The return of Fred Kajubi Lumbuye

The return of Fred Kajubi Lumbuye also known as Chemical Ali:

Opened with a prayer by a child who prayed for his protection,provision and that of the people of Uganda.
Sent condolences to the King of Buganda who has just lost his mother (Maama Namasole Margaret Nagawa Siwoza) who raised him;

  • all Ugandans who have lost loved ones;
    -The Orthodox church for losing Bishop Yoana Lwanga;
    -to the people of Northern Uganda and the family of the he late Paul Loketch an NRM soldier;
    -to the family and friends of Pecos Kuteesa whose death was predicted.

*Fred Lumbuye thanked everyone who helped him. He mentioned a few names, but couldn’t disclose some for safety reasons. Some people were attacked because of him, he indicated that there was a lot of misinformation, miscommunication and mistrust and he apologised for the inconveniences caused by his arrest and requested all those who may have fought against each other to apologise and pull together. Fred also said he will not attack anyone who betrayed / wronged him in anyway including those who were paid to hurt him because the problem is Museveni.
Note :
Fred reminded Oryem who was misguided by Museveni that Museveni was among those who killed his (Oryem’s) father and should not be given a chance to divide Ugandans.

*Peter Elweru, is responsible for the 100s of killings in Kasese 5 years ago, he should be careful, there is a plan for him to be assassinated, because he knows too much and may give evidence against Museveni in the ICC where he is wanted.

*Indeed the Chinese are taking over Entebbe airport. Museveni to to China!
Janet & Kuteesa went to China to sign the agreement without consulting the Ugandan parliament, which is against the Ugandan constitution. Janet instructed the Uganda National Examination Board to add Chinese to the curriculum of Uganda.

Since Ugandans voted for Kyagulanyi, Chinese must know that Ugandans will not pay their debt because the agreement China made was with an illegitimate government.Museveni is not Uganda’s president.

*People in Karamaja are being killed. Lumbuye showed a video recording showing people who were attacked in which we see UPDF soldiers stealing cows. They kill you and they take your cows; people from Karamoja are killed daily.
Marble is being taken from Karamoja.
Fred ‘s arrest advertised the crimes carried out by Museveni’s government, a blessing in disguise. Museveni will pay for his crimes against humanity.

*EU countries, Britain and USA should stop supporting Museveni. Museveni spends a lot of money on spies internationally. There was a spy working for the UK Home office and many asylum cases were rejected because of his influence. There are some spies in the UK parliament who were given property (which was bought by Idi Amin); Winnie Byanyima spies for Museveni in UN; there are Spies in America etc who are poisoning opposition supporters to the Ugandan government.
These spies are paid money, gold,oil etc and this is why Museveni is still supported by the colonial masters. These international spies hold positions in various international institutions/ bodies and defend him.

*ADF is faked by Museveni and he even paid Al Jazeeri news to publish articles supporting his views/ claims and propaganda. The ADF leader is on Museveni’s pay roll. He is in Luzira prison during the day, but free at night.
Museveni sent the army to Congo last month without consulting parliament which is against the Ugandan constitution. Many Congolese have been killed in Eastern Congo.

Museveni has paid Al Jazeera news to promote his propaganda.
The recent bombings in Kampala were planned by the regime (ISO, CMI) under Museveni’s instructions. Museveni plan to go to Congo is to stage Muslims he has trained, wear NUP attire and berets, with NUP membership cards . The plan is to shoot them and use Aljazeera to publish the story and falsely implicate Kyagulanyi to be behind these atrocities. They will try to frame Kyagulanyi using Al Jazeera with the hope of tarnishing Kyagulanyi’s name globally.

Museveni controls Burundi, Rwanda, South Sudan, Congo, Central African Republic


  • Ugandans must unite and work towards removing the dictator ,Museveni the root cause of all the problems Ugandans are facing currently. Don’t allow yourselves to be bribed by Museveni and his family to hurt Ugandans.
  • Kyagulanyi should change the diaspora leadership, quickly; the principal should listen to people’s problem . Some people pretend to be NUP but have been compromised and are paid by the NRM government, hence Kyagulanyi must reshuffle his team.


It is either pigs or idiots that are ruling Uganda. This is true without reasonable doubt that it is both; pigs and idiots who are in charge of the country. But it baffles me to always hear the words pigs and Idiots as one of Museveni’s preferred vocabularies he uses to address the Nation. It makes me really wonder whether he also includes himself among those pigs and idiots which have put Uganda in a disarray? A country that is not ruled by pigs and idiots plays an important part in shaping and nurturing not only its citizens but also the future growth and development of the country. But in a country like Uganda where the pigs and idiots have deviated from the path of our country which used to be based on honesty, responsibility, national unity, democracy, and human rights is now impossible to think about growth and development in Uganda. That is why Uganda is in a total mess coupled with inexplicable deplorable situations. 

Is Uganda being ruled by pigs?
Maybe Ugandans are being ruled by Idiots!

Another question which I am not sure of is; whether Museveni refers to (PIGS) as People in Government security, him being the man on top of all security organs in Uganda, or he refers to the pigs in the photo above? I opine that he means both because indeed we have a number of pigs in Museveni’s government. Anyway. About the word idiots, I also don’t know if the Muvandume Museveni always refers to the Greeks’ theory which explains the three types of people on the planet earth; The idiots, the tribesmen, and the citizens. For more details about those three types of people, you may read the link at the end of this article. However, The Greeks propounded that using the word idiot, did not mean being mentally deficient but rather being self-centered and selfish. I would give respect to the proponents of the theory, and slightly give more information to the original definition of the well-endowed masters of content, by saying that, apart from an idiot being self-centered and selfish, he/ she is also of low intelligence. It should be noted that there are a lot of people in Museveni’s government who are of very low intelligence which is reflected in Uganda’s current situation because those idiots and pigs are just interested in killing Ugandans rather than planning for the country.

The people Museveni runs the government with, do and say things beyond one’s imagination and you wonder whether they are fit to be called human beings! In fact, most of them if not all, do not know the role they have to play in the government but their eyes and mind are fixated on only money and how they can continue making Museveni a life president so that they don’t lose their bread. Unless the pigs and idiots that are ruling us understand their role in Uganda, there will be no meaningful contribution towards the wellbeing of Ugandans and our country. The pigs and idiots cannot think of promoting projects that benefit every Ugandan citizen but instead will do their best to promote their families and friends in disregard of the citizens who pay taxes. Museveni’s government is full of pigs, idiots, and tribesmen. There is, therefore, a need to orient the tribesmen for them to change their perspective about our country. And for the idiots and pigs, they need a lot of training and constant enforcing of the law to become better citizens. It is a shame for the international community to keep silent when Museveni with his pigs and idiots kill Ugandans like it was in Europe when Hitler and his Nazi Germans committed atrocities on the Jewish people in Europe. In fact, credit should be given to the younger man his Excellency Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu for the tenacity and resilience he has exhibited under the brutal attacks of both; Museveni’s pigs and idiots something intended of course to silent the president-elect.

Dear Ugandans, we have faced all levels of humiliations, inside and outside Uganda, but my question is? Why should we succumb to such humiliations? Let us come together and say to the pigs and idiots that, enough is enough. We are being humiliated because the pigs and idiots possess the might of a gun as well as our Ugandan wealth. Therefore, in order to stop such injustice and humiliations, we have to put our heads together and get rid of the pigs and idiots. It is Outrageous to see that, there is no genuine democracy and human rights in our country. In this era of political extremism, the courts of law would be Uganda’s last line of defense for our rights and freedom. But, to our dismay, the head of pigs and idiots filled all the courts of law, with his breed in order to oppose transparent and productive human rights. It is evident that the pigs and idiots are not aware of the fact that; we Ugandans are the stakeholders of our country. The head prefect of the farm, Museveni, always arrogantly keeps on referring to Ugandan resources, as his own property. He is on record saying “my oil, my Gold, my army to cite but a few examples, yet the Army is called; Uganda Peoples’ Defense (UPDF). The pigs’ head boy (Sabavandume) has to know that, we Ugandans are not his subjects, to make us not have our constitutional rights. He, as the leader of the pigs and his idiots, should know that we are Ugandan citizens, who deserve our full rights in our God-given country.

