Any form of torture is the worst thing in life. It may be physical or psychological. I appeal to stepmothers to stop causing bodily harm, inflicting pain, or torturing children they find in their homes because they are innocent. How can you expect that child in the photo to stand the immense pain? The mere look at the deep cut in her private parts really depicts that she is in excruciating pain. It is really a pity to utter that, churches and mosques are full of hypocrites who do things contrary to godly teachings because mothers who torture non-biological children pretend to be God-fearing yet their hearts are as black as coal. It is not far to assert from the truth that the bloodstained Museveni’s government which is run on corruption, nepotism, and all sorts of wickedness has also failed to curb the ever-increasing child torture, murder, and sacrifice in Uganda.

I cannot imagine the brutality which is exercised on innocent children during their upbringing. Step-mothers do weird things beyond one’s imagination and which any intelligent human being will struggle to understand. The stepmothers run berserk and resort to using crueller actions on stepchildren making their lives a misery. This is witnessed by loads of abuses and physical aggression of regular beatings, burning them, pouring paraffin in their ears, cutting off their genitals as witnessed in the above photo, depriving them of food, and making them eat their faeces as well as drinking their urine which causes grievous body harm hence; the wicked stepmothers horrible acts put an end to what should have been a bright future of the innocent children.  In fact, such stepmothers need to inhabit a different world away from a civilized society.

I feel numb seeing stepmothers telling lies against stepchildren something that leads also fathers to unbelievably infringe pain on the children in the most brutal and violent way.  In fact, I feel both heartache and enormous hatred for that action and I do hate it with vengeance. Innocent children are subjected to any kind of torture for no apparent reason. That torture is spearheaded by the deep-rooted envy of the stepmothers who do not want to see non-biological children progressing in any way thus, devising means and ways to distort and ruin their future. The torture depends on age. When it comes to the youth, stepmothers may fear to openly confront them with uncontrollable anger because the youth can fight back. So, what the stepmother does is to divert everything good to her children with the intention of making the non-biological children fail in life. In other words, the stepmother can put a non-biological child in the worst possible circumstances to feel disillusioned, hopeless, and lonely. Sometimes, I even wonder why women leave their children behind after separating from their husbands. However, with intuition, I realize that certain things happen circumstantially.

As far as education is concerned, a stepmother will always want to make sure that, all her children go to very good boarding schools with the intention of making them run away from house chores, but such a thing is done with ignorance because the stepmother forgets that she will not be with her children for the rest of her life. When it comes to University education, it is the same story altogether. The stepmother will fight tooth and nail to see that the father pays university tuition first for her children without bothering whether stepchildrenstuition is also paid as that is none of her concern. The stepmothers forget that those innocent children have the potential to make a significant contribution to the future well-being of Uganda in particular and the world in general.

A number of stepmothers lack compassion and morality. They cannot think about the devastating effects caused on the lives of innocent children. In fact, no amount of words can ever explain the worst future created by such stepmothers who do not have a sense of purpose in their lives but rather just think about bedroom activities, the way how their beloved children can have the best future and making sure that the “bustards” can have the worst future. Some stepmothers bewitch children they find in their homes. I cannot imagine making someone’s child suffer for the whole of his/her life! In most cases, the stepchildren are both unaware of the stepmother’s jealousness and intentions but as time goes by as they grow, after accumulation of a number of events, they realize the wickedness of the stepmother. Dear stepmothers, do you think that, if you do such horrible things to stepchildren, your children can ever have total peace in life? That’s why people suffer without knowing that, they are paying for their parents’ past undesirable deeds.

Stepmothers have a tendency of prohibiting innocent children from getting into touch with their aunties and uncles because they have a wrong mentality that, once the children get into touch with them, they will bring witchcraft into the home. Surely, how can one live in harmony with a person of such an evil mentality?  A number of stepmothers detach fathers from their children. In fact, the children see their fathers as lions in their homes. Such children can adopt undesirable personalities like neuroticism which indicates anxiety. A highly anxious individual will always worry a lot; will also be both moody and highly depressed. In addition to the above, such individual will suffer from psychosomatic diseases which affect their entire lives. You also find that such individuals can adopt psychoticism personalities. In other words, they tend to be solitary and do not care about others. They are cruel, hostile, and aggressive and at times, hate themselves. But what brings all these? It is a lack of parental love between the children and the parents.

