‘Blood Clot’ victims

Orthodox Church Archbishop Jonah Lwanga

Regardless of political affiliation, religious beliefs, tribes, cultures, generally any differences death is death. Museveni’s government has never valued the lives of Ugandan citizens.  When you look at all those Ugandans in the photos, are dead and they have been killed by Museveni’s regime. That made me burst into tears because I could not imagine how and why we shall never ever have those very important Ugandans to be part of our country. Museveni keeps on killing indigenous Ugandans and anyone who wants a change in Uganda but for him, he doesn’t want to die that is why he tries as much as possible to tighten his security. Anyway, no one deserves untimely death whether opposition population, pro-government, religious leaders, educated, uneducated, poor or rich, skilled or unskilled young, old, army or police force. It is heartbreaking nowadays to see that death has become normal in Uganda simply because our country is in captivity. We are under a few Rwandese occupation who are ruling us illegally and they are not ready to leave Uganda in peace.  Ugandans have buried a number of respected personalities dying of sudden deaths which are always related to blood clots leaving the country in shock concerning their untimely demise. It has now become a habit for the bloodsucker Museveni to organize “a team of pathologists” to establish the lies about the victims’ death, yet the awaited postmortem is always known as a Blood clot.

Judge Joan Namazzi Kagezi

Suleiman Kiggundu. Former Governor of Bank of Uganda
Sheikh Nuhuk Muzaata Batte
Bishop Kagwa Of Masaka Diocese
Dr. Anas Kaliisa
Major Mohamed Kiggundu

We Ugandans are fed up with Museveni’s regime and for sure no amount of words can describe the enormous wickedness; extreme criminality, cruelty, and other horrible situations and atrocities Ugandans have witnessed since Museveni became a president of a country of which he does not even have any roots of attachment. That contemptible liar who utters worthless and useless words because whenever his lips are moving is just a pile of nonsensical lies, should not have become a Ugandan president. He really deserves his eyes to be gouged out and left to spend all his time in hell due to the atrocities he has committed inside and outside Uganda. It is really sad to mention a number of people who have perished during Museveni’s term of office as in the example below.

1. Doctor
Andre Kayira.
21.Haji Brahim Muwanga Kibirige
2. Catholic church
kizito Lwanga
22. Several Muslim clerical
23.Brigadier Nobel Mayombo
24. Dan Kyeyune (NUP)
3. Orthodox church
Jonah Lwanga
4. Andrew
Felix Kaweesi
25. Former Arua Municipality MP colonel Ibrahim
28.Senteza Frank Kalibala(NUP)
27.Kizza Shakira Nabagasera(NUP)
5. Doctor
Anas Kaliisa
6. Senyonga Mohamed
( NUP)
28. Suzan Magara
29. Mubuuke Sharon(NUP)
30. Kalinda Micheal (zyg Wynes) (NUP)

8. Mulongo
31.Peter Kibirango
32-Hoteka Serubogo(NUP)
33. Sheik Nuhu Muzata
34. Ritah Nabukenya (NUP)
9. Bishop
kaggwa of
35. Adam Mulongo,
36. Andrew Felix Kaweesi
10. Zebra Mando (NUP)
11. Major
12. Atakyelisse Kenneth
37. over 80 youth both at Lugogo and Kabalagala, who perished in the 2010 World Cup final bomb saga
Governor of
14. General
15. Judge Joan Namazzi
16.Hanington Sewankambo Sweet Pepisi(NUP)
17. Kayondo Willy(NUP)
38. Students of Buddo Junior School, who vanished in the fire that destroyed their school.
39. The many Women in Wakiso who were killed by pang-wielded men.
40. People in Lwengo who were killed by organized
criminals aided by the police 
41.General Pual LokechGeneral
42. Kato Lubwama Baker (NUP)
43. Charles Mutyabule(NUP)
44. Hakim Sekamwa(NUP)
45. Kasese murder
46.Major Mohammed Kiggundu
47.. ASP Mohammed Kirumira
18. Cerinah
19. Major
Jame Kazini
48. Also Nowadays, many supporters of the people
power movement, are always murdered by police and the army
49. Yasini kawuuma,(His excellency Kyagulanyi’s

50. Victims of Luwero Triangle. The list is endless. But you can read more about Museveni’s atrocities in the compilation of the assassinations/ murders or killings Museveni has plotted and executed since the ’70s

Assistant Inspector of Police. Andrew Felix Kaweesi
ASP Mohammed Kirumira
Haji Brahim Muwanga Kibirige
Mp. Butaleja Cerinah Nebanda

The people you see in the pictures are not the only ones Museveni has killed. Remember that all the people who were killed in Luwero triangle in the 80s were killed by Museveni. The people who were killed in the Northern part of Uganda in the pretext of rebels; Alice Lakwena and Joseph Kony were killed by Museveni. The Kasese murder Ugandans will never forget was done at the instruction of devil Museveni. All Ugandans whom police and army forces have killed during presidential campaigns lost their lives because of Museveni. The people who have died in prisons and torture chambers whom their whereabouts up today is in words of puzzles have died prematurely because of Museveni.

Major James Kazini
Military Officer Ibrahim Abiriga
Die-hard NUP Supporter Ritah Nagukenya
Yasini Kawuuma. His Excellency Kyagulanyi’s driver.

Most of Museveni’s killings which were done in the 70s, 80s,90, 2000s up to today, will be found in the compilation talked about above. I got bemused when I came across that list and found it right and fitting to also share so that it can be published on NUP platform, in addition to the victims of the blood clot. This is done with the aim of keeping history and proof that can be based on to hold Museveni responsible for the countless atrocities he has committed in Uganda. My fellow brothers and sisters note that Museveni’s killing did not start yesterday. That is why he praises himself as the master of violence and for sure murdering people is his hobby.

Fellow Ugandans, evil reigns when good men and women are silent. Do not keep silent. Enough is enough. You have both; read and seen those pictures of people who would be still living and needed in the development of Uganda. Therefore, I am NOT wrong to emphatically say that Museveni should be arrested for crimes against humanity.