Fellow countrymates, it is vital to sacrifice time to come together as Ugandans to devise means and ways with the intention of stopping the ruling pigs and idiots from continuing messing up Uganda. I want to be clear to you patriots that there is no better way to do it other than uniting as Ugandans irrespective of our tribes, gender, color, religion, sex orientationsIt is time to deal with the pigs and idiots to prevent them from helping their master to advance his plans and ideologies of Rwandese supremacists a plan which is in line with annexing Uganda to Rwanda.

It is unfortunate to witness episodes of atrocities day and night coupled with countless undemocratic scenarios. Those Ugandans were killed in Ntoroko district located west of the Rwenzori Mountains. I can’t understand why the pigs and idiots are interested in blood.
There are indeed a lot of Ugandans who have never gotten justice after inflicting psychological and physically unbearable torture on them. As a result, this has led to long-term physical effects which include scars as evidenced in the photo, headaches, musculoskeletal pains, foot pains, hearing loss, dental pain, visual problems, abdominal pains, cardiovascular/respiratory problems, sexual difficulties, and neurological damage. In general, the pigs and idiots that are ruling us have caused the victims of torture, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and depression which really take many years for the victims of torture to recover
We all know that roads are very important for the development of any country because they Connect different cities and towns and even villages. In other words, roads serve as a very important means for vehicles and people to travel from one place to another. However, it is heartbreaking to see the situation in which all roads are in Uganda both; in the main cities and in the villages. The roads in Uganda are deathtraps. In fact, we have lost a number of people in accidents due to bad roads because the pigs and idiots that are in power do not care.
The pigs and idiots in power do not care about our roads. But it is surprising on one hand and very annoying on the other for donor countries IMF, and the world bank to continue giving them money!
The pigs and idiots in power do not care about our roads. But it is surprising on one hand and very annoying on the other for donor countries IMF, and the world bank to continue giving them money!
Water is life and there can be no life on earth without water since it is our precious resource for survival in our daily life. But it perplexes to see that the pigs and idiots can’t provide clean water to the citizens of Uganda especially in villages where those pigs and idiots fought to seize power. It is so sad to witness animals sharing the same water ponds with those village dwellers. Imagine for more than a decade the pigs and idiots have been in power have totally failed to make sure that all the people in the country need to be provided with clean water
We the oppressed Ugandans, are telling the master of pigs and idiots to respect human rights and the lives of Ugandans because we deserve a better system that respects the rule of law and constitutionalism. The fact that Karamoja region is endowed with a vast array of metallic and industrial minerals that have the potential to be developed commercially as  A 2011 survey confirmed that the region contains over 50 minerals including gold, limestone, uranium, marble, graphite, gypsum, iron, wolfram, nickel, copper, cobalt, lithium,  tin among others, nowadays, the government pigs and idiots kill Ugandans in Karamoja as depicted in the phots below because they are determined to take their land which is full of the mentioned minerals.
The government pigs and idiots kill Ugandans in Karamoja as depicted in the photo because they are determined to take their land which is full of the above-mentioned minerals.
The government pigs and idiots kill Ugandans in Karamoja as depicted in the photo because they are determined to take their land which is full of the above-mentioned minerals.

The government pigs and idiots kill Ugandans in Karamoja as depicted in the photo because they are determined to take their land which is full of the above-mentioned minerals.

The government pigs and idiots kill Ugandans in Karamoja as depicted in the photo because they are determined to take their land which is full of the above-mentioned minerals.

The government pigs and idiots kill Ugandans in Karamoja as depicted in the photo because they are determined to take their land which is full of the above-mentioned minerals.

In conclusion, I would love to greatly thank Ugandans in the diaspora on one hand, and also those at home on the other, for exposing the atrocities Museveni’s pigs and idiots have committed in Uganda. Nevertheless, I would kindly like to beg the American government, Britain, Israel, China, and some EU countries, to completely stop working with the pigs and idiots that are ruling Uganda. Failure to do so will depict that you do not mind about the lives of innocent Ugandans who are dying like insects under the hands of Murderer Museveni.



Uganda today is in the worst state compared to the past regimes. Ugandans are going through Social-Political stress well planned by Museveni and implemented through government active hostile plans, intended to make indigenous Ugandans succumb to Museveni’s nefarious political chicanery. This has come as a result of the fact that Ugandans are no longer agreeing with the ruling government because Ugandan citizens are demanding Robert Kyagulanyi’s victory. The situation in Uganda is traumatizing. It is so sad to witness a plethora of atrocities being committed on innocent Ugandans, as if those committing the atrocities are the ones who created Ugandans, they are killing everyday. When will such horrible acts stop, which always happens due to Rwandese greed and wickedness! In fact, I feel uncontrollable blind rage about those savage, ferocious, violentRwandese deeds in our country.

I can emphatically and boldly say that it is the regime carrying out the bombings in Uganda to frame up ADF in the first place, and secondly the opposition NUP party. Why I am saying that? It is because Museveni wants to have excuses to solicit support from abroad to keep killing Ugandans. More to that, it is the regime that has access to such weapons which are used to kill the people. In fact, it is very annoying to see countless soldiers and policemen and women, always walking around the city and across the country in every corner. So, one wonders their purpose of being outside their barracks, if they cannot prevent the bomb blasts. Furthermore, it is the dictator, devil Museveni who is in charge of Militia groups that are distorting peace in Uganda. Don’t forget that, that devil once said, I am the master of violence”. Therefore, he does exactly what he says in order to justify his bogus utterances.  All the deliberate killings; Bijambiyas, (machetes/ Pangas,) bomb blasts in Uganda that are happening now are diversions to make NUP members forget to demand President Kyagulany’s victory and above all, to scare Ugandans to make them think that without Museveni Uganda cannot exist. Which is wrong. Can you Imagine, the fools who are ruling us keep on talking stupidly and arrogantly that Police have the right to shoot and kill you Those words were said by, Elly Tumwine during the poorly organized fraudulent violent elections which were held on 14 January 2021. Then, the devil, ruling us(Museveni) swore to finish off Bob wine’s group and Baganda I will kill and finish all Kyagulanyi’s group and Baganda. Can you imagine, how unfair, stupid, unsympathetic, greedy, dangerous, bad, devilish Museveni is? He denied Mr. Kyagulanyi the opportunity to rule the country after winning the elections, and he instead wants to kill and completely get rid of President Kyagulanyi’s supporters and the Baganda who helped him to assume power! Museveni is a disgrace to our country and the worst creature of Uganda’s misfortune. You should know Ugandans that, Col. Felix Abucha, who is one of the deputy leaders of Museveni’s Militia, was idiotically heard talking, displaying a complete lack of feeling for Ugandans For us, we shoot to kill in the head and in the chest is our target It was a shock to hear the would-be one of the respected and responsible mothers of Uganda, Justine Lumumba Kasule the current Secretary-General of the National Resistance Movement, doltishly uttering The state will shoot you and also kill your childrenWhat has become the Uganda of today? Do we really have leaders? Or the country is in the hands of pigs and Idiots? Now, if you hear the Ugandan leaders uttering such barbaric words, can you really deny that all the recent killings and the bombings in Uganda are planned by those pigs/Idiots in power?

Fellow Patriots, the more we keep quiet, mourn our dead and bury them, the bloodsuckers will think that it is normal to kill someone and walk away. Instead of the international community making Museveni accountable for his perpetual killings, they just let him be famous as their puppet, getting away with the killings he has been masterminding since the 70s. This is excruciating. We have to hold Museveni accountable with his click of a few Rwandese plus his henchmen who pretend to be Ugandans. My brothers and sisters who are in the struggle, I want to encourage you never to Compromise with the devilish regime. Stay focused on the agenda of fighting for democracy and rule of law because Ugandans have suffered a lot. Therefore, it is time to get rid of Uganda’s problem who is the Rwandese, Museveni. All the deliberate killings; Bijambiyas, (machetes/ Pangas,) bomb blasts in Uganda that are happening now are diversions to make NUP members forget to demand President Kyagulany’s victory and above all, to scare Ugandans by making them think that without Museveni Uganda cannot exist.

