Fellow Ugandans, I wish to vividly let you know that we are all victims and prey to Museveni’s blood-stained regime. What does that require us to do then? It requires us to fight really hard wherever we are to get rid of Museveni. It is no longer a secret. We are all entangled in circles of Museveni’s strong spy networks everywhere we live. It will be good if we do not even give a chance to Museveni to complete the term of office which he doesn’t merit to have because he just rigged the elections. We have to know that fighting for freedom requires fearless resistance. That is exactly what people like Bobi wine are showing us today and it is our obligation as citizens of the same country to give them a hand. Let us not forget that freedom is victory over fear. We shall all be victorious if we put fear aside of course putting into consideration Nelson Mandela’s words that “Courage is NOT the absence of fear but it is a triumph over it” Having said that, I am therefore of the view that, it is our obligation to make Uganda a free country in which our voices are heard. No one will do it for us.

Brothers and sisters let us be sincere to ourselves. A number of us are out of the country but we can’t tell exactly our country mates what we either go through or we went through when requesting documents or seeking asylum. In fact, the mental or psychological torture people go through should have been a driving force to make us fight for our democracy. I am sure that most of you Ugandans where you live in the diaspora go/ went through what we call tough moments to settle where you are, unfortunately, that makes you feel comfortable not even bothering at all to be part and parcel of the fighters for democracy in your own country. However, it will be very unfair if I don’t thank all those people who live in the diaspora and have genuinely participated wholeheartedly in the struggle. But also, I wish to remind all those who have not done anything in the struggle that, East or West home is best. Why don’t we really cherish where we come from? Who do you think is going to fight for you to make things better in Uganda? Why don’t we come together as Ugandans to get Museveni out of power? A useless president, a foreigner who has been in power for more than 35 years! Do you think that Museveni still has any vision for our country?

We are out of our country because of a Vampire which is in his doddery stage, a creature that does no longer have any vision for Uganda. It is really sad to be in between a rock and a hard place and yet the only solution is to come together and push Museveni out of the country as he did to his predecessors.  Museveni’s rigging of the elections plunged Uganda into darkness again. Uganda would have been the best country to live in if we were not being ruled by a foreigner Museveni who has never had any vision for our country.  We have to assert our identity as Ugandans by getting rid of Museveni who is not part of us. That is why I do emphasize the point that it is a good idea to come together to fight and also protect our democracy. All that Museveni has done in our country justifies the fact that he should not hold any office of honor or trust in our country because he himself is a criminal and above all, he is not a Ugandan. That is a fact and it is now known by many Ugandans. I want to remind all freedom fighters that we shall have to go through ups and downs and also face countless intimidations in the struggle of liberating Uganda. Bear it in mind my compatriots that it is our obligation as citizens of Uganda to act as symbols of change and if we are hopeful and persistent, we shall indeed make Uganda a better country the way we want it to be.

A government that cares about its citizens ensures protection peace and prosperity. Such a government also guarantees human rights, which is the component of freedom of speech and free movement. Its citizens must be free from any form of torture or any sort of degrading treatment. But it is really heartbreaking to see in Uganda rampant kidnappings, torture as well as killing journalists everywhere in the country. The fact is Museveni is doing that in order to instill fear in Ugandans because he knows that he is not the president-elect. Ugandans elected Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu (Bobi wine) Let us not forget however that, a lot of people were killed during presidential campaigns. Those innocent Ugandans died because of Museveni’s greed for power. And now he is the same man who is kidnapping, torturing, and also killing the same Ugandans to add pain to the already wounded Ugandan hearts. It really hurts to have again a bloodstained failed administration which just rigged the elections. I want to tell Ugandans that leaving Uganda and keep silent, will not be a solution to Uganda’s problems. You have to be active by fighting for our democracy and rule of law because even in those democratic countries where you live, their citizens did shed their blood to enjoy the freedom you also enjoy.

My humble request fellow citizen is to have a connective effort to see that we work together as Ugandans to get back our country from a few Rwandese who are ruling us. For me, I opine that having Museveni again as a president is an irremovable stain in our country’s history because that old man, a child of many lies and false promises has for long pushed and placed our country to the ruins. Dictatorship hurts democratic ideas. Museveni being a dictator is perpetually putting Uganda and her citizens into the deepest and darkest hole of the undemocratic system. Uganda is in a dark and regrettable moment because Museveni is no longer worthy to lead our country. He is well-known for a very long bad history of torturing and killing his opponents and also not respecting the rule of law. It is on record that for all the years Museveni has ruled our country he has totally failed to enshrine the press and its freedom in the Ugandan constitution. How do you expect him to do it when he is in his doddery stage?

