda, and should be made together with the people of Uganda and not with the dictatorship.

The National Unity Platform represents 60% of the Ugandans (see report ‘Rigged’ on last elections) and would like to discuss this subject further with you.

Best regards,

NUP Diaspora

2nd NUP diaspora conference


Amsterdam, 30 June – 3 July

Re-energizing the struggle

Registration: 270
(£227, $297)
The registration only becomes final once the full payment is received


Thu 30 JuneArrival day

19.00 “Freedom of Expression” night at Pakhuis de Zwijger.

Ugandan writers & artists will go into discussion with Ugandans & Dutch about the importance of this Freedom.

Hosts: Erik van der Zande & Nico Schoonderwoerd

Kakwenza Rukirabashaija
Nubian Li
Johnson Ssentamu
Mathias Mpuuga
Fri, 1 JulyDemonstration day

8.00 Departure from Amsterdam

9.30 The Hague (International Court of Justice)
11.00 NIMD (organisers IPOD)

14.00 Brussels (European Union)

Bus Transport: 50 ( £42, $54) if you’re not going by car

19.00 Coordinators meeting at Grand Hotel
Sat, 2 JulyDiscussion day

Rhone Events, Rhoneweg 12, Amsterdam
9.00 Key notes:
His Excellency Robert Kyagulanyi,
Kakwenza Rukirabashija


Dr. Lina Zedriga,
Robert Amsterdam,
David Lewis Rubongoya,
Nubian Li,
Alex Waiswa,
Honourable Mathias Mpuuga,
Honourable Muwada Nkunyingi,
and many more

More information here:

18.00 Dinner
21.00 – 5.00 CONCERT (included in registration fee)
Sun, 3 JulyAmsterdam Canals Tour Day
Included in registration fee.

15.00 – 17.30 Amsterdam Canals Tour
(passing Red Light District, Anne-Frank House)

Canal tour only tickets: 80
Hotel arrangementGrand Hotel Amstelveen
Bovenkerkerweg 81, 1187 XC Amstelveen

Booking code: Ppconf2022
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  • All indicated times are indicative and subject to change
  • Attendance of speakers dependent on Covid situation, visa issuance, & other circumstances.

Organisational Committee

Chair: Susan Nabuti

Finance: Nico Schoonderwoerd

Active Members: Evelyn Nakibuuka (Minnesota), David Steel (UK), Nature Muyanja, Erik van der Zanden, Kenneth Mujuni (Belgium), Thimaud de Driesen, Yasmine Mayanja, Stephen Lutwama, Barbara Batesaki, Henry Kawuma (Belgium), Lina Zedriga (Uganda).

We support Ukraine!

Have people noted that Kaguta Museveni has not spoken out against invasion of Ukraine? He did strongly object to various Coup d’états that are toppling dictators across Africa. But Putin also wants to commit a Coup in Kiev and remove the democratically chosen president.

It’s important to understand that not only UK & France were mayor colonizers in 19th century, but also Russia. Rather than giving the colonies independence like what happened in rest of the world, they created the superstate Sovjet-Union, where Russia was in control.

Next to the Sovjet-Union were their puppet dictators in Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Bulgaria & more. Democratic movements there were crushed with Russian tanks. Hungary in 1956 and Prague in 1968. These countries gained freedom in 1988 when Sovjet-Union broke up.

Putin is modern day imperalist that wants to re-establish the reign of the Russian czar in it’s former colonies. Museveni respects him because Putin is an autocrat and he understands the desire to rule neighboring countries. M7 loves meddling in Congo, Rwanda, Sudan, Somalia, Tanzania & Kenya.

M7 & Muhoozi want to rule the whole of East-Africa by force. Putin is obviously fine with this and that’s why he supplies our dictator with Russian arms, bought with money we borrowed from @IMFNews and selling slaves in the Middle East. Putin does not want change in Uganda.

This is why it’s important to morally support our comrades in Ukraine, that were only liberated from dictatorship 10 years ago. We stand with Ukraine!

UPDF committing atrocities

A video surfaced on February 15, 2022 apparently showing Soldiers wearing Uganda Peoples’ Defense Force (UPDF) uniform posing with dead bodies in civilian clothings.

The dead appear to include a middle aged woman, an elderly woman and several men. The video shows their hands being tied, which indicates they were executed. One of the man’s head was chopped off.

The soldiers were speaking Swahili and Luganda languages commonly used by Uganda security forces. Civil society organizations have condemned the soldiers actions calling them repugnant and a dishonor to the dead.

