Eurovision demonstration

On 18, 20 & 22 May the Netherlands are hosting the Eurovision Song Contest. The festival is a celebration of (white) European comradeship. Why else would white colonies like Israel and Australia be participating but other countries not? It’s not co-incidental that all of these countries support the Museveni regime militarily and financially.

France — Teargas

Israel — Guns & training

Russia — Fighter jets

United Kingdom — Training

Netherlands — SUVs & other vehicles

Europe — Money

While the Euroguns countries celebrate their comradeship by having a competition of their musicians, our musicians are in jail, tortured, or under house arrest. Our musician presidential candidate was attacked with a vehicle sponsored by the Dutch government. Although it was reported in the Dutch Volkskrant newspaper, all 150 white Dutch MPs ignored it. Most European governments have congratulated Museveni with rigging elections after he has thrown 1000 of opposition members into jail.

Uganda has been under dictatorship for 35 years, just like Belarus. However, the Belarus struggle is reported every week on the news, but Uganda, as most African news, is a backpage story reported once a year.

There will be hundreds of journalists reporting on the Song Contest, so this festival is a perfect location to explain them about the Ugandan catastrophe, sponsored by their countries.

The song contest is both an online and offline event, and so is our demonstration. Where people from nearby Chapters such as Netherlands, Belgium & Germany are present physically, Ugandans from other parts of the world join online. Especially through Twitter, we will directly address organisers, journalists & artists.

Our request to the organisers: Play a Nubian Li song

Our request to the journalists & artists: Come to our stand to be informed & tweet about it.

Our request to the Western world leaders: Stop funding the Ugandan dictatorship.