Ugandans, let us continue taking Museveni as our number one enemy because he doesn’t want anything good for our country. I can assure you that Uganda is going to be stagnant in each and every sector and also a number of Ugandans are going to continue dying day and night. That is why we are witnessing rampant kidnappings and countless deaths. Fellow Ugandans, time and tide wait for no man. The more Museveni clings himself onto power when we are looking on without being part of the struggle to remove him from power, the more our country will continue to be in a such regrettable political mess. I know on one hand that Ugandans at home and abroad are still in shock because of Museveni’s victory. But on the other hand, Museveni’s henchmen and his other political goons are highly jubilating his victory that they are ready to continue ruining our motherland.  But let us not keep on crying for spilled milk. Something has to be done in any way possible or else Uganda will be in a devastating situation than before. Let us work in solidarity under the umbrella of having a cooperative approach to end Museveni’s domination of our democracy. Let us have a positive energy that will enable us to end autocratic rule. When shall we put in order the mess caused by Museveni’s government? Shall we even be in a position to do so if we isolate ourselves from the problem?

In conclusion, it is neither correct nor acceptable for Museveni to undermine Uganda’s democracy. We need unity in our country because Museveni has divided us a lot. And that is why Ugandans are suffering; psychologically, physically, economically, democratically, sociallyBut when will that situation end? The answer is, it is to unite as Ugandans and find a solution of stopping deplorable situations in our country




Fellow Ugandans you are aware of the fact that Fred Lumbuye Kajjubi a Ugandan political activist who lives in Turkey was kidnapped in Istanbul on the 3rd August 2021 at night by the Operative of dictator Museveni. It is alleged that Ambassador Mubiru Stephen, Richard Muhangi, (Allias Mc Richies), Andaman, Mohamed Nsereko, Baligye, and Museveni’s family which does not even merit to be the first family had an upper hand in Lumbuye’s kidnap and up to now, no one knows his whereabouts. Fred Lumbuye’s life is in danger but the Ugandan Embassy will not be helpful at all to come to his rescue since they were also involved in his kidnap. The truth is Fred is in the hands of unlawful evil killers who control innocent voiceless oppressed Ugandans. Imagine what is happening to him now! Actually, Fred has done his best in his capacity to expose the Rwandese mafias to the entire world. I can emphatically say that, had it not been for our lovely brother Fred and other freedom fighters, to educate Ugandans how Museveni’s system works, we would have been still in a living-dead state of the unknown.

Ugandans who LIVE in the diaspora I wish to remind you that you have a great role to play to end dictator Museveni’s regime. I therefore earnestly beg you to be a pillar in fighting for our brother the freedom fighter Fred Lumbuye to be set free. I want to assure you that if Fred is free, all of us shall be free. So, if we do not fight tooth and nail to see that Lumbuye is free will result in Ugandans not being safe wherever we are. Do not be in your comfort zones and ignore Lumbuye’s situation because what has happened to Lumbuye, will happen to any Ugandans who live in the diaspora. Lumbuye should not be extradited to Uganda because he never committed any offense but he is instead a political activist who wants to live in a free democratic Uganda. In line with the above, I wish to emphasize the point that, we Indigenous Ugandans have to wake up and claim for our country as Fred Lumbuye does since we are the first stakeholders in decision making as well as formulation of our structure to move forward

Museveni wants to kill Lumbuye Fred. By the way, what you should know is, that devil did NOT start killing yesterday. That non-Ugandan is as dangerous as a green snake in green grass. He has killed many innocent Ugandans especially those who want change in our country. That is even why I arguably say that Museveni and his group do not deserve an ounce of power in Uganda, and we need to do everything we can to make sure they get out of our country. It is so sad to see that we have a shithole in the chair of our country that is planning for the future of Uganda. Anyway, Ugandans let us not bow to intimidation and the fear Museveni is putting in Ugandans day and night. Unity is the greatest weapon we can use to overthrow dictator Museveni. Let us not ignore the fact that everyone is important according to their own unique purpose in the struggle to cease Museveni’s dictatorial government. Having Museveni as a president after ruling for 35 years, my brothers and sisters that period he has stayed in power is not a sign of progress. It is rather a sign of grotesque inequality that paves the way to continue working with his cronies to deny Ugandans our democracy as it is in the case of kidnapping our brother Lumbuye Fred. My compatriots, it is of utmost urgency, to continue fighting wherever we are, in any form possible because it is our mandate as Ugandans to fight for the future of our country. If we do not do so, Museveni will continue pursuing his interest ruthlessly and for sure he will hunt all the people opposing him in the diaspora.

It’s frustrating to see that the NRM Party has become nothing but a deranged cult of the Rwandese Man Museveni. All his used idiots and party supporters don’t believe that Museveni has ruined Uganda and that he has never respected the rule of law. Ugandans are facing terrifying and devastating moments because we are being ruled by a non-Ugandan who does not care for our country. When people like Lumbuye Fred and other political activists who have Uganda at heart come out to elaborate on that fact it is considered a crime.  The situation in our country is in form of “life or death”, with millions of Ugandans facing a food crisis, lack of clean water, medicine, insecurity, jobless, generally living through repeated trauma because of the foreigners from Rwanda who are ruling our country. What really hurts is that these Rwandese came from their country, (Rwanda) as refugees with absolutely nothing. But the way Uganda looks now shows that they intended to make our Nation a family business from which they get money to repatriate the profits to Rwanda to develop their country of origin. These are the very issues our brother Fred Lumbuye has been talking about.

It is as clear as crystal that death has no timetable and also that everyone is a potential candidate to death. However, it does not mean that Museveni has the right to kill every Ugandan he does not want to work with or every Ugandan who refuses to accept his stupid outdated useless ideas and policies. It should be known that Fred Lumbuye was contacted on several occasions to be given money so that he could keep silent. But because of love for his country, he refused to rub shoulders with the rotten expired Museveni’s government. My country mates, Museveni is so scared to leave power. That is why he is killing, kidnapping, and also buying Ugandans who do not have their country at heart to help Museveni pursue his ideologies, which are based on his games of divide and rule, exploiting Uganda’s economy and resources for Rwandese development where he originates from

Museveni is incredibly a very narrow-minded creature. He talks about the future basing on his perpetual lies and when he is asked about the present he always avoids such questions but instead he goes into the past to refer to Amin and Obote yet he, himself was the problem to those governments because all the killings and the atrocities which were committed when both; Amin and Obote were ruling, were committed by Museveni with the intention of making the then ruling governments so bad that Ugandans could hate them. In doing so, Museveni was making an easy move to becoming the president of Uganda for life

In conclusion, People in Uganda are overwhelmed with confusion, disappointment, and angered by any inhuman actions done onto Ugandans both; inside and outside Uganda. On behalf of political activists, I humbly appeal to the Turkish government, UN, UNHCR, the European Union, and generally the international community to demand for the immediate and unconditional release of Fred Lumbuye Kajjubi because he is NOT a criminal.





A foreigner Museveni has flouted the rule of law, abusing his office to hold power, using state fund resources to structural flaws in our democracy to his own advantage. I earnestly, request you fellow Ugandans to hold firmly onto our motto “For God and My Country” by fighting for change, hope, and progress for our country. We have to make our voices heard and our actions to be seen by the outside world so that those who support devil Museveni get to know that enough is enough we Ugandans, are tired of the vampire which is sucking our blood day and night. But all that will be reached upon when we are united irrespective of our tribal backgrounds. Why should we always live in fear and anxiety about the future of our country? we live in a country that is suffering from an ever-worsening economy, indescribable nepotism, incredible tribalism, corruption which stinks to high heaven, disgusting health conditions, poor education, deplorable transport system the list is endless but which Museveni has refused to acknowledge that all the mess is created by him. We have to fight for our democracy so that we can make it responsive to the needs of all Ugandans. It is heartbreaking to see in Uganda today that, Ugandans are killed by security forces any time at their will, and then after, the very assassins dramatize their investigation acts on the scene, and yet they are the ones who kill those innocent Ugandans who refuse to follow their devilish plans and decisions which are geared to joining devil Museveni. This is worsened by the fact that, National Resistance Movement officials who would have come out to condemn all that is going on in Uganda before the public are silent. How can one say that the elected government is protecting Ugandans? Do those idiots who are in the government even know the definition of a government?

The fact is; the truest Ugandans are disappointed about the Rwandese origin Museveni who has ruined our country for such a long period of 35 years. It is not far to assert from the truth that we feel like we are seated on pins and needles. Allow me to inform you my country mates that, disappointments are like road humps. They slow you down a bit but you can enjoy the smooth road afterward. For us Ugandans to enjoy the smooth road afterward, which I can term as getting rid of devil Museveni, we have to be united wherever we are. That is to say; both at home and in the diaspora. On this very point, therefore, my humble request goes to Ugandan citizens especially those who live in the diaspora. It is time please to get rid of the bloodthirsty Rwandese government before it is too late. Ugandans live in an overwhelmingly distressing situation. But why should we live in such conditions yet Uganda is our God-given county? I hope that if we end Museveni’s regime, we will have put to an end every aspiring Museveni-style authoritarian from ruling our country in the future.