Although the Ugandan government has not failed to give almost daily briefings about the supposed advances of the ‘most disciplined army in the world’ in the fight against ADF, it has not issued any comments about this atrocity.

The return of Fred Kajubi Lumbuye

The return of Fred Kajubi Lumbuye also known as Chemical Ali:

Opened with a prayer by a child who prayed for his protection,provision and that of the people of Uganda.
Sent condolences to the King of Buganda who has just lost his mother (Maama Namasole Margaret Nagawa Siwoza) who raised him;

  • all Ugandans who have lost loved ones;
    -The Orthodox church for losing Bishop Yoana Lwanga;
    -to the people of Northern Uganda and the family of the he late Paul Loketch an NRM soldier;
    -to the family and friends of Pecos Kuteesa whose death was predicted.

*Fred Lumbuye thanked everyone who helped him. He mentioned a few names, but couldn’t disclose some for safety reasons. Some people were attacked because of him, he indicated that there was a lot of misinformation, miscommunication and mistrust and he apologised for the inconveniences caused by his arrest and requested all those who may have fought against each other to apologise and pull together. Fred also said he will not attack anyone who betrayed / wronged him in anyway including those who were paid to hurt him because the problem is Museveni.
Note :
Fred reminded Oryem who was misguided by Museveni that Museveni was among those who killed his (Oryem’s) father and should not be given a chance to divide Ugandans.

*Peter Elweru, is responsible for the 100s of killings in Kasese 5 years ago, he should be careful, there is a plan for him to be assassinated, because he knows too much and may give evidence against Museveni in the ICC where he is wanted.

*Indeed the Chinese are taking over Entebbe airport. Museveni to to China!
Janet & Kuteesa went to China to sign the agreement without consulting the Ugandan parliament, which is against the Ugandan constitution. Janet instructed the Uganda National Examination Board to add Chinese to the curriculum of Uganda.

Since Ugandans voted for Kyagulanyi, Chinese must know that Ugandans will not pay their debt because the agreement China made was with an illegitimate government.Museveni is not Uganda’s president.

*People in Karamaja are being killed. Lumbuye showed a video recording showing people who were attacked in which we see UPDF soldiers stealing cows. They kill you and they take your cows; people from Karamoja are killed daily.
Marble is being taken from Karamoja.
Fred ‘s arrest advertised the crimes carried out by Museveni’s government, a blessing in disguise. Museveni will pay for his crimes against humanity.

*EU countries, Britain and USA should stop supporting Museveni. Museveni spends a lot of money on spies internationally. There was a spy working for the UK Home office and many asylum cases were rejected because of his influence. There are some spies in the UK parliament who were given property (which was bought by Idi Amin); Winnie Byanyima spies for Museveni in UN; there are Spies in America etc who are poisoning opposition supporters to the Ugandan government.
These spies are paid money, gold,oil etc and this is why Museveni is still supported by the colonial masters. These international spies hold positions in various international institutions/ bodies and defend him.

*ADF is faked by Museveni and he even paid Al Jazeeri news to publish articles supporting his views/ claims and propaganda. The ADF leader is on Museveni’s pay roll. He is in Luzira prison during the day, but free at night.
Museveni sent the army to Congo last month without consulting parliament which is against the Ugandan constitution. Many Congolese have been killed in Eastern Congo.

Museveni has paid Al Jazeera news to promote his propaganda.
The recent bombings in Kampala were planned by the regime (ISO, CMI) under Museveni’s instructions. Museveni plan to go to Congo is to stage Muslims he has trained, wear NUP attire and berets, with NUP membership cards . The plan is to shoot them and use Aljazeera to publish the story and falsely implicate Kyagulanyi to be behind these atrocities. They will try to frame Kyagulanyi using Al Jazeera with the hope of tarnishing Kyagulanyi’s name globally.

Museveni controls Burundi, Rwanda, South Sudan, Congo, Central African Republic


  • Ugandans must unite and work towards removing the dictator ,Museveni the root cause of all the problems Ugandans are facing currently. Don’t allow yourselves to be bribed by Museveni and his family to hurt Ugandans.
  • Kyagulanyi should change the diaspora leadership, quickly; the principal should listen to people’s problem . Some people pretend to be NUP but have been compromised and are paid by the NRM government, hence Kyagulanyi must reshuffle his team.