It is important to note that, the would-be parental love is reflected in both child harassment in the name of excessive torture and above all, abandonment. Dear Parents, you should know that the environment influences someone’s character based on the method by which the parents raise the child.  Let us know that while rearing a child, which is the way how someone acquires the mode of thinking and behaviour typical of his/her culture, socialization is mainly vital as the effect of the parent’s child relationship and his/her interaction with the child is paramount. After going through what it means with stepmother, they live both forever broken and torn hearts in the innocent children. It is hurting not to have memories of special moments a child is privileged to have with parents during upbringing. It is a very painful experience and a pity to lack those lovely moments which make a child being so special to a mother in the home during his/ her formative years. In the long run, this leads to extremely serious effects on one`s character and personal life.

Dear parents, let us not forget that childhood shapes adult years, especially personality. Let us note, therefore, torturing children based on the influence of wicked stepmothers, deprives of the country the would-be very important citizens in the struggle for development. I appeal to the fathers not to neglect their children because; they are a gift from God. However, I do not entirely blame fathers because, most stepmothers take control of the family in decision-making which comes as a result of using “African chemistry” that incapacitates the father from seeing the wrong deeds of the stepmother hence, believing in whatever she does at the expense of the suffering of the innocent children who are victims of circumstances.

It is so bad to see that the majority of stepmothers create hatred among children and in most cases, this has affected fathers to live a miserable life in their old age and even die asking why God is punishing them but, without knowing that they are paying for their irresponsibility of child torture and neglect in the past because some children are considered to be significant whereas others are insignificant. The insignificant ones who faced torture both physically and emotionally may hate their father for the rest of their lives hence, neglecting him too at the moment he needs their help. It may happen that, the children who were considered to be significant ones get spoilt due to their poor upbringing, and that the world is torturing them rendering them also incapacitated of helping their father. In order to avoid living a miserable life during old age, I want to advise the fathers that, it is worthwhile to treat all the children equally.

When parents die, there is always poor cooperation reflected in disunity among the divided children during their upbringing. Much as the children pretend to be united, as that is part of African hypocrisy still when they separate, they gather themselves in small groups, and there are certain things which Child A can tell Child B, but which Child A cannot tell Child C neither D. Whereas child C can tell certain things to D, but cannot tell anything to child A nor to child B. Who brings all these? It is the stepmothers who disunite the children completely and even detach them from their fathers as well as their relatives. That is why, you can find that Child C and D can feel at home with the relatives, whereas Child A and B cannot because they think that they are not liked by their relatives but the root cause is their mother who keeps on lying to them that, the relatives do not like her in their father’s home so do not like too, the children she produces. It may be true that they do not like her because of her bad manners based on the way she treats the children she found in the home but that does not mean that the relatives also hate her children for, they are innocent. I have observed that the witchcraft which stepmothers practice for countless reasons affects them too as well as their offspring. I have witnessed their marriages breaking up. Their daughters fail to settle in their marriages; whereas others fail completely to produce. Their sons get spoiled by alcohol and others die prematurely. It is as if they are paying for the wickedness of their mothers.

Looking at the other side of the coin, it is good to be objective and say that, there are also some stepchildren who are very bad at their stepmothers due to the invalid statements and unjustified words told to them by their mothers who split up from their fathers rendering the would-be good stepmothers very bad. Based on the above statement, not all stepmothers are bad. There are those who are genuinely good and raise up children they find in the homes as expected but those are really very few. Most of them pretend to be good with ulterior motives. One of them is to distort completely the future of the children they find in their homes.

It has come to my observation that, causing bodily harm, inflicting pain, or torturing innocent children by wicked stepmothers is a continuing growth of the problem in Uganda which is exacerbated by the useless Museveni’s government due to the fact that, the courts of law and judges do not perform their duties without the influence of the people in the government who protect criminals. I, therefore, appeal to the Ugandan government and other humanitarian organizations to do something more serious about this terrifying trend of torturing innocent children. I suggest that those stepmothers should be given punishments that they can bitterly regret. It should be done with coherent measures intended to curtail inhuman acts done on innocent children like the one in the photo above and many more which are not even known, investigated, or talked about.

In a nutshell, since children are innocent, I would love to appeal to stepmothers to distinguish between right and wrong and also not to see the children they find in homes as their enemies because the stepmothers who do not treat children they find in homes as enemies are greatly rewarded by those children after achieving success.