I want to make it clear that, Museveni is a Vampire. I precisely call him a Vampire because; he has continuously done incredible, cruel, and evil acts on innocent Ugandans. That monstrous Museveni has done that outrageous evil of killing Ugandans for over a period of 42 years, altogether if one adds the years he spent in the bush, claiming to be fighting Amin and Obote who were killing Ugandans, yet he was the cause of the killings because, he, himself was the one killing Ugandans, in disguise of the then ruling presidents, whom he wanted to tarnish the image of their governments. Indeed, Museveni has done his barbaric actions for a very long period of time, through his henchmen; mostly those of Rwandese origin who are uncivilized, violent, wicked, savage, sadist the list is endless.  The Bavandume who are ruling our country with an iron hand have forgotten that Ugandans are more important than the silly, shaking regime they are protecting, which has deprived the citizens of their democracy. But the fact is their days are numbered although they keep on intimidating everyone. It is so sad to see that whenever Ugandans try to promote the struggle, the always scared government, just pulls out guns and any other explosives to prevent citizens from demanding freedom. It is, therefore, up to us Ugandans not to continue acting cowardly even if the current regime uses arrogance, intimidation, and brutal acts like the ongoing bomb blasts in the country

It is time to rise up to have our country back, into our hands, or else we shall continue cursing day and night. I have been hearing a number of Ugandans, wondering why the international community, does not intervene in our struggle! I can assure you that, if we, Ugandans do not take the initiative in the struggle, no one is going to come to our rescue. Stop thinking in the international community. Fellow Ugandans, you should know that some countries that make up the international community, you are counting on to help us put an end to Museveni’s governance, have publically depicted rare and unforgettable hypocrisy because they instead, give him aid to continue terrorizing Ugandans for their own interests. It is the time to feel infuriated, and close Bavandume’s chapter in Uganda. We are being ruled by those monstrous creatures that do not have any vision for Ugandans. Those Vampires use some narrow-minded people, to fulfill their goals and aims. As you see the situation in Uganda, Museveni is preparing his son to also rule Uganda! My countrymates, get to know that, the offspring of a snake is a snake, what do you expect Muhoozi to do, when he assumes power? He might even be worse than his father.

Conclusively, Museveni must stop fooling Ugandans about the ongoing horror bomb attacks in the country, which he links to the innocent Muslim clerics, al Shabaab, and ADF. What about the atrocities which are being committed in broad daylight? Who is responsible for them? Should we also say, that it is ADF, Muslim clericals, and al Shabaab? Ugandans the following have to be held responsible for the ongoing atrocities in Uganda instead of ADF, Muslim clericals, and al Shabaab. These are; devil Museveni, Mugisha Muntu, Elly Tumwine, Tinyefunza, Jim Muhwezi, Kalekyezi Kayihura, Amama Mbabazi, Henry Tumukunde, Muhoozi Kainerugaba, Kizza Besigye…. It is a long list and surely Ugandans know all those individuals who have always worked in close collaboration with Museveni to fulfill his dangerous political ideologies. The 50 years Hima-Tutsi Master plan is at the forefront.


Was Bakasumba appointed debuty IGP? Something is smelling here….

On Friday 19 November @pesacheck published their rebuttal of the news general Bakasumba is the new deputy Inspector General of Police. At first it looks straightforward fake news, but if you dive into it, it starts to smell.

Our friends at @pesacheck state it was a Facebook post by FreshTV, but the source of this news was way more reputable, state related @ubctvuganda& renowned journalist @DanielLutaaya. It seems unlikely they would publish this without there being some truth in this announcement.(2)

Journalist @daniellutaaya has a history of making statements and withdrawing them days later. On 14 January he tweeted that M7 had received more votes than reg. voters. He was arrested,deleted the tweets,reappeared and claimed ‘Fake News’ (@pesacheck never bothered to check)

One day after his initial tweet, on 14 November @daniellutaaya tweeted that Bakasumba’s appointment was Fake News. His own announcement!! He didn’t provide any explanation, he just deleted the original tweet. We have the screenshot, and this reply shows Daniel did delete a tweet.

Did government reverse at the last moment on it’s decision to appoint Bakasumba deputy IGP? The pesacheck analysis is far from complete.

The term ‘Fake news’ should not be used by Governments who created the news themselves. We are not sure what precisely happened, but transparency of fact-checking requires that Pesacheck tells us the whole story.



I wish to take this opportunity to thank our fellow brother Joseph Ssewungu Gonzaga, a colleague of the same profession, Member of Parliament of Kalungu West above all, a teachers’ die heart who disagreed with the recent directive from the Ministry of Education and Sports about tasking teachers to upgrade to degrees in order to keep in the teaching profession.  Mr. Muyingo himself knows very well what teachers go through in Uganda, but he rather works to please devil Museveni and his useless Minister of education, a wife to the dictator. I want to repeat in this article what brother Joseph Ssewungu Gonzaga emphasized “He is not against teachers getting degrees. But it is not the degrees that determine how a teacher teaches” It is very unfortunate to find academic doctors in Uganda who reason like primary one kids. That is why they always rub shoulders with the dictator who has ruined our system of education since he became a president of a country which he is NOT supposed to rule being a foreigner from Rwanda. Mr. Muyingo has lost a sense of direction since he is working for dictator Museveni, yet he is aware that Museveni doesn’t want Ugandans to receive the quality of education they deserve.

Being a teacher, I totally agree with Mr. Ssewungu when he says clearly that, before putting teachers under duress of obtaining a degree which might even be against their will due to the teachers’ conditions in Uganda, Mr. Muyingo ought to have put in place measures of how the teachers who are willing to obtain degrees can be helped to fulfill the intended aims and objectives of the Ministry of education, instead of threatening or coercing teachers taking advantage of their situation. The teachers are not even sure or there is no guarantee whether they will be paid a salary commensurate to their obtained degrees. Such an incident happened to me. I went back to study and acquired a degree but I instead remained being paid a salary of a diploma teacher (Grade three teacher) like Mr. Ssewungu. There was a friend of mine, whose name I will not mention with whom I studied in the same University, her salary was raised instantly. When I asked her how she managed to do it, she told me “it is easy on condition that your first salary or your first two payments, will be taken by the person who will help you to raise your salary in the ministry”. I totally refused the idea hence, kept on getting a salary of a diploma teacher. Fellow Ugandans do you notice how rotten and corrupt the ministry of education is in particular and Uganda in general?


The Rwandese dictator Museveni has never known that schools and universities act as educational places to improve citizens’ lives as well as develop their social compromise. So, before sending Muyingo to work on directives, Museveni would have made sure that all the teachers who are willing to acquire degrees were to be facilitated to enable them to improve their lives and also develop their social compromise in order to inspire the students the teachers teach to also join the education sector. It is really a shame to force teachers to acquire degrees in this crisis of lockdown and extreme poverty. Where will the teachers get the money to do so? I feel a blind rage as a teacher about how teachers are treated in Uganda and nothing is being done to improve the teachers’ conditions and yet they are the ones who groom the future citizens of tomorrow

Based on the experience I spent teaching in Uganda, I observed that teachers are neither paid enough money nor given their due respect. Some officials in the Ministry of Education which is being headed by an inept Janet Museveni, a wife to the president of a Rwandese origin, use intimidating language to silence teachers who are advocating for their rights. What really used to perturb me, was using head-teachers to harass their fellow human beings. Surprisingly, some of them were also once classroom teachers but, they could hardly handle their colleagues in a respectful manner due to the fact that they work on directives from Museveni through his wife as Muyingo now does to intimidate teachers making them think that a teacher who doesn’t have a degree cannot deliver. This is totally wrong because content delivery depends on a number of factors. Remuneration, being one of them.)

It is a regret for a foreigner, Museveni, to rule our country. That is why we have trees as classrooms

I wonder how the government wakes up to give teachers directives of going back to study without any help from the government! It is known that the current economic situation, cannot even enable a teacher to develop with only their monthly salary because the cost of living increases day by day but teachers’ salaries remain the same. It is mindboggling to hear Heads of schools and Ministry of Education officials telling teachers to engage themselves in income-generating activities without any initial capital. In fact, that is in line with what Mr. Ssewungu addressed before the press that it is better for the government to put in place measures to facilitate teachers in their acquisition of the degrees, the government wants them to have. Instead of the government giving teachers support, Muyingo just gives directives to scare them as usual. No, that must stop. Teachers should be respected and they deserve their respect plus decent pay because they work tirelessly without holidays since Uganda’s system of education is exam-oriented which makes teachers even mark exam papers in holidays up to the time schools reopen.