Calendar of the liberation of Uganda

14 January 2021

Ugandan elections were rigged by general Museveni
11 February 2021European Parliament passes a resolution saying ”
Parliament deplores that the 14 January general elections in Uganda were neither democratic nor transparent. MEPs also condemn the excessive use of force by the police and armed forces during the election and their growing interference in political affairs “

12 February 1982
Birthday of Bobi Wine
12 May 2021Illegal swearing in of general Museveni
31 May 2021Release of “Three killings in Kampala”.
3 August 2021Fred Lumbuye arrested in Turkey
13 August 2021Ahead of by-elections in Arua, Bobi Wine’s driver was killed.
3 Novermber 2020Bobi Wine arrested on Nomination Day.
18 November 2020Bobi Wine arrested during campain in Luuka. During protests after his arrests hundreds of unarmed Ugandans are killed.
27 December 2020Frank Senteza run over by police vehicle during campaign.
30 December 2020Entire NUP campaign team arrested in Kalangala and locked up for many months.

Norway dumps vaccins they regard unsafe in Uganda

On 12 May 2021 Norway annouced it would no longer use AstraZenica because of risks or rare bl0od clots.

It seems that this not apply to Ugandans.

Ugandans should protest with the Norwegian government for begin treated as second-rate humans.

Here are the people in the Norwegian parliament in the Foreign Affairs committee.

Let’s send them an email to request them to address this issue in the Norwegian parliament.

Pls find their email addresses here: c

If you do not know what to write, then you can write

Dear Jonas,

My name is [ ] Ugandan citizen and proud supporter of the National Unity Platform, the biggest party of Uganda. In Uganda we have a lot of respect for Norway as one of the most democratic countries of the world.

However, even in a very democratic country something can go wrong. Your country is one of the biggest supporters of General Museveni, the dictator who has ruled Uganda for 35 years killing over 5 million of Ugandans & Congolese.

Thousands of opposition members have been kidnapped and are tortured, raped & killed in jails that were built with European money.

Recently the news broke that Norway is donating AstraZenica vaccin to Uganda, a vaccin that was abolished two months ago by Norwegian government because of the risk of blood clots.

You can imagine that your support of our dictator and dumping vaccins in Uganda that you don’t regard as safe makes us feel like we are inferior people.

We request that you address this issue in Norwegian parliament. It would be beneficial if you get into contact with the National Unity Platform. I have cc-ed the spokesperson (

How UPDF wanted the world to believe it killed 189 al-Shabaab fighters in Somalia but got caught in a web of lies.

Analysis shows that to cover up for the first lie, they created two additional lies.

Around 22 January Lt.Col Akiki of the UPDF shared a press statement about successes in their fight against al-Shabaab. Many influential media houses ran the story, such as Al Jazeera:

The NilePost even included more details:

Journalists start to verify the UPDF claims, but couldn’t find any confirmation. Researcher Rashid Abdi tweeted his doubts.

The pressure started to increase and on 27 January the Ugandan government had no choice but to withdraw the story.

UN ambassador Adonia tried to label it as ‘Internet chatter’, but journalists didn’t go for that:

Reuters then had to withdraw the whole story. UPDF didn’t apologize but rather spread more lies.

Reuters also posted a tweet to announce they had withdrawn the story.

UPDF communication person ‘bandivan’ directly jumped to the conclusion that the tweet was fake.

The first error in the bandivan tweet is that’s it wasn’t @nup_ug, an account that was silent at the time because the operator was locked up in Kitalya prision, but @fdcofficial1 that shared the Reuters tweet.

Bandivan didn’t take into account the possibility that media houses sometimes post Tweets temporary. This can be seen by looking at the replies to those tweets.

Although Reuters withdrew the story, on many places the UPDF fake news is still found.


Reuters will never publish another UPDF press statement anymore without thoroughly double checking.

UPDF and Ugandan government finds it increasingly more difficult to manipulate news. In this case they were even caught lying thrice. First the announcement of the 189 killed al Shabaab fighters, which they had to withdraw when it became more and more clear that no confirmation could be found.

To withdraw the press announcement, they created another lie that the press announcement didnt come from UPDF, the UN ambassador even referred to it as ‘internet chatter’.

Reuters then had to pull the story, and posted a temporary tweet. After Reuters removed its tweet, UPDF communications account ‘bandivan’ claimed that a fake tweet from Reuters was distributed. By looking at the replies it can be shown that there was actually a Reuters tweet.