Uganda today is in the worst state compared to the past regimes. Ugandans are going through Social-Political stress well planned by Museveni and implemented through government active hostile plans, intended to make indigenous Ugandans succumb to Museveni’s nefarious political chicanery. This has come as a result of the fact that Ugandans are no longer agreeing with the ruling government because Ugandan citizens are demanding Robert Kyagulanyi’s victory. The situation in Uganda is traumatizing. It is so sad to witness a plethora of atrocities being committed on innocent Ugandans, as if those committing the atrocities are the ones who created Ugandans, they are killing everyday. When will such horrible acts stop, which always happens due to Rwandese greed and wickedness! In fact, I feel uncontrollable blind rage about those savage, ferocious, violentRwandese deeds in our country.

I can emphatically and boldly say that it is the regime carrying out the bombings in Uganda to frame up ADF in the first place, and secondly the opposition NUP party. Why I am saying that? It is because Museveni wants to have excuses to solicit support from abroad to keep killing Ugandans. More to that, it is the regime that has access to such weapons which are used to kill the people. In fact, it is very annoying to see countless soldiers and policemen and women, always walking around the city and across the country in every corner. So, one wonders their purpose of being outside their barracks, if they cannot prevent the bomb blasts. Furthermore, it is the dictator, devil Museveni who is in charge of Militia groups that are distorting peace in Uganda. Don’t forget that, that devil once said, I am the master of violence”. Therefore, he does exactly what he says in order to justify his bogus utterances.  All the deliberate killings; Bijambiyas, (machetes/ Pangas,) bomb blasts in Uganda that are happening now are diversions to make NUP members forget to demand President Kyagulany’s victory and above all, to scare Ugandans to make them think that without Museveni Uganda cannot exist. Which is wrong. Can you Imagine, the fools who are ruling us keep on talking stupidly and arrogantly that Police have the right to shoot and kill you Those words were said by, Elly Tumwine during the poorly organized fraudulent violent elections which were held on 14 January 2021. Then, the devil, ruling us(Museveni) swore to finish off Bob wine’s group and Baganda I will kill and finish all Kyagulanyi’s group and Baganda. Can you imagine, how unfair, stupid, unsympathetic, greedy, dangerous, bad, devilish Museveni is? He denied Mr. Kyagulanyi the opportunity to rule the country after winning the elections, and he instead wants to kill and completely get rid of President Kyagulanyi’s supporters and the Baganda who helped him to assume power! Museveni is a disgrace to our country and the worst creature of Uganda’s misfortune. You should know Ugandans that, Col. Felix Abucha, who is one of the deputy leaders of Museveni’s Militia, was idiotically heard talking, displaying a complete lack of feeling for Ugandans For us, we shoot to kill in the head and in the chest is our target It was a shock to hear the would-be one of the respected and responsible mothers of Uganda, Justine Lumumba Kasule the current Secretary-General of the National Resistance Movement, doltishly uttering The state will shoot you and also kill your childrenWhat has become the Uganda of today? Do we really have leaders? Or the country is in the hands of pigs and Idiots? Now, if you hear the Ugandan leaders uttering such barbaric words, can you really deny that all the recent killings and the bombings in Uganda are planned by those pigs/Idiots in power?

Fellow Patriots, the more we keep quiet, mourn our dead and bury them, the bloodsuckers will think that it is normal to kill someone and walk away. Instead of the international community making Museveni accountable for his perpetual killings, they just let him be famous as their puppet, getting away with the killings he has been masterminding since the 70s. This is excruciating. We have to hold Museveni accountable with his click of a few Rwandese plus his henchmen who pretend to be Ugandans. My brothers and sisters who are in the struggle, I want to encourage you never to Compromise with the devilish regime. Stay focused on the agenda of fighting for democracy and rule of law because Ugandans have suffered a lot. Therefore, it is time to get rid of Uganda’s problem who is the Rwandese, Museveni. All the deliberate killings; Bijambiyas, (machetes/ Pangas,) bomb blasts in Uganda that are happening now are diversions to make NUP members forget to demand President Kyagulany’s victory and above all, to scare Ugandans by making them think that without Museveni Uganda cannot exist.

I want to make it clear that, Museveni is a Vampire. I precisely call him a Vampire because; he has continuously done incredible, cruel, and evil acts on innocent Ugandans. That monstrous Museveni has done that outrageous evil of killing Ugandans for over a period of 42 years, altogether if one adds the years he spent in the bush, claiming to be fighting Amin and Obote who were killing Ugandans, yet he was the cause of the killings because, he, himself was the one killing Ugandans, in disguise of the then ruling presidents, whom he wanted to tarnish the image of their governments. Indeed, Museveni has done his barbaric actions for a very long period of time, through his henchmen; mostly those of Rwandese origin who are uncivilized, violent, wicked, savage, sadist the list is endless.  The Bavandume who are ruling our country with an iron hand have forgotten that Ugandans are more important than the silly, shaking regime they are protecting, which has deprived the citizens of their democracy. But the fact is their days are numbered although they keep on intimidating everyone. It is so sad to see that whenever Ugandans try to promote the struggle, the always scared government, just pulls out guns and any other explosives to prevent citizens from demanding freedom. It is, therefore, up to us Ugandans not to continue acting cowardly even if the current regime uses arrogance, intimidation, and brutal acts like the ongoing bomb blasts in the country

It is time to rise up to have our country back, into our hands, or else we shall continue cursing day and night. I have been hearing a number of Ugandans, wondering why the international community, does not intervene in our struggle! I can assure you that, if we, Ugandans do not take the initiative in the struggle, no one is going to come to our rescue. Stop thinking in the international community. Fellow Ugandans, you should know that some countries that make up the international community, you are counting on to help us put an end to Museveni’s governance, have publically depicted rare and unforgettable hypocrisy because they instead, give him aid to continue terrorizing Ugandans for their own interests. It is the time to feel infuriated, and close Bavandume’s chapter in Uganda. We are being ruled by those monstrous creatures that do not have any vision for Ugandans. Those Vampires use some narrow-minded people, to fulfill their goals and aims. As you see the situation in Uganda, Museveni is preparing his son to also rule Uganda! My countrymates, get to know that, the offspring of a snake is a snake, what do you expect Muhoozi to do, when he assumes power? He might even be worse than his father.

Conclusively, Museveni must stop fooling Ugandans about the ongoing horror bomb attacks in the country, which he links to the innocent Muslim clerics, al Shabaab, and ADF. What about the atrocities which are being committed in broad daylight? Who is responsible for them? Should we also say, that it is ADF, Muslim clericals, and al Shabaab? Ugandans the following have to be held responsible for the ongoing atrocities in Uganda instead of ADF, Muslim clericals, and al Shabaab. These are; devil Museveni, Mugisha Muntu, Elly Tumwine, Tinyefunza, Jim Muhwezi, Kalekyezi Kayihura, Amama Mbabazi, Henry Tumukunde, Muhoozi Kainerugaba, Kizza Besigye…. It is a long list and surely Ugandans know all those individuals who have always worked in close collaboration with Museveni to fulfill his dangerous political ideologies. The 50 years Hima-Tutsi Master plan is at the forefront.