When it comes to some of the private schools, which are money-oriented, teachers are incredibly exploited. They generally get paid late, and yet they are expected to continue teaching. So, Mr. Muyingo, how do you expect such teachers who are working in such conditions to facilitate their education? Muyingo is aware of the fact that a number of teachers in private schools have a complex situation of NOT being valued as the school values students who pay school fees. That means that a student has more say than a teacher and that makes it really difficult for a teacher to teach professionally. Tell me how a teacher who is not helped by the government will get interested in going back to school to continue being disrespected and also undervalued?

How can a teacher teach in such a crowded room? That is why we need better school structures

Before I conclude, I would first of all wish to advise Mr. Muyingo to tell devil Museveni who is wrongly seated in the chair of the presidency, that it is better for the government to first build modern school structures in the country and also renovate all the schools which are in the bad state especially both; the free Universal Primary and Secondary Education which are indeed free of knowledge, before forcing teachers to go back to school. Secondly, before the government commits itself to telling teachers to go back to school, a syllabus must be designed as Mr. Ssewungu stated. How should that syllabus be designed? By reviewing the existing teacher training materials and also selecting new content to fit in the needs of the intended government’s plans and policies. Thirdly, the government can get a team of curriculum designers, competent and experienced teachers to create learning materials. But still, that will go hand in hand with curriculum review. In addition to the above, if the government is really genuine and wants to help teachers to upgrade and obtain degrees for the betterment of the education sector in the country, there is a need to schedule for teachers depending on the time they get at school since teachers do not have time owing to the fact that they are always required at school. So, that will enable all teachers to be catered for. More to that, which is very crucial, teachers must be facilitated to pursue further studies since it is in the interest of the government to improve the quality of education in the country. They should also be guaranteed that after completion of their studies, they will be earning a salary commensurate to their qualifications. That is my opinion. Nevertheless, any addition is welcome but no subtraction.

Uganda neither has a president nor a minister of education to think about education

In conclusion, the ministry of education has totally collapsed because it is in the wrong hands. Janet Museveni is very incompetent. She does not even qualify to occupy any position of responsibility in Uganda due to the fact that, her qualification calls into question the truth of its originality and authenticity. To make the point clear, the degree she got from Makerere University is a forged one and that is criminality.


Top 5 Uganda government hoaxes

For the military dictatorship it’s crucial they control the media to suppress real news about their crimes. Unfortunately we have to maintain this list of government hoaxes ourselves, because factchecker sites like pesacheck are not interested.

  1. Announcement of 189 al-Shabaab fighters killed in Somalia

Around 22 January Lt.Col Akiki of the UPDF shared a press statement about successes in their fight against al-Shabaab. Many influential media houses ran the story, such as Al Jazeera. A week later the story had to be withdrawn

Full story is here:

Pesacheck was not interested in this story.

2. On 27 December Kasirye Ashraf was shot in the head by security forces.

Frank Senteza rushed to assist him. He was knocked dead by a military vehicle, but the UPDF spokesperson claims he jumped off a speeding car.

An overview of various lies spread by Ugandan government on this matter can be found here:

Pesacheck was not interested in these lies. Interestingly enough, they did run a factcheck whether Ashraf Kasirye is alive, but this is not debated at all!

3. On 3 August 2021 Fred Lumbuye was arrested by Turkish authorities.

According to Ugandan authorities, he was transferred to Uganda, and then to Gulu, as shown by various screenshots taken by Hillary Taylor.


On 8 September the Observer ran the following article:

On 11 September we submitted this article as fake news to Pesacheck. Their response “Your request is outside our verification scope”. Again, Pesacheck doesn’t want to verify Uganda government lies.

The truth is that Fred Lumbuye never left Turkey. On 19 October he was released from detention and he remained in Turkey.

4. Fake Declaration of Results form posted by Electoral Commission

On March 1st the Electoral Commission posted on Facebook & Twitter that a DoR posted by NUP was fake, and they posted the ‘Genuine’ one.

However, professor of democracy Nick Cheeseman soon discovered inconsistencies in the DoR posted by the EC. The votes don’t add up. This even led to a publication in the Continent on 6 March.

The EC never released the results of any investigation. Pesacheck never wrote about the fake DoR shared by the EC.

5. New Vision falsely announced that Eddie Mutwe is going to marry.

After we pointed out this hoax to Pesacheck, they decided to publish:

This list is not even complete, but for sake of time we limit the list to 5.

What is proven is that Uganda government institutions are a large producer of fake news. In case 1 & 2 it were the security forces that spread the fake news. Also the Lumbuye lies (case #3) were spread by the army. In case #4 it was the Electoral Commission that spread a fake Declaration of Results.

Fact check organisation Pesacheck, for unknown reasons, does not want to factcheck most of these lies. (only #5)

How the European Union helps the dictatorship

After the elections of 14 January members of European parliament were disgusted by the rigging of the elections and the violence of the dictatorship. With over 90% mayority they past a resolution calling for an investigation and to take measures against individuals involved in Human Rights violations.

The European commission and the European governments did nothing.

Instead the Italian ambassador had dinner with the biggest human right violator (known at the International Court of Justice in The Hague).

This should be of no surprise to us. It’s the policy of the European Union to maintain warn relations with the violent junta in Kampala.

On 20 November 2020 the Ugandan security forces killed more than a 100 innocent unarmed Ugandans (official death toll: 54) after Bobi Wine had been incarcerated in Luuka. The EU had to come with a statement

The EU called for an independent investigation. “to ensure justice for victims and avoid impunity for the perpetrators”

Nothing happened.

On 8 January, when it became more clear that the government were going to use massive violence during the elections the EU issued another statement.

Moreover, the Ugandan government should ensure law enforcement and security agencies exercise restraint when safeguarding the security of all citizens, including electoral candidates and their supporters, in line with national laws, Uganda’s international human rights commitments and the African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance, while at the same time ensuring the protection of democracy, the robustness of its institutions and rule of law.

What EU was afraid off happened; the security agencies exercised enormous violence. On top of that, EU observers were not given visa.

The EU said nothing. Instead, the head of European delegration told Daily Monitor how well organised the elections were. The EU had to correct that statement.

On 31 May the BBC published a disturbing documentary called “Three killing in Kampala”. outlining how innocent and unarmed Ugandans were killed in a killing spray.

The EU had to come up with another statement.

On 20 August the Ugandan government announced the closure of some 50 NGOs. Yes, indeed the EU came with a statement!

What do all these calls & statements and petitions by the European Union have in common?

Nothing happened.

The EU barked softly and didn’t bite. The dictatorship knows he has nothing to fear from Europe. If he crosses the line, they will just issue another statement.


With all due respect, I want to remind those bodies above that you are lending money to Museveni as an Individual but NOT to Uganda as a country because that money is not used for the intended plans and projects as evidenced by the information about rampant corruption in this article that has existed for a number of years. It is disheartening to witness Uganda being one of the most corrupt countries since devil Museveni became a president in a country which he does not qualify to rule because he is not a Ugandan. There are numerous corruption scandals that have happened since Museveni became a president but nothing serious has ever been done because in most of those scandals if not all, Museveni in particular and his family, in general, have always been involved. That explains why whenever public funds, as well as donors’ funds, is misused no one is accountable. It puts Ugandans down in the dumps to see that, donor countries still give money to Uganda. Which money does not meet its goals and objectives, but rather just end in the pockets of a few individuals making Uganda indebted which will take Uganda a number of years to pay those dates. It really defeats my understanding and ask myself multitudinous questions why donors can’t completely stop dealing with Lumpens and thugs of African dictators like Museveni and his colleagues?

