Ugandans, why and how have we really accepted Rubasirwa Tibuhaburwa Yoseri Museveni, a man of a Rwandese origin, to rule us for more than three decades? No wonder that is why he has made our country a mess. The photo above shows Museveni when he was young in his country of birth. He is a perpetual liar the worst president Uganda has ever had in history. It is so sad to see Museveni a non-Ugandan now making decisions for Ugandans up to the extent of suggesting to implement “a flagrantly unconstitutional law engineered to prohibit Ugandans who live in the diaspora from calling themselves Ugandans. Museveni is the saddest curse any country can ever endure. Why have we allowed to be entangled in what I can term as the spider’s web of a blood-stained regime? It is time to remove the foreigner Museveni from power?  A devil Museveni, a real criminal that must face punitive laws. In fact, Museveni can be referred to as a useless creature that was given a lifeline by Ugandans when he and his mother Kokundeka fled for their life from Rwanda and now he treats Ugandan with so much contempt

Dear Ugandans, especially those who are not aware, get to know that, Museveni is a Tutsi of a Rwandese origin. Where do the Tutsi come from? The Tutsi form a subgroup of the Banyarwanda and the Burundi people, who reside primarily in Rwanda and Burundi, but also a few migrated illegally into Uganda and Tanzania. So, Ugandans should know that Museveni was born in the northern part of Rwanda. His real names are; Yoseri Rutabasirwa.  During the Hutu revolution that overthrew the minority Tutsi dominion out of Rwanda, Museveni, his mother (Esteri Kokundeka) and his father (Kayibanda) left Rwanda and entered western Uganda as refugees. They were warmly welcomed and also satisfactory fed by Ugandans. Museveni and his parents first settled in Tanzania for a while but later, penetrated and entered Uganda illegally and finally settled in Ankole, where Museveni’s father Kayibanda got a job as a cattle keeper, looking after Kaguta’s cows. Kayibanda, the then Cattle keeper (Museveni’s real father, made the mistake of falling in love with Kaguta’s wife who was his boos.  Kaguta got very annoyed and in fear of what Kayibanda had done, he fled Uganda with Kaguta’s wife leaving his real wife Kokundeka behind, who surprisingly later become Kaguta’s wife. It was like an exchange of women.

Fellow Ugandans, it is actually good to also know that, Amos Kaguta was a Rwandese like Kokundeka. But for him, he had settled in Uganda earlier and he was a well-established Rwandese in Uganda. That is why he even owned cattle. So, Madam Kokundeka made love with Amos Kaguta and got pregnant. She produced a baby girl who was named Kajubiri violet. Amos Kaguta Museveni eventually became Museveni’s stepfather. That explains why, the current Museveni is called Museveni but, that was NOT his real name. Since Museveni’s mother, Kokundeka was a flirty or a temptress woman, she also ended up producing Museveni’s stepbrother Caleb Akandhanaho Salim Saleh in a Somali man.

Ugandans were very generous to Museveni. He studied at the expense of Uganda’s taxpayers’ money. He attended Kyamate Primary School, Marana High School, and Ntare secondary school and also got a chance of joining Dar es Salaam University in Tanzania.  It is said that while at University, he studied economics and political science. Museveni became a Marxist, involving himself in radical Pan-African politics. When he was at the university, he formed the University Students’ African Revolutionary Front activist group and led a student delegation to FRELIMO territory in Mozambique, where he received guerrilla training. Fellow Ugandans, at this juncture, it is good to note that, all that Museveni was doing clearly depict that, he had his ulterior motives. This is indeed evidenced by the fact that after his studies, Museveni came back to Uganda to start his political career struggles. Unexpectedly, after being successful, he forgot all about Ugandans’ generosity but instead, just turned the barrels of the gun against the people who received him, with his parents as refugees on humanitarian grounds. It is really a shame.

Dear fellow country mates, we very well know that Museveni took power with the help of the mighty of a gun in 1986. That was of course through violence and Uganda lost a great number of innocent citizens. After seizing power, the Rwandese origin man claimed himself as a Ugandan citizen from Ankole (Western Uganda), and many Ugandans by then, our grandfathers and grandmothers plus our parents, who were ignorant about Museveni’s origin believed his lies. What marveled the nation was that, much as he declared himself as a Ugandan from the western part of Uganda, he never restored the Ankole Kingdom! Dear Ugandans, are you seeing who Museveni is? Why wouldn’t he really be in a position to restore the Ankole Kingdom in his birthplace? Do you realize that, even in regions where kingdoms were restored, was based on Museveni’s hidden political ambitions but the reality is; those kingdoms have no meaning at all. Ugandans, what are we really waiting for, to get rid of Museveni who imposed himself on us? The truth of the matter is that he was born in Rwanda. Therefore, he does not even merit to run for the presidency according to the Ugandan constitution. Dear brothers and sisters, that explains why in 1995 Museveni even changed our constitution, for the Rwandese to be recognized as a tribe in Uganda, with the intention of leveling grounds for them to infiltrate Ugandan politics, under the umbrella of calling those Rwandese, Banyankole since most of them speak fluent Lunkyankole. That is a pity for our country. Having said all that, I have to be very clear by emphasizing that, I am not tribalistic at all but what I am saying is a fact which some people do not want to hear. In addition to the above, not all Rwandese are bad as some individuals wrongly generalize it.

Ugandans, we should know that Museveni is the very reason why Uganda is backward. He doesn’t even have the mandate to talk in front of Ugandans because he is NOT part of us. The good thing is pressure has now engulfed the Rwandese origin Museveni, and surely, his days are numbered. He Brutalizes Ugandans because, he is scared of the growing number of Ugandan youths, who are no longer interested in his stupid ideologies and a plethora of naked lies, The Rwandese man, who is ruling Ugandans illegally, now knows the boiling mood in which Ugandans are at the moment, which can be described as hostile. It is surprising that Museveni is still power-hungry and he is not ashamed of wanting to rule Uganda for life, despite the fact that, his government has had the highest level of abuse of human rights in history. Museveni has killed Ugandans in a very merciless manner for so many years. We have been subjected to all kinds of brutal acts in order to scare away political activists who would stand firm against the blood-stained regime. Ugandans, why should we be suppressed by Museveni and a few of his selected Rwandese? Let us fight as Ugandans, in order to seek peace, social and environmental justice in our country. Let us work together like ants, while they are in their colony. Those small insects are so cooperative. They perform different duties, often depending on their age. Younger ants work inside the nest, taking care of the queen and her brood. Older ones go outside to gather food and defend the nest against enemies. In other words, let us perform different duties, in the struggle of making Museveni and his Rwandese group go back to Rwanda

In conclusion, Museveni falsely claims to be coming from the western part of Uganda. But when he took power in 1986, he never even reinstated the Ankole Kingdom simply because he feared the Banyankole to reveal that he is not known in the Ankole region. What happens everyday in Uganda clearly shows that Museveni is a Rwandese who assumed power, to seek his own glory, on behalf of his fellow Rwandans, with whom they have altered Uganda’s identity in all sectors of life. Good enough the majority of Ugandan citizens now know who the devil Museveni is and that we are being ruled by a foreigner who does not have any interest in our country.