Whitewashers of torture & genocide by the M7 regime

The following people have enabled the Museveni regime by supporting him, visiting him, attending conference with him while being silent about his human rights abuses, or in any other way whitewashed his dictatorship.

Most are, indeed, white.

Persons are moved to the list ‘Supporters of the Ugandan People’ after issuing a public apology, canceling their attendance, or any other credible support for the victims of genocide, torture, rape & abductions in Uganda.



Andrea Clerici, director EIB. Spoke with M7 at EU-Biz forum

Clinton, Fernandes. Boardmember of Eur Business Council
Filippo Amato, First Counsellor, Head of the Trade Section, EU Delegation to Kenya
Theo Vos, Social entrepreneur and co-founder of Kara-Tunga
Jan Sadek, leader of EU delegation
Eamon Gilmore, high commission of Human Rights, met with Elwelu, the butcher of Kasese.
UB40 stars Ali Campbell and Robin Campbell in row ahead of sold out concert  at Rochester Castle
Ali Campbell, former singer of UB40, agreed to not discuss Human Rights &Homosexuality in order to get a concert in Uganda.

Prinses Anne of United Kingdom
Florent Geerts, director of Delft Imaging, speaker at Eu Biz conference with M7
Akon tells Museveni: I want to invest my resources in Uganda. It is the  best for investment, says M7 - YouTube
Akon, US artist, visited Museveni in April 2021.