Rigging of the 2021 elections

On 16 January the Electoral Commission announced the results that president Museveni has requested for. In this blogpost we will be explaining how they rigged the election.

As a scientist I request that the reader asks him or herself a number of questions.

  1. Why would the Ugandan government shutdown the internet if it wants to organize transparent elections?
  2. Why were voters chased away from polling stations if the government is confident they have the majority?
  3. Why were agents from NUP & other parties chased away?
  4. Why were agents hunted down, tortured and their copies of DORs destroyed?
  5. Why weren’t opposition parties allowed to campaign?
  6. Why weren’t opposition parties allowed access to radio & TV?
  7. Why were so many journalists & election experts expelled from the country?
  8. Why did the military & police had to intimidate their own people on a day that is supposed to be the celebration of democracy?
  9. Why weren’t observers from European Union not invited like in 2016?
  10. Why is Electoral Commission announcing the president to be the winner without providing a breakdown of how they got to that result?

There are many, many more questions to ask yourself, but a very important one is:

Which country in the world has voted for 35 years for the same person to be president, given that the country is one of the poorest of Africa?

Starting with the last question; there is simply no democratic country in the world that voted for 35 years for the same president, even if it’s a rich country. According to Freedom House, an organisation that rates countries across the globe for amount of Freedom, Uganda scores 34/100; it is qualified as “Not free”.

Another fundamental question:

Why is Ugandan government organising elections at all?

Uganda doesn’t organise elections because Museveni believes in democratic elections. Museveni came to power through a war after he had lost elections. The book “How to rig an election” by Nic Cheeseman explains a lot of reasons why dictatorships organise elections. One is justification. Using elections they can justify their power.

When you are popular, then having elections does not cause any problems. But Museveni has lost a lot of support of Ugandans in recent years. And with the rise of Bobi Wine they found a favorite candidate of their own generation. Talking to Ugandans it was clear to me that Kyagulanyi had a lot of support; I rarely encountered a Museveni supporter. But as a scientist I know the danger of bias… [still typing]

11 thoughts on “Rigging of the 2021 elections”

  1. Sure thanks comrade for your keen observations, we do appreciate your efforts and hope one day, we shall live in a free and fair Uganda.
    Your observations are worth noting, and to assert the reality here in Uganda, over 90% of the polling agents have been beaten up, their homes vandalized and the property is taken by state agents, those that are found at home, obviously some are dead and others locked up in unknown places, most of the journalists live in hiding in fear that state agents might crack down on them.
    There is much to share comrade… sometimes am short of words to narrate the reality here.

  2. Thanks, Nico, I greatly wonder why they had to stop, intimidate, torture, and kill some opposition members especially Kyagulanyi yet the elections were to be rigged. I mean who does that?

  3. Uganda is tired of museveni. Our duly elected presiden of Uganda is Kyagulany Sentamu Robert.
    Having rigged the elections, museveni is carrying out a silent genocide in uganda. We ask the international community to intervene before it is too late. For God and my country.

  4. The Ugandan electioneering process has been way back manned with a lot of violence, by those previous governments that came into Power since our independence in 1962 being toppled by one by one in couples after couples.
    But the most dangerous violent acts being enforced on the people of Uganda is by the current government of Mr Dictator M7 who has been in Power by use of force and gun rule to his own citizens,
    more especially when citizens demand for their rights, Mr m7 will either kill a citizen and imprison you, for challenging his scenery autocratic tyranny government by silencing all those that are opposed to his state manslaughter government.

    I therefore has a noble citizen of Uganda appeal to UN and other actors of democracy in the world to look at Uganda’s most recent concluded state staged ceremonial elections being organised to woodwick the world that Ugandans also elected another president or dictator M7 into Power.

    At most Mr M7 used the covid-19 pandemic situation to silence the voices of over 30million Ugandans who were ready waiting for a new government of the people but not a military and brutal regime for one family.

    I however assert my voice as a Ugandan citizen of 18years and above and who has a right to veroius freedoms being provided by God and enforced by our various respective governments of jurisdiction of the worlds,
    and such freedoms includes and not limited to freedom of free speech, expression, press and media and other freedoms as thereforth provided in our various constitutions and being guided by UN standards in the democratic world.
    For God and my country
    Congratulations kyagulanyi ssentamu Robert aka #bobiwine.

  5. Having seen the chairperson of the Electoral commission asking his fellow EC attendant are these results really correct?
    It was enough for the public to know that he did everything favor of YOWERI Kaguta Museveni so we as Ugandans we reject this fraud results announced by the Electoral commission

  6. The Ugandan real president elect is Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu AKA Bobi Wine,

  7. All i have to say is that until the western governments stop protecting him then we shall have justice. Russia, America, China etc are all in for their selfish reasons which comes at a cost of humanity. Expose the regim and all its allies so that citizens from those countries see what their money is being used for.. At first it was only people of the northern Uganda region crying out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8boQaql6Ofc. but now the whole country is at its knees. The only way for democracy to prevail is through a civilian taking office. NUP thank you for opening eyes of all Ugandans.

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