Donor countries, IMF, and the world bank ought to have learned lessons about Museveni and his robbers in the government. To begin with, the stealing of Covid funds. The crooks who rule Uganda decided that all donors should pass their support through the Office of the then Prime Minister Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda. It is mindboggling to hear that the thieves who are ruling us illegally practised their hobby of embezzling government allocated funds. Uganda had received enough help but nothing was done professionally to the Ugandan citizens’ satisfaction. We received US$491.5 million (Approx. Shs1.8trillion) that came from the International Monetary Fund, US$300million (Approx. Shs 1.1trillion) from the World Bank, and US$31.6million (Approx. Shs 115.5billion) from the African Development Fund. The government also received grants from various international partners; including the European Union, USAID, China, and the US worth millions of dollars. But is a big shame that the money which was given to Uganda to tackle the pandemic was embezzled by powerful individuals in the government

In fact, the twats who are ruling us do not have any respect for Ugandans. I could not believe my ears when Museveni made an appeal for public solidarity in support of the health care system that was already in a crisis, due to limited funding. When Ugandan philanthropists gave in all what they had with all their hearts, the wolves in the government which do not care about the citizens’ health, were not ashamed of stealing the money and other things ranging from food, medical supplies to mention but two examples. The Ministry of Health received Shs25 billion from the Emergency and Consolidated Fund, Shs94.1 billion in the supplementary budget, and a lot more but surprisingly, oxygen plants were neither installed nor supplied. Gas Cylinders were not also bought as it had been planned! Because the money was embezzled. What type of government do we really have? Ugandans just survive on God’s mercy. It is unfortunate to see our country being entangled in what I can term as the spider’s web of a blood-stained regime. Ugandans have gotten tired of the whole fraudulent, illegal and bogus system of government. I totally consider it as an evil type of government that has led to the terrible suffering of Ugandans in and outside their country. The government is characterized by enormous abuse of human rights, high levels of corruption, lack of both transparency and accountability. Whenever the mess is done in our country, no one is accountable and surprisingly, Museveni is always ready to defend his criminals since he is also a criminal

I want to vividly inform donor countries, IMF, and the World Bank of the former corruption scandals on top of Covid funds, something which clearly shows that Uganda is in a total mess and it is not logical now to continue lending money to Museveni because Ugandans will NOT be willing to pay those huge amounts of debts that never benefited their country. It hurts and also perplexes us that those corruption scandals are encouraged by Rutabasirwa Museveni himself because he uses them as one of the ways, through which he contains the henchmen he is ruling us with. In fact, corruption scandals are part and parcel of his political game to contain his henchmen. If you look back into Museveni’s Mafia government, it portrays that corruption has worked for the Rwandese origin president in Uganda, something he has used deliberately to keep himself in power for over 35 years.

I highly doubt whether donor countries, IMF and the World Bank have Uganda at heart or they just ONLY want to gratify their interests at the expense of the suffering of Ugandan citizens. You very well know that your man Museveni does not want to hear anything related to freedom of speech and human rights, and his government is also characterized by; a grand-scale theft of public funds and corruption, involving public officials at all levels of society, as well as a widespread of political patronage systems, based on of nepotism, tribalism, threats, and killing of innocent citizens, especially those who are opposing him. But you go ahead to corroborate with him to enable him to use the money you give him, which money he uses in corruption, as one of his political weapons to make him rule for so long.

Dear donor countries, IMF, and the World Bank it is on record that, Uganda has got a number of corruption scandals which even involve top high government officials for example; the former Vice-President, Gilbert Bukenya, the former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi, and former state minister for works and transport, John Byabagambi, were once implicated in the mismanagement of billions of public funds meant for the 2007 CHOGM summit, but up today nothing was reached upon. What does that mean? It means that people have accumulated unexplainable wealth, under Museveni’s regime and they don’t even want this murderer to leave power. Others implicated were; ministers John Nasasira, Mwesigwa Rukutana and Isaac Musumba. Although Parliament had allocated sh270b to the summit, the Auditor General discovered that more than sh370b was spent. And surprisingly, the figures went up to sh500b after the parliamentary accounts committee grilled those who spent the funds. But there was nothing done up today. That is why I humbly ask donor countries, IMF, the world bank, and the European Union, surely what is your intention of funding Museveni to still be the president after seeing such a high level of corruption? Kindly have both; some shame and mercy on Ugandans please, by stopping working with dictator Museveni

There was also a scandal about global Fund 2008 At the time of investigations, $10m (sh25b) was missing, although some sources put the figure at $37 (sh95.8b). That money was meant for malaria and tuberculosis drugs programs. The scandal resulted in sucking the former health minister Jim Muhwezi, and his then deputies Mike Mukula and Alex Kamugisha. Surprisingly, their wealth was not confiscated by the government which would have been the best thing to do. Under normal circumstances, their sucking did not make any sense because there were no further steps taken about those crooks. There was also the NSSF-Temangalo saga, in 2008. This involved the then Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi, who made a deal with the security minister, who they claim to have been paid sh11b for 464 acres of land, with each acre costing sh24m. There also came the ID Scandal in 2010 which consumed over 150b to finance the project. Another corruption case was about the LCs bicycle scandal, 2011 which involved Amman Industrial Tool and Equipment Ltd, a locally-registered company, was contracted by the Ministry of Local Government to supply 70,000 bicycles meant for LCs, but no single bicycle was delivered. And over $1.7 million (about sh4b) was lost.

It is also right and fitting for donor countries, IMF, and the World Bank to know about the Microfinance 2011 scandal of Sh60b, which went missing from the Microfinance Support Centre. This involved the then Former Vice-president Dr. Specioza Wandera Kazibwe, who was the board chairperson. She was suspended over allegations of abuse of office and mismanagement of funds. But up today, she never explained where that money went. There was also Hassan Basajjabalaba’s corruption compensation scandal, 2011 in which Uganda lost sh169b. As usual, what was done is to; suck two ministers, Syda Bbumba for finance and the attorney general Khiddu Makubuya, alongside the three members of staff. But that was done to blindfold Ugandans because, up today, nothing great is known about what followed later. There was also the Pension’s scandal matter, 2012 in which I69billion was lost but nothing was followed later. It is also important to know about the Prime Minister’s Office corruption scandal in 2012 which led to the then principal accountant in the Prime Minister’s Office, Geoffrey Kazinda, who was remanded to Luzira Prison in connection with the disappearance of sh5b. Last but least, donor countries, IMF, and the World Bank should also know about the Valley dam scandal which was one of the first corruption scandals. A loss of sh3.4b in1998/1999 was reported and made the then Vice President Dr. Specioza Wandera Kazibwe ready to resign since she had vowed to go back to treating the many hernia patients in Mulago. But she later shifted blame for the financial impropriety in the valley dams scandal to bureaucrats in the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry, and fisheries, saying that her duty was to give political guidance to the bureaucrats in her ministry but the execution of the project entirely rested in their hands. The question is, where did that money go? The list of corruption scandals in Uganda is endless. It is really a shame to keep on losing such a colossal amount of money which is both from donor countries as well as taxpayers’ money.

In conclusion, Uganda has experienced lots of big corruption scandals, in which a colossal amount of money has disappeared that has led to Uganda as a country not having better quality public services, better formulation as well as the adoption of constructive political policies and government’s commitment to such policies. This has made Uganda indebted since the money is borrowed but it is not put into its proper use. But surprisingly donor countries, IMF and the World Bank have continuously and persistently continued working hand in hand with Museveni whom they know that he is not a Ugandan because he can easily be manipulated to fulfill anyone outsiders’ interests at the expense of the suffering of Ugandans. It is a shame and it should go on history that those high-profile governing bodies are dealing with an incompetent government that lacks accountability and transparency.


‘Blood Clot’ victims

Orthodox Church Archbishop Jonah Lwanga

Regardless of political affiliation, religious beliefs, tribes, cultures, generally any differences death is death. Museveni’s government has never valued the lives of Ugandan citizens.  When you look at all those Ugandans in the photos, are dead and they have been killed by Museveni’s regime. That made me burst into tears because I could not imagine how and why we shall never ever have those very important Ugandans to be part of our country. Museveni keeps on killing indigenous Ugandans and anyone who wants a change in Uganda but for him, he doesn’t want to die that is why he tries as much as possible to tighten his security. Anyway, no one deserves untimely death whether opposition population, pro-government, religious leaders, educated, uneducated, poor or rich, skilled or unskilled young, old, army or police force. It is heartbreaking nowadays to see that death has become normal in Uganda simply because our country is in captivity. We are under a few Rwandese occupation who are ruling us illegally and they are not ready to leave Uganda in peace.  Ugandans have buried a number of respected personalities dying of sudden deaths which are always related to blood clots leaving the country in shock concerning their untimely demise. It has now become a habit for the bloodsucker Museveni to organize “a team of pathologists” to establish the lies about the victims’ death, yet the awaited postmortem is always known as a Blood clot.

Judge Joan Namazzi Kagezi

Suleiman Kiggundu. Former Governor of Bank of Uganda
Sheikh Nuhuk Muzaata Batte
Bishop Kagwa Of Masaka Diocese
Dr. Anas Kaliisa
Major Mohamed Kiggundu

We Ugandans are fed up with Museveni’s regime and for sure no amount of words can describe the enormous wickedness; extreme criminality, cruelty, and other horrible situations and atrocities Ugandans have witnessed since Museveni became a president of a country of which he does not even have any roots of attachment. That contemptible liar who utters worthless and useless words because whenever his lips are moving is just a pile of nonsensical lies, should not have become a Ugandan president. He really deserves his eyes to be gouged out and left to spend all his time in hell due to the atrocities he has committed inside and outside Uganda. It is really sad to mention a number of people who have perished during Museveni’s term of office as in the example below.

1. Doctor
Andre Kayira.
21.Haji Brahim Muwanga Kibirige
2. Catholic church
kizito Lwanga
22. Several Muslim clerical
23.Brigadier Nobel Mayombo
24. Dan Kyeyune (NUP)
3. Orthodox church
Jonah Lwanga
4. Andrew
Felix Kaweesi
25. Former Arua Municipality MP colonel Ibrahim
28.Senteza Frank Kalibala(NUP)
27.Kizza Shakira Nabagasera(NUP)
5. Doctor
Anas Kaliisa
6. Senyonga Mohamed
( NUP)
28. Suzan Magara
29. Mubuuke Sharon(NUP)
30. Kalinda Micheal (zyg Wynes) (NUP)

8. Mulongo
31.Peter Kibirango
32-Hoteka Serubogo(NUP)
33. Sheik Nuhu Muzata
34. Ritah Nabukenya (NUP)
9. Bishop
kaggwa of
35. Adam Mulongo,
36. Andrew Felix Kaweesi
10. Zebra Mando (NUP)
11. Major
12. Atakyelisse Kenneth
37. over 80 youth both at Lugogo and Kabalagala, who perished in the 2010 World Cup final bomb saga
Governor of
14. General
15. Judge Joan Namazzi
16.Hanington Sewankambo Sweet Pepisi(NUP)
17. Kayondo Willy(NUP)
38. Students of Buddo Junior School, who vanished in the fire that destroyed their school.
39. The many Women in Wakiso who were killed by pang-wielded men.
40. People in Lwengo who were killed by organized
criminals aided by the police 
41.General Pual LokechGeneral
42. Kato Lubwama Baker (NUP)
43. Charles Mutyabule(NUP)
44. Hakim Sekamwa(NUP)
45. Kasese murder
46.Major Mohammed Kiggundu
47.. ASP Mohammed Kirumira
18. Cerinah
19. Major
Jame Kazini
48. Also Nowadays, many supporters of the people
power movement, are always murdered by police and the army
49. Yasini kawuuma,(His excellency Kyagulanyi’s

50. Victims of Luwero Triangle. The list is endless. But you can read more about Museveni’s atrocities in the compilation of the assassinations/ murders or killings Museveni has plotted and executed since the ’70s

Assistant Inspector of Police. Andrew Felix Kaweesi
ASP Mohammed Kirumira
Haji Brahim Muwanga Kibirige
Mp. Butaleja Cerinah Nebanda

The people you see in the pictures are not the only ones Museveni has killed. Remember that all the people who were killed in Luwero triangle in the 80s were killed by Museveni. The people who were killed in the Northern part of Uganda in the pretext of rebels; Alice Lakwena and Joseph Kony were killed by Museveni. The Kasese murder Ugandans will never forget was done at the instruction of devil Museveni. All Ugandans whom police and army forces have killed during presidential campaigns lost their lives because of Museveni. The people who have died in prisons and torture chambers whom their whereabouts up today is in words of puzzles have died prematurely because of Museveni.

Major James Kazini
Military Officer Ibrahim Abiriga
Die-hard NUP Supporter Ritah Nagukenya
Yasini Kawuuma. His Excellency Kyagulanyi’s driver.

Most of Museveni’s killings which were done in the 70s, 80s,90, 2000s up to today, will be found in the compilation talked about above. I got bemused when I came across that list and found it right and fitting to also share so that it can be published on NUP platform, in addition to the victims of the blood clot. This is done with the aim of keeping history and proof that can be based on to hold Museveni responsible for the countless atrocities he has committed in Uganda. My fellow brothers and sisters note that Museveni’s killing did not start yesterday. That is why he praises himself as the master of violence and for sure murdering people is his hobby.

Fellow Ugandans, evil reigns when good men and women are silent. Do not keep silent. Enough is enough. You have both; read and seen those pictures of people who would be still living and needed in the development of Uganda. Therefore, I am NOT wrong to emphatically say that Museveni should be arrested for crimes against humanity.



Museveni’s Murders


My fellow Ugandans, especially those who are in the struggle and you mean what you are yearning for, kindly take time to read about the countless atrocities Museveni has plotted before and after becoming a president. Since we want to hold Museveni’s government accountable for the atrocities he and his fellow Rwandese have committed in our country, I have seen it right and fitting to compile a list of people Museveni has killed. All the killings and the atrocities which were committed in the 70s and also during Obote one, Amin, Obote two generally the insecurity which took a great tall of Ugandan citizens’ lives were being organized by Museveni himself and most of which was directly involved. The reason behind that was to make the then ruling governments so bad so that Ugandans could hate those governments which were in power. In doing so, the Rwandese man, Ugandan government helped as a refugee, his intention was to become the president of Uganda for life. That is why he has kept on murdering all those Museveni thinks that they are a threat to the chair. My brothers and sisters, I really don’t know whether you can figure out how many Ugandans devil Museveni has killed since he joined Ugandan politics. But the list below can give you just an insight into the murders Museveni has carried out in our country.

1. Brig. Perino Okoya, commander of Second Infantry Brigade 1970. Personally shot dead by GSU intelligence officer Museveni.

2. Nicholas Stroh, American journalist, 1971. Murdered by Lt. Silver Tibahika on Museveni’s orders, for investigating FRONASA’s murder of Acholi and Langi army officers.

3. Robert Siedle, Makerere University lecturer, 1971. Murdered by Lt. Silver Tibahika on Museveni’s orders, for investigating FRONASA’s murder of Acholi and Langi army officers.

4. James Bwogi, director of Uganda Television, 1971. Murdered by FRONASA agents to tarnish image of President Idi Amin.

5. Michael Kabali Kaggwa, president of Uganda Industrial Court, 1971. Murdered by FRONASA agents and burnt in his car, to turn Baganda against Amin.

6. Father Clement Kiggundu, Roman Catholic priest and former editor of Muuno newspaper, 1971. Dragged from the altar during Mass to turn Baganda and Catholics against Amin.

7. Raiti Omongin, the first leader of FRONASA, 1972. Personally shot in the mouth by the Museveni during a morning parade in Tabora, after the Ugandan ruler’s claim to FRONASA leadership was challenged.

8. Ali Picho Owiny, former GSU intelligence officer and colleague of the Ugandan ruler, 1972. Murdered during the attack on Mbarara by the Ugandan ruler because of his habit of humiliating the Ugandan ruler in the office. The murder was blamed on Amin’s soldiers.

9. Valerino Rwaheru, comrade in arms of the Ugandan ruler, 1972. Killed by the Ugandan ruler to eliminate the challenge to his leadership of FRONASA.

10. William a.k.a “Black” Mwesigwa, comrade in arms of the Ugandan ruler, 1972. Murdered during the invasion of Mbarara, to be blamed on Amin’s troops.

11. Basil Kiiza Bataringaya, former minister of Internal Affairs, 1972. Murdered by FRONASA agents and thrown into Rwizi river in Mbarara.

12. Erifazi Laki, county chief of Rwampara, 1972. Killed by FRONASA agents on Museveni’s orders, because as a former GSU intelligence officer Laki possibly knew of Museveni’s hand in murdering Brig. Okoya or was a threat to the Ugandan ruler’s ambitions. The private detective who in 2001 undertook to investigate Laki’s murder was poisoned on orders of the Ugandan ruler.(Museveni)

13. Patrick Ruhinda, lawyer, 1972. Murdered by FRONASA to turn against Amin.

14. Benedicto Kiwanuka, president general of DP and Chief Justice, 1972. Abducted from the High Court buildings and shot dead by FRONASA agents near Bombo Road, Wandegeya, to tarnish Amin’s image. The abduction car was driven by a Musoga FRONASA man, Capt. Kaganda.

15. Frank Kalimuzo, vice-chancellor of Makerere University, 1972. Murdered by FRONASA agents, to cause fear in Uganda’s civil service and academic circles. The story of Kalimuzo’s death given by Kintu Musoke had many inconsistencies.

16. John Kakonge, secretary-general of Uganda People’s Congress, 1972. Murdered to tarnish Amin’s image.

17. James Karuhanga, comrade in arms of the Ugandan ruler, 1973. Shot dead by the Museveni  and blamed on Amin’s troops.

 18. Hope Rwaheru, Museveni’s wife, a sister to Valeriano Rwaheru, 1973. Mother of Museveni’s son, Muhoozi Kainerugaba, reportedly strangled by Museveni in Dar es Salaam).

19. Lt. Col. Michael Ondoga, minister of Foreign Affairs, 1974. Kidnapped and murdered by FRONASA agents led by Kahinda Otafiire and body thrown into River Nile.

20. Martin Mwesiga, comrade in arms of the Ugandan ruler, 1974. Shot dead by Museveni after he witnessed the shooting of Omongin.

21. Edith Bataringaya, wife of Basil Bataringaya, 1975. Burnt alive by FRONASA agents in order to discredit Amin.

22. Theresa Nanziri Bukenya, warden of Africa girls’ Hall at Makerere University, 1976. Killed personally by Museveni, by slitting open her stomach when she was eight months pregnant, in order to create more hatred for Amin among Ugandans.

23. Jimmy Parma, photographer, Voice of Uganda, 1976. Murdered by FRONASA for taking photographs of the body of Israeli hostage Dora Bloch after the Entebbe raid.

24. Esther Chesire, Kenyan student at Makerere University, 1976. Kidnapped by State Research agents working for the Ugandan ruler’s FRONASA at Entebbe International Airport, in order to stir up hostility between Uganda and Kenya following the Israeli attack on Entebbe.

25. Sally Githere, Kenyan student at Makerere University, 1976. Kidnapped by State Research agents working for the Ugandan ruler’s FRONASA at Entebbe International Airport, in order to stir up hostility between Uganda and Kenya following the Israeli attack on Entebbe.

26. Lt. Col. Sarapio Kakuhikire, army officer, 1977. Abducted and killed by FRONASA agents outside main Kampala Post Office in order to discredit Amin.

27. Dr. Jack Barlow, dentist opponents at Mulago Hospital, 1979. Shot dead in Kampala. Barlow was one of several doctors and senior civil servants murdered on orders of Defence Minister the Ugandan ruler (Museveni) to create an atmosphere of lawlessness in Uganda and show that President Godfrey Binaisa had failed to govern Uganda. Killers said they had been sent for his life, not his money or property.

28. Dr. Stephen Obache, a doctor at Mulago hospital, 1979. Shot dead in Kampala. He was one of several doctors and senior civil servants murdered on orders of Defence Minister the Ugandan ruler (Museveni) to create an atmosphere of lawlessness in Uganda and show that President Godfrey Binaisa had failed to govern Uganda.

29. Dr. Joseph Kamulegeya, doctor for Kampala City Council, 1979. Shot dead in Kampala. He was one of several doctors and senior civil servants murdered on orders of Defence Minister the Ugandan ruler to create an atmosphere of lawlessness in Uganda and show that President Godfrey Binaisa had failed to govern Uganda.

30. Dr. Mitchell Bagenda, a doctor at Mulago Hospital, 1979. Shot dead in his home in Kampala. He was one of several doctors and senior civil servants murder

31. Lt. Colonel John Ruhinda, UNLA officer, 1979. Shot dead on Museveni’s, because Ruhinda was seen as a threat to Museveni’s ambitions. Museveni came to the home of George and Joyce Kihuguru at Makerere University a few minutes after Ruhinda’s shooting there, pretending to be a concerned mourner. Ruhinda had gone to the Kihuguru’s home to eat millet.

32. Boniface Kaija Katuramu, Kampala quantity surveyor, 1979. Shot dead at his Malcolm X Avenue home in Kampala as part of Museveni’s reign of terror to create the image of unstable Uganda after Amin.

33. James Matovu, cousin of Kabaka Ronald Mwenda Mutebi of Buganda, 1979. Shot dead at his home in Kampala. The Buganda prince was one of several prominent Ugandans murdered on Museveni’s orders to create an atmosphere of lawlessness in Uganda and show that President Godfrey Binaisa had failed to govern Uganda.

34. Bob Naenda Odong, newsreader, Uganda Television, 1980. Shot dead on orders of the Ugandan ruler as part of efforts to create the image of chaos in Kampala.

35. Edidian Luttamaguzi, peasant leader in Semuto, 1981. NRA legend has it that Luttamaguzi was hiding the Ugandan ruler in his house and government troops came to surround the place to Museveni. Museveni hid up in a tree and as the UNLA troops killed Luttamaguzi, Museveni perched in the tree watched helplessly. That was on June 9, 1981, and that is why the NRM marks that day as Hero’s Day because Luttamaguzi saved the Museveni’s life by refusing to tell the UNLA where he was. It is the NRA that killed Luttamaguzii in order to stiffen the hatred for Obote among the Luwero peasants. Museveni created this story of his narrow escape as one of the NRA legends. That day in 1981, Museveni was not in Uganda but in Nairobi signing a merged agreement between his Popular Resistance Army and Yusufu Lule’s Uganda Freedom Fighters.

36. Ahmed Seguya, the first commander of the NRA, 1981. Poisoned on Museveni’s orders.

37. Beatrice Kemigisha, Makerere University lecturer and NRM supporter, 1981. NRM officials used to visit Kemigisha at her flat at the university. Museveni passed on information to the UNLA that she was an NRA supporter and she was arrested. NRA men in the UNLA army raped and tortured her to death as part of Museveni’s plan to have Obote’s image tarnished.

38. Lt. Col. William Ndahendekire, army officer, 1982. Killed on Museveni’s orders after Ndahendekire refused to join Museveni’s NRA war.

39. Lt. Mule Muwanga, original NRA officer, 1982. Murdered during guerrilla war. Reasons unknown.

40. George Bamuturaki, UPC Member of Parliament, 1983. Shot dead at Kisimenti in Kampala because during 1980 election campaigns Bamuturaki had argued that the Museveni, a Rwandese, should not be president of Uganda.

41. Gideon Akankwasa, a lawyer with Hunter & Grieg law firm, 1983. Shot dead outside the gate of his home on Kyadondo Road in Nakasero, in Kampala.

42. Lt. Sam Magara, second commander of the NRA, 1983. Betrayed to the UNLA by the Museveni in order to eliminate the threat in the bush. One of the people captured during the siege on Katenta Apuuli’s house said Magara was sent to Kampala by Museveni and only the Ugandan ruler could have known where Magarawas staying while in Kampala.

43. Thompson Sabiti, civil servant and son of late Anglican Archbishop Eric Sabiiti, 1983. Clubbed to death near the Lake Victoria Hotel and the Ministry of Planning in Entebbe by Museveni’s NRA men. He (Museveni) blamed his death on the bodyguards of the vice president Paulo Muwanga. The Ugandan ruler wanted the Protestant Bahima community to turn in large numbers from Obote and become more loyal to the NRA. Sabiti was a good target.

44. Prof. Yusufu Kironde Lule, former head of state and chairman of National Resistance Movement, 1985. Murdered by slow-acting poison in London because of his popularity and threat to Museveni’s ambitions.

45. Enock Kabundu, Entebbe civil servant and the Ugandan ruler supporter, 1985. Kabundu was one of Museveni’s staunchest supporters and the Ugandan ruler used this against him. During the time of the Nairobi peace talks in December 1985, the Ugandan ruler ordered two sisters working as prostitutes and informers for the NRA, Margaret, and Anne Katanywa, to help get rid of Kabundu. Margaret and Anne Katanywa convinced a UNLA officer they were dating; Lt. Col. Obonyo that Kabundu was an NRA rebel. Obonyo had Kabundu taken to the Lutembe beach off the Kampala-Entebbe road where he was killed, his buttocks cut off in order to show that the Tito Okello regime was not sincere about peace talks. Two years before this, the Ugandan ruler had used the same tactic in killing a prominent Muhima in Entebbe, Thompson Sabiti.

46. Lt. Sam Katabarwa, NRA commander, 1986. Sent to mediate peace with UPC government, was arrested but was alive after Museveni took power in 1986 was killed on his orders. He was a popular officer seen as a threat to the Ugandan ruler’s power.

47. Capt. Robert Kagata Namiti, UNLA army officer, 1986. Murdered by a slow-acting poison injection by the NRA medical services on the Ugandan ruler’s orders because he knew details of who killed Sam Katabarwa.

48. Capt. Abbey Kalega Sserwada, former Uganda Freedom Movement commander, 1986. He was arrested and detained at Lubiri barracks, tortured, his ears were cut off and he was killed by senior NRA officers with Museveni’s approval.

49. Francis Gureme, NRA officer, son of a retired civil servant and writer F.D.R. Gureme, 1986. Killed in northern Uganda allegedly by rebels during a mission. The real reason was a setup, on orders of the Ugandan ruler(Museveni), after Gureme began asking too many questions about NRA atrocities in the north.

50. Major Peter Musana, former head of School of Logistics and Engineering, Jinja, 1987. Reasons unclear. He was killed by a slow-acting poison a few months after being released from prison. He might have known Capt. Namiti and how he died.

51. Andrew Lutakome Kayiira, cabinet minister and former leader of the Uganda Freedom Movement, 1987. Shot dead in Konge, Makindye, Kampala by a hit squad comprising Major Paul Kagame, James Kazini, Lt. Col. Kasirye Gwanga, Lt. Col. Moses Nyanzi (a.k.a “Drago”) and ESO assassin Humphrey Babukika. In the 1980s bush wars, Kayiira’s UFM was always the better equipped force than Museveni’s NRA and Museveni felt Kayiira was his main rival for power. The Scotland Yard report on Kayira’s death is reported to have mentioned Major Paul Kagame or Brig. Jim Muhwezi as the architect of the assassination.

52. Lance Sera Muwanga, housed the Ugandan ruler’s family in exile in Sweden and human rights activist, 1988. Killed by slow-acting poison for his vocal views on the Ugandan ruler’s atrocities in northern Uganda and his elimination of his political. Muwanga and the BBC correspondent Henry Gombya in a joint 1986 work wrote that the “Black Bombers” hit squad of the NRA led by Patrick Lumumba, Paul Kagame, Matayo Kyaligonza, Pecos Kutesa, Hannington Mugabi, Jero Bwende, and others were the ones carrying out the massacres of civilians in the Luwero Triangle in order to blame them on the Obote regime.

53. Robert Ekinu, deputy secretary of the Treasury, 1988. He was shot on orders of the Ugandan ruler (Museveni) on a peace mission with other Teso ministers like Stanislaus Okurut, the killing blamed on the Teso rebels, so as to paint the Teso rebels in a bad light and justify the Ugandan ruler’s aggressive military offensive there. The Ugandan ruler pretended to be hurt by Ekinu’s death by giving Ekinu’s widow a job in the Bank of Uganda and giving the bereaved family the government house they occupied in Entebbe.

54. Henry Mugisa, DP stalwart, member of National Resistance Council and Managing Director of Consolidated Properties, the government parastatal, 1989. Shot dead at his Kololo, Kampala home on orders of the Ugandan ruler because he knew about Museveni’s hand in stealing government companies under the guise of privatization. The Ugandan ruler gave away his guilt by having Mugisa’s body flown to his burial in Bunyoro and a high-powered government delegation attending the funeral.

55. Major General Fred Rwigyema, first commander of Rwandan Patriotic Army and former minister of state for defence, 1990. Shot by Major Peter Baingana and Major Chris Bunyenyezi on orders of Museveni. Rwigyema had been telling his wife Jeanette that his life was in danger in Uganda, that’s why he decided to defect to Rwanda before Museveni could assassinate him.

56. Major Peter Baingana, Rwandan Patriotic Army commander, 1990. Shot dead at a farm inside Uganda by Major General Salim Saleh on orders of the Ugandan ruler, to cover up the Ugandan ruler’s assassination of Fred Rwigyema.

57. Major Chris Bunyenyezi, Rwandan Patriotic Army commander, 1990. Shot dead at a farm inside Uganda by Major General Salim Saleh on orders of Museveni, to cover up the Ugandan ruler’s assassination of Fred Rwigyema.

58. Chris Mboijana, General Manager of Uganda Airlines, 1990. Poisoned in London after Museveni stole money intended by management to buy four new Airbus planes for Uganda Airlines. Museveni knew that the trail of the theft would lead to him and he had to get rid of Mboijana who was once one of his staunchest supporters.

59. Paulo Muwanga, former vice president and chairman of the Military Commission, 1991. Injected with slow-acting poison in Luzira prison because he knew details of Museveni’s orchestrated genocide in Luwero Triangle.

60. John Begumisa, Commercial manager of Uganda Airlines, 1992. Shot dead at his home in Entebbe, after Museveni stole the money intended to buy four new Airbus planes for Uganda Airlines. NRA killers dressed up as doctors were brought to Grade A Hospital in Entebbe to make sure the wounded Begumisa did not survive the gunshot wounds.

61. Edward Mugalu, Kampala businessman and Democratic Party supporter, 1992. Shot dead near Lugogo, Kampala, on orders of Museveni, as part of his plan to eliminate DP figures close to Andrew Kayiira. Mugalu was also a strong Buganda monarchist and influential businessman.

62. Prof. Dan Mudoola, Makerere University lecturer and vice chairman of the Constitutional Review Commission., 1993. He was killed in a grenade attack in Wandegeya in order to frustrate the progress of the constitution-making process.

63. Dr Francis Kidubuka, Makerere University lecturer, 1993. Killed by a grenade while having a drink outside the Paris Hotel in Wandegeya with Mudoola.

64. Amon Bazira, former UPC deputy minister, 1993. Bazira was shot dead in Nakuru, Kenya by ESO assassin Humphrey Babukika, in a plot hatched by Museveni.

65. President Melchior Ndadaye, head of state of Burundi, 1993. Assassins of Ndadaye were given shelter in Uganda and after the mission was accomplished, were housed at state expense in the Kampala Sheraton Hotel.

66. President Juvenal Habyarimana, head of state of Rwanda, 1994. Killed in missile attack on his plane, ordered by Museveni. Habyarimana had approached ISO director general Brig. Jim Muhwezi with money and surface-to-air missiles to shoot down Museveni’s plane. Museveni gave Muhwezi the money and decided to hit Habyarimana with his own medicine. The assassins were trained near Lake Nabugabo in Masaka and the missiles were driven into Rwanda by RFA officer James Kabareebe.

67. President Cyprien Ntaryamira, head of state of Burundi, 1994. Killed in Habyarimana’s plane.

68.Benjamin Matogo, Uganda’s High Commissioner to Tanzania, 1994. Matogo had gained sensitive information that Museveni masterminded the genocide against the Tutsi of Rwanda even before Habyarimana was assassinated. Ugandan intelligence intercepted his communication in which they knew he knew of Museveni’s role in both the assassination of Habyarimana and Ntarymira and the Ugandