The return of Fred Kajubi Lumbuye

The return of Fred Kajubi Lumbuye also known as Chemical Ali:

Opened with a prayer by a child who prayed for his protection,provision and that of the people of Uganda.
Sent condolences to the King of Buganda who has just lost his mother (Maama Namasole Margaret Nagawa Siwoza) who raised him;

  • all Ugandans who have lost loved ones;
    -The Orthodox church for losing Bishop Yoana Lwanga;
    -to the people of Northern Uganda and the family of the he late Paul Loketch an NRM soldier;
    -to the family and friends of Pecos Kuteesa whose death was predicted.

*Fred Lumbuye thanked everyone who helped him. He mentioned a few names, but couldn’t disclose some for safety reasons. Some people were attacked because of him, he indicated that there was a lot of misinformation, miscommunication and mistrust and he apologised for the inconveniences caused by his arrest and requested all those who may have fought against each other to apologise and pull together. Fred also said he will not attack anyone who betrayed / wronged him in anyway including those who were paid to hurt him because the problem is Museveni.
Note :
Fred reminded Oryem who was misguided by Museveni that Museveni was among those who killed his (Oryem’s) father and should not be given a chance to divide Ugandans.

*Peter Elweru, is responsible for the 100s of killings in Kasese 5 years ago, he should be careful, there is a plan for him to be assassinated, because he knows too much and may give evidence against Museveni in the ICC where he is wanted.

*Indeed the Chinese are taking over Entebbe airport. Museveni to to China!
Janet & Kuteesa went to China to sign the agreement without consulting the Ugandan parliament, which is against the Ugandan constitution. Janet instructed the Uganda National Examination Board to add Chinese to the curriculum of Uganda.

Since Ugandans voted for Kyagulanyi, Chinese must know that Ugandans will not pay their debt because the agreement China made was with an illegitimate government.Museveni is not Uganda’s president.

*People in Karamaja are being killed. Lumbuye showed a video recording showing people who were attacked in which we see UPDF soldiers stealing cows. They kill you and they take your cows; people from Karamoja are killed daily.
Marble is being taken from Karamoja.
Fred ‘s arrest advertised the crimes carried out by Museveni’s government, a blessing in disguise. Museveni will pay for his crimes against humanity.

*EU countries, Britain and USA should stop supporting Museveni. Museveni spends a lot of money on spies internationally. There was a spy working for the UK Home office and many asylum cases were rejected because of his influence. There are some spies in the UK parliament who were given property (which was bought by Idi Amin); Winnie Byanyima spies for Museveni in UN; there are Spies in America etc who are poisoning opposition supporters to the Ugandan government.
These spies are paid money, gold,oil etc and this is why Museveni is still supported by the colonial masters. These international spies hold positions in various international institutions/ bodies and defend him.

*ADF is faked by Museveni and he even paid Al Jazeeri news to publish articles supporting his views/ claims and propaganda. The ADF leader is on Museveni’s pay roll. He is in Luzira prison during the day, but free at night.
Museveni sent the army to Congo last month without consulting parliament which is against the Ugandan constitution. Many Congolese have been killed in Eastern Congo.

Museveni has paid Al Jazeera news to promote his propaganda.
The recent bombings in Kampala were planned by the regime (ISO, CMI) under Museveni’s instructions. Museveni plan to go to Congo is to stage Muslims he has trained, wear NUP attire and berets, with NUP membership cards . The plan is to shoot them and use Aljazeera to publish the story and falsely implicate Kyagulanyi to be behind these atrocities. They will try to frame Kyagulanyi using Al Jazeera with the hope of tarnishing Kyagulanyi’s name globally.

Museveni controls Burundi, Rwanda, South Sudan, Congo, Central African Republic


  • Ugandans must unite and work towards removing the dictator ,Museveni the root cause of all the problems Ugandans are facing currently. Don’t allow yourselves to be bribed by Museveni and his family to hurt Ugandans.
  • Kyagulanyi should change the diaspora leadership, quickly; the principal should listen to people’s problem . Some people pretend to be NUP but have been compromised and are paid by the NRM government, hence Kyagulanyi must reshuffle his team.