I wish to humbly and kindly request the European Union, the UK, and the Americans to stop fueling the ongoing genocide in Uganda. It is mindboggling to us Ugandans, for you to always give your citizens’ taxpayers’ money to Museveni which he uses to slaughter innocent Ugandans. You have been giving Museveni a colossal amount of money on top of lending him since 1986 which is now a period of 35 years. But unfortunately, that money does not do the intended projects to boost Uganda’s development. It is instead channeled into Museveni’s family, friends, and cronies. Much of it is used for Museveni to cling himself to power buying useless ammunitions and teargas to silence peoples’ will for democracy.

You may ask about the position I do hold in Uganda to have the audacity of requesting you to stop giving money to Museveni? I am one of those responsible Ugandan citizens who want both; change and development for Uganda. I do believe that struggling for democracy is a civilizational element. Having said that, allow me to remind you something I am sure you know and see; As you look forward to continuing funding devil Museveni who has been in power for 35 years, on top of the rigged elections better know that Ugandans are crying at your expense, kindly stop funding dictators Museveni across the globe.

My country mates who live in Uganda and the diaspora, I urge you to ponder over Nelson Mandela’s words. “There is no easy walk to freedom anywhere, and many of us will have to pass through the valley of the shadow of death again and again before we reach the mountaintop of our desires.” Whenever I look at that statement, it gives me a strong feeling that every Ugandan’s responsibility is to fight for our democracy. Let us, therefore, demand our democracy from Museveni’s rotten heartless regime. Dear the European Union, the UK, and the Americans, allow me to vividly let you know that it is so sad that disgraced devil Museveni was sworn in again on the 12th/May/2021 as an illegal president considering the way how the elections were carried out in Uganda. That means that our country is now in a time of uncertainty crisis. That is the reason why we Ugandans earnestly request the West and the Americans to cooperate with us by stopping funding Museveni so that we can get rid of him. Please the European Union, the UK, and the Americans help Ugandans by not giving Museveni more money to avoid what is happening in Syria, Palestine, and Israel because you are just turning a deaf ear but you know very well that Museveni’s swearing-in, has made Ugandans enter the toughest and deadliest term of office, in a Uganda that is ravaged by the cruelty and incompetence of Museveni’s administration whom without any shame from your side you want to continue being a Ugandan president yet, you very well know that, a man who was sworn in, never respected the will of Ugandans which was heard through Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu, but unfortunately devil Museveni changed what came out of the elections. The European Union, the UK, and the Americans also know that Museveni has never been a leader. He is a tyrant. It is very unfortunate for Ugandans to have devil Museveni who commits crimes against humanity to be sworn in as a president. Devil Museveni a bloodsucker, a warmonger, despotic always threatens, tortures, kills, manipulates, bribes, blackmails, uses both; diversions and divide and rule to cling himself to power

Fellow Ugandans, telling the West and the Americans to stop giving money to dictator Museveni will not be enough to overcome the challenge of the devil which was sworn in wrongly. We need to have unity and also take bold actions against an irritant handful of the Rwandese who are ruling Ugandans. Permit me to quote Albert Einstein. “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything” So, my brothers and sisters, let us not lament so much about Museveni’s swearing-in by watching his devilish actions and keep silent viewing the future with indescribable fear and trepidation. We need to act by emulating His Excellency Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu’s example who exposed dictator Museveni in the eyes of the outside world contrary to Kizza Besigye who was in his drama for many years with his close friend Museveni.

The entire world was aware that Museveni rigged the elections in broad daylight but it perplexes to see that countries sent dignitaries to attend Museveni’s fake swearing-in on the12th/May/2020. What does that mean? It means those dignitaries are willing to continue working with him diplomatically and also funding his government which is a great mistake hence requesting them not to do so. In fact, no African president or Members from the EU, UK, and America would have attended Museveni’s swearing-in because I remember very well when I was watching BBC to keenly follow Uganda’s elections. I was surprised when I heard Catherine Byaruhanga a Ugandan BBC correspondent, reporting that the internet was shut down during voting, journalists were not allowed to report legally and a lot of irregularities were witnessed. What does that imply? It implies that Museveni had already planned how to rig the election before even casting the votes. Anyway, I would not be wrong to infer that, as I know Museveni, he must have facilitated the people who were invited to attend his celebration as he, the Bloodsucker, Lucifer did pay the African Union to observe the sham election and also foolishly did confirm that the elections were free and fair

The European Union, the UK, and the Americans, I repeat please, stop giving Museveni money because having him for another term of office which he doesn’t merit is a risk to Ugandan democracy to the extent of even controlling what will be taught in schools, universities and also what will either be watched on television or broadcasted on radio stations. It is so unfortunate that we have some used idiots in the parliament who would rather curry favor with Museveni than protecting Ugandan democracy because those twats want to continue being in office. The reason why they choose that wrong direction is, they are terrified of losing their seats in the parliament since they see politics as their permanent jobs.

In conclusion, I beseech Ugandans who reside in the EU, UK, and United States of America to engage your Senators, Members of the European Parliament (MEP) to push for more sanctions against the Ugandan dictator devil Museveni a non-Ugandan.  We really need your support as our representatives wherever you are, so that there is support whenever Ugandan matters are brought to the plenary session. That will stop abduction, killing, and also unlawful imprisonment of Ugandans. The European Union, the UK, and the United States of America, please kindly adhere to our public outcry to save the precious lives of many Ugandans who deserve their lives like your citizens.