There are clear signs that Museveni’s government is feeling pressure from Ugandans. That is why Museveni and his croons have resorted to killing innocent Ugandans to prevent them from demanding our democracy. The violence or intimidation Museveni is using should not deter us from continuing our revolution. We, therefore, need to take bold actions of weakening Museveni until he leaves power. Ugandans, we should know that we are facing a magnitude of tasks of overthrowing the Rwandese origin Man Museveni who is not supposed to rule our country. What does that mean? As I said earlier, we just need to unite and heal as Ugandans. Let us not be intimidated, let us not be silenced by a foreigner Museveni who came from Rwanda with his mother to seek protection in our country. Let us not forget that, it is our duty to fight and make a better future for us Ugandans today, tomorrow, and for the future generations to come. We have to fulfill that dream by getting rid of the current incompetent, corrupt, and divisive politics of the Rwandese Man origin and his useless National Movement Party which has done more harm than good in our country. No one will solve the crises we face as Ugandans and help to transform our country for us and for decades to come if we don’t do it by ourselves.

One of the American Black Congressmen John Lewis, before his death, wrote: “Democracy is not a state. It is an act.”  I do agree with his opinion. I think he meant that democracy is not guaranteed. We have to demand it through actions. Fellow Ugandans, we have to have the will and spirit to fight for our democracy in Uganda, not only that but also to protect it from those who do not believe in democracy. That is why I even say; the battles to restore decency and defend democracy should be of every Ugandan’s responsibility. In doing so, we shall be defeating despair in the line of putting our Nation onto the right track from which it was derailed by a Rwandese Museveni who calls himself a Ugandan. I know it is a sacrifice but let us fight tooth and nail to bring more Ugandans onboard than ever to put things right in our country. Ugandans need to be treated with dignity and respect. That is why even one of the African patriots Patrice Lumumba, said “Without dignity, there is no liberty, without justice there is no dignity, and without independence, there is no freedom.” Brothers and sisters, we are not free. We are under Rwandese occupation. Let us wake up please and do the needful to restore our democracy, dignity, and respect. If one looks at the way how police and army treat Ugandans, it is far beyond to believe that that type of treatment can be witnessed in our country in this modern era. Ugandans, who do you think will bring comfort and consolation in these times of distress and sadness in our country? The answer is simple. Do not expect any outsiders to come to our rescue while we are going through agony without doing anything about the Rwandese origin man Museveni has created.

In conclusion, come hell or high water Museveni must go. However, let us not forget that for him to go, we have to fight really hard, and make all the necessary sacrifices in search of equality, liberty, and justice in Uganda because we Ugandans, are the backbone of our democracy




Museveni must free all political prisoners. There is no reason why our brothers and sister languish in prisons and torture chambers because of supporting the legitimate president of Uganda his excellence Robert kyagulanyi Sentamu. There is a burgeoning number of prisoners in Ugandans prisons which is intended to reduce indigenous Ugandans where they are killed in prisons, by serious beating and as well as using any horrible kinds of indescribable torture. It is unquestionable today that, those who survive death, get irreversible harm during their lifetime. What hurts is; the conditions the prisoners are confined in are inhumane and unconstitutional. The prisons are overcrowded, and the prisoners are violently treated, women face sexual abuse, whereas men are sodomized, in addition to facing other deplorable conditions, which pose grave risks to their health and safety. Thousands of innocent people are being held for inappropriately long periods, without hearing their cases. It has become a tendency for the Director of Public Prosecutions in Uganda, to drop charges against the accused and later, re-arrest them even though their cases are heard and acquitted. Nevertheless, all those directives come from Museveni to instill fear in Ugandans telling him to leave the presidential seat he grabbed from His excellence Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu.

It is really heartbreaking and traumatizing to witness that, 99.9% of the prisoners in Ugandan today, are in jail based on slanderous allegations. A number of them are imprisoned because of their political opinions. Fellow Ugandans, it is very distressing for Ugandans to suffer in our own country yet each one of us has the freedom to support the person they want. Let us not allow what is happening to continue in our country. Museveni has systematically eliminated political opponents that would challenge him by imprisoning them and finally kills them. Innocent Ugandans are rotting in prisons. They are always being remanded until further notice, leaving their lovely dear ones in devastating conditions. When the government asks for witnesses, it is the same government, which turns around to produce staged witnesses, who are forced to testify hence, bearing false witness against the prisoners, with the intention of not releasing them. That is the reason why there is incredible congestion in prisons today.

Museveni instead of talking about the unacceptable inhuman conditions, prisoners face in Uganda today, talks about the nonsense of announcing him dead, which is a fact that he is indeed dead if one considers how worse the situation in Uganda is today.   It is not far to assert from the truth that, the people who announced Museveni dead literally meant that, the fact that Uganda’s health care is no longer functioning, means that he is dead, Uganda’s education system is at worst something that has never happened before because even historically, the neighbouring countries used to cross to study in Uganda. What does that mean? It means that Museveni is dead. The judicial system is full of used idiots which are paid by the state to do all the unprofessional work they do. That clearly depicts that Museveni is dead. The list is endless that clearly shows his death. Museveni’s useless regime doesn’t care how bad their decisions can impact peoples’ lives. When you hear an old man like Museveni who even has grey hair in all parts of his body, getting seriously annoyed that he was pronounced dead and that he is going to look for all those NUP members who use social media, it defeats one’s understanding because Uganda police have never looked for anyone who has been torturing Ugandans, kidnapping and then killing them. By the way, why Museveni does not want death, and yet he has killed countless people since the 1960s? Even those who are abducted, tortured and put in prison yet they are very innocent simply because of their political views of supporting a young man Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu.

Fellow Ugandans do not lose the sense of pride in your country. Dictators fear consistency, persistence, unity, and also people who are determined and focused. That is why dictators always use any possible ways to imprison as witnessed in the above images, kill or threaten freedom fighters. Together as Ugandans, we can build again the Uganda we want to live in. Martin Luther King, Jr once said that “We need leaders not in love with money but in love with Justice. Not in love with publicity but in love with humanity” I assure you that if we cooperate as Ugandans, we shall get a leader with whom we shall re-establish democracy in Uganda, to manage the public-health emergency, to deal with economic distress, to reinstitute our education system, to restore all our cultural leaders, and other sorts of problems, which will finally help to unite all Ugandans Museveni has divided. We Ugandans need to have a president who represents all Ugandans. A president who respects all the citizens in Uganda. A true Ugandan born president who is fit to be a commander in chief who respects our army by teaching them the necessary discipline as well as the role of protecting Ugandans instead of making our army getting involved in external aggression, kidnapping, torturing, imprisoning, and killing Ugandan citizens as Rutabasirwa Tibuhaburwa the Rwandese man instructs the army to do. It is really a disgrace to have a heartless devil Museveni in our Country.

Conclusively,Ugandan political activists let us fight against Museveni’s dictatorial regime that is targeting indigenous Ugandans by investing our potential energy, brain, time, and resources something that will not only enable us to protect a future Uganda but also healing from the atrocities Museveni and his cronies have committed in Uganda.




The concept of diaspora refers to groups of people with a similar heritage or homeland, who live in a foreign country but maintain a close relationship with their country of origin.

My fellow patriots, who live in the diaspora, are you really maintaining a close relationship with Uganda? I am of the view that you would be boiling with anger or blind rage, ready to overthrow Museveni given the conditions in which our country is nowadays. And for sure every Ugandan in the diaspora would be now in a position to contribute any amount of money, to support the struggle of kicking Museveni not only out of power but also out of Uganda because he has his country of origin (Rwanda) where he belongs and it is the country, he and his Rwandese brothers and sisters have developed.

Diasporas’ engagement with their countries of origin is not a felony. I know some of us have both; fear and narrow-minded thinking that, participating in the struggle of our country will be a crime. That is why even some people who live in the diaspora keep on saying that, for me, I still go back to Uganda. I don’t want my name to be in black books. My dear brothers and sisters, the day you will be denied entry at Entebbe airport by those Rwandese who are ruling us will be the time for you to realize that, what I and other Ugandan die hearts are telling you to do, is the right thing to do before it is too late. Be part and parcel of the struggle even though you live in the diaspora. Have you ever thought about the fact that people in the diasporas have the potential to make any contributions to their homeland countries? One of them apart from sending money back home from time to time is changing the bad political systems, like that of Uganda that has made you slaves in the diasporas working day and night in order to sustain your home people. Have you ever realized that the remittances you always send back home make you slaves for your relatives? Working so hard without even having leisure time for yourselves, because you also have to pay exorbitant bills for your daily living in a foreign country. Why don’t we really wake up and do the right thing which will not only help the people at home but also you Ugandans who live in the diaspora?

Dear Ugandans who are in the diaspora, let us contribute ambitiously to the liberation of our country, I know all of you can genuinely get involved in the political liberation efforts of our motherland from wherever you are, so long as you have the love for Uganda which is falling into the Rwandese hands at a terrific speed. Dear members of the diasporas, we have to prevent that scenario from happening in order to save Uganda’s future generations to come. Let our main agenda be liberating Uganda our lovely country, something that will be geared towards reviving democratization and socioeconomic development of Uganda above all, democracy and human rights.  Let us build a strong foundation of how we can lay strategies and also maintain the struggle in a good relationship as people of the same country, who are ready to identify ourselves as Ugandans, who want a fundamental change in our country. Let us put an end to the denial of democracy and human rights, oppression, poverty, and exploitation of Ugandans by the Rwandese who are working tirelessly to continuously implement the Hima-Tutsi plan.

I really want to ask you some questions my lovely brothers and sisters who live in the diasporas. Why don’t we have a united voice in the Musevenism pandemic issue? Don’t you think that, if there is good governance in Uganda it will also help you not to work like donkeys to support your home people? I can assure you that if there is good governance in Uganda, our brothers and sisters back home will not put pressure on their relatives in the diasporas for help. I profoundly regard Ugandans in the diaspora communities as agents of change who can contribute philanthropically to the noble cause of changing Museveni’s government. My humble request is not to leave that work to a few individuals because it is a very hectic workload to do without combined help. I would suggest that, let it be our collective responsibility and obligation to work for change in Uganda by raising international awareness about Uganda’s alarming political situation and also contribute financially to the struggle. Let us continue to maintain a strong attachment to our homeland. Let us not think that being outside of your country, means that you are outside Uganda with all your clan members or relatives. That cannot happen and it will never happen. People at home need help in the political struggle. National Unity Platform(NUP) is calling us to liberate Uganda. Let us not turn a deaf ear towards the struggle because Ugandan needs you in the struggle for a change.

Brothers and sisters in the diaspora, I really have many questions for you. Kindly read them and find solutions. Don’t you really see much pain and suffering Museveni has caused to those who hold different opinions from his? Don’t you reckon that Museveni is a wicked man, full of hatred and mistrust of everyone who thinks and also acts differently from his ideas and appearance?  Don’t you really see that Museveni is an individual whose mouth incites rage and discomfort in Ugandans? Don’t you know that Museveni is the most mendacious person on earth? (a person or someone who tells lies, especially habitually, dishonest and deceitful). How can Ugandans lack clean drinking water, electricity, fuel, modern health services, a proper education system, and basic consumer goods and people in the diaspora decide to continue looking on, living your homeland brothers and sisters in such a deplorable situation? Ugandans in the diaspora let us fully get involved in Uganda’s efforts for political change. It is our obligation to take part in the struggle against the oppressive Museveni’s administration. Let us, therefore, work together to overthrow Museveni but, we will need a very long healing therapy after his overthrow because Ugandans live in hell in our own motherland.

Fellow Ugandans in the diasporas, the time has come now for people in the diaspora to find a cure against Museveni’s evils. He is a figure of disorder and the most mendacious President in the History of Uganda. Unfortunately, he has passed on those evil acts onto Ugandans by using his tendency of turning people into his personality. Indeed, he must expect his consequences. Museveni’s evil genius of his ability to always tell lies, denying what he says, creating conflicts among people, have made him the hero of his own bad government and we now have to find remedies to stop him from continuing misleading Uganda.  We cannot just look on and accept his barbaric actions to continue spreading in our motherland. We have seen enough of his regime and for sure no amount of words can describe the enormous wickedness; extreme criminality, cruelty, and other horrible situations Ugandans have witnessed since Museveni became a president of a country for which he does not even have any roots of attachment. Much as Museveni has recruited a number of Rwandese and other foreigners in the army just to protect himself in power, let us be courageous enough to stop what is happening in our Uganda because no country will come to our rescue if we dont step out of our comfort zone to join hands with NUP to do the needful.

Lovely Ugandans in the diaspora, let us be the Vanguard of a revolution in Uganda. Your contribution towards the struggle will help Ugandans, in stopping disrespecting human rights and finally yield into getting rid of Museveni’s authoritarian regime that has dominated our country for 35 years. I can assure you that, if we contribute wholeheartedly in the struggle of liberating our country we shall, of course, achieve what we want Uganda to be. What we need to have amongst ourselves is mutual cooperation.  I know some Ugandans are not interested whatsoever in Ugandan affairs. But please, my humble request is; let us get interested in Ugandan affairs because Uganda is our country. Let us work together to see how we can stop Museveni from continuing to ruin our country because he doesn’t have any vision for Uganda and he has never had any vision for our country being a foreigner from Rwanda. Dear countrymates, let us have a nostalgia that is inextricably linked to the independence struggle of our country Uganda. I know some of you might now say as you are reading this article that Uganda is independent. Allow me to make it clear to you that; our country is in captivity. We are not independent at all. Ugandans are not free that is the reason why we need to fight tooth and nail to free Ugandans from Rwandese who use Uganda to develop their country. It is no longer a secret because that is even why we have Rwandese generals in the Ugandan army, who travel to whatever place they want using Ugandan passports. It is very sad for our country and it is our duty to stop it.

Sons and daughters of Ugandan territory in the diaspora it is time to mobilize all the Ugandans whom you live with outside Uganda, to stand patriotically and get aligned as people of the same nation in the struggle of liberating Uganda because our country is a mess. We need to clean up the dirt with all our patriotic feelings in solidarity for change.  Most of you who are in diasporas, have seen and also enjoyed the democratic environments in which you live. But why don’t we really work hard to make it also happen in our country? Let us get rid of Museveni before he makes Uganda a pariah state. To define what a pariah state is, it is a nation considered to be an outcast in the international community. A pariah state may face international isolation, sanctions, or even an invasion by nations which find its policies, actions, or existence unacceptable. Museveni has done a lot of bad things not only in Uganda but also in the neighbouring countries. So, people who live in the diaspora we really need your support to save Uganda before it is considered to be a pariah state.

Ugandans in the diaspora I really don’t know why you underestimate your strength in overthrowing dictator Museveni? You really have the potential to revolutionize Uganda, instead of cementing power for the worst authoritarian regime like some members in the diaspora are trying to do, through Ugandan North American Association – (UNAA), which was founded in 1988 calling itself the oldest and largest Ugandan diaspora organization. Such organizations are doing nothing about Museveni’s bad regime but instead keep on receiving taxpayers’ money from Museveni, in disguise of supporting UNAA but which money is used to spy on Ugandans who live abroad to enable Museveni to prolong his stay in power. To me, I get perturbed when seeing UNAA wrongly calling itself the most influential and well-organized body in the diaspora but, it cannot even comment on the bad things Museveni is doing in our country simply because he gives UNAA money

Fellow compatriots who live in the diasporas, I think you have meticulously read my article and I believe you will have a second thought about our country. I now want to end this article by requesting you to ponder over these seven questions below?

1-Brothers and sisters who live in the diasporas, when will you stop providing survival to your relatives in Uganda who live in Museveni’s unsustainable economic, social, and political regime?

2- Ugandans who live in the diasporas and have never contributed anything towards the struggle and even those who were active but left the struggle or were bought by a Rwandese man Museveni! Why don’t you have Uganda at heart?

3-Fellow Ugandans, why don’t you feel proud of being Ugandans much as a number of you have been naturalized?

4-Do you really think that holding other countries’ passports can make you forget and completely desert your country of origin?

5-Why should we allow Museveni, a foreigner to deprive Ugandans of their liberty?

6-Why do we allow Museveni to make Ugandans live under a regime of segregation and terror in which Ugandans are killed, tortured day and night even not sparing innocent children?

7-Don’t you think dear Ugandans who live in the diasporas that it is the time to pledge ourselves to radically transform our nation in the direction of the rule of law?

Conclusively, do not forget that you are what you are because of Uganda your birthplace. Therefore, change begins with you.





                                   LIVING IN HELL WITH MONSTERS

Tears and anxiety are in every region in Uganda.

Death is near everybody.

What has become of Uganda today?

The situation is unbearable in Uganda

Due to a Rwandese origin man Museveni.

He does not ponder over the pain

Uganda citizens go through.

He does not think about the suffering

through the struggle Ugandans face.

He does not care about the emotional stress

Uganda nationals encounter.

Why is the devil in our country?

Why did it come to make Ugandans suffer?

It is less concerned about the financial stress

which gives Ugandans sleepless nights.

It does not mind about the depression

which has made Ugandans

look like threadbare rugs.

Thirty-five years in power! where

are the revolutionaries?

Let us come together to get

rid of the intruders.

Who came to Uganda with their selfish motives.

They are extremely wicked and cruel.

It is time to get rid of them.

Those shameless black-hearted villains.

They have impoverished us.

They have made us hate one another.

They have halted our ambitions.

We don’t have a future in our own land.

They have ceased our expectations.

We are emotionally traumatized.

Living in fear and sadness.

Our grain store of memories grumbles,

while our minds swim

in the sea of thoughts.

Thinking about Musevenis’

devastation in Uganda, Oceans of tears

wet our beds laying helplessly

The solution to getting rid of the devil is Unity.

Merciless Museveni Kills Ugandans.

Every second!

Every minute!

Every day!

Every year!

Museveni with only eight letters of Alphabets!

Killing! Killing!  Babies, young ones, and elders

all devoured by the bloodsucker Museveni.

Who shall then lead Uganda tomorrow?

Young trees make the forest firm.

Orphans in Uganda are like solitary trees.

You used Idiots as Madame teacher Namboze calls them,

Who believe in Musevenism stop accepting his bribes

Have shame, patriotism, and morals.

It is time to repent for the worst situation you

have put Uganda into, with a strange, horrible, 

extremely wicked cruel Rwandese foreigner Museveni.


                 FOR GOD AND MY COUNTRY.


I wish to humbly and kindly request the European Union, the UK, and the Americans to stop fueling the ongoing genocide in Uganda. It is mindboggling to us Ugandans, for you to always give your citizens’ taxpayers’ money to Museveni which he uses to slaughter innocent Ugandans. You have been giving Museveni a colossal amount of money on top of lending him since 1986 which is now a period of 35 years. But unfortunately, that money does not do the intended projects to boost Uganda’s development. It is instead channeled into Museveni’s family, friends, and cronies. Much of it is used for Museveni to cling himself to power buying useless ammunitions and teargas to silence peoples’ will for democracy.

You may ask about the position I do hold in Uganda to have the audacity of requesting you to stop giving money to Museveni? I am one of those responsible Ugandan citizens who want both; change and development for Uganda. I do believe that struggling for democracy is a civilizational element. Having said that, allow me to remind you something I am sure you know and see; As you look forward to continuing funding devil Museveni who has been in power for 35 years, on top of the rigged elections better know that Ugandans are crying at your expense, kindly stop funding dictators Museveni across the globe.

My country mates who live in Uganda and the diaspora, I urge you to ponder over Nelson Mandela’s words. “There is no easy walk to freedom anywhere, and many of us will have to pass through the valley of the shadow of death again and again before we reach the mountaintop of our desires.” Whenever I look at that statement, it gives me a strong feeling that every Ugandan’s responsibility is to fight for our democracy. Let us, therefore, demand our democracy from Museveni’s rotten heartless regime. Dear the European Union, the UK, and the Americans, allow me to vividly let you know that it is so sad that disgraced devil Museveni was sworn in again on the 12th/May/2021 as an illegal president considering the way how the elections were carried out in Uganda. That means that our country is now in a time of uncertainty crisis. That is the reason why we Ugandans earnestly request the West and the Americans to cooperate with us by stopping funding Museveni so that we can get rid of him. Please the European Union, the UK, and the Americans help Ugandans by not giving Museveni more money to avoid what is happening in Syria, Palestine, and Israel because you are just turning a deaf ear but you know very well that Museveni’s swearing-in, has made Ugandans enter the toughest and deadliest term of office, in a Uganda that is ravaged by the cruelty and incompetence of Museveni’s administration whom without any shame from your side you want to continue being a Ugandan president yet, you very well know that, a man who was sworn in, never respected the will of Ugandans which was heard through Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu, but unfortunately devil Museveni changed what came out of the elections. The European Union, the UK, and the Americans also know that Museveni has never been a leader. He is a tyrant. It is very unfortunate for Ugandans to have devil Museveni who commits crimes against humanity to be sworn in as a president. Devil Museveni a bloodsucker, a warmonger, despotic always threatens, tortures, kills, manipulates, bribes, blackmails, uses both; diversions and divide and rule to cling himself to power

Fellow Ugandans, telling the West and the Americans to stop giving money to dictator Museveni will not be enough to overcome the challenge of the devil which was sworn in wrongly. We need to have unity and also take bold actions against an irritant handful of the Rwandese who are ruling Ugandans. Permit me to quote Albert Einstein. “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything” So, my brothers and sisters, let us not lament so much about Museveni’s swearing-in by watching his devilish actions and keep silent viewing the future with indescribable fear and trepidation. We need to act by emulating His Excellency Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu’s example who exposed dictator Museveni in the eyes of the outside world contrary to Kizza Besigye who was in his drama for many years with his close friend Museveni.

The entire world was aware that Museveni rigged the elections in broad daylight but it perplexes to see that countries sent dignitaries to attend Museveni’s fake swearing-in on the12th/May/2020. What does that mean? It means those dignitaries are willing to continue working with him diplomatically and also funding his government which is a great mistake hence requesting them not to do so. In fact, no African president or Members from the EU, UK, and America would have attended Museveni’s swearing-in because I remember very well when I was watching BBC to keenly follow Uganda’s elections. I was surprised when I heard Catherine Byaruhanga a Ugandan BBC correspondent, reporting that the internet was shut down during voting, journalists were not allowed to report legally and a lot of irregularities were witnessed. What does that imply? It implies that Museveni had already planned how to rig the election before even casting the votes. Anyway, I would not be wrong to infer that, as I know Museveni, he must have facilitated the people who were invited to attend his celebration as he, the Bloodsucker, Lucifer did pay the African Union to observe the sham election and also foolishly did confirm that the elections were free and fair

The European Union, the UK, and the Americans, I repeat please, stop giving Museveni money because having him for another term of office which he doesn’t merit is a risk to Ugandan democracy to the extent of even controlling what will be taught in schools, universities and also what will either be watched on television or broadcasted on radio stations. It is so unfortunate that we have some used idiots in the parliament who would rather curry favor with Museveni than protecting Ugandan democracy because those twats want to continue being in office. The reason why they choose that wrong direction is, they are terrified of losing their seats in the parliament since they see politics as their permanent jobs.

In conclusion, I beseech Ugandans who reside in the EU, UK, and United States of America to engage your Senators, Members of the European Parliament (MEP) to push for more sanctions against the Ugandan dictator devil Museveni a non-Ugandan.  We really need your support as our representatives wherever you are, so that there is support whenever Ugandan matters are brought to the plenary session. That will stop abduction, killing, and also unlawful imprisonment of Ugandans. The European Union, the UK, and the United States of America, please kindly adhere to our public outcry to save the precious lives of many Ugandans who deserve their lives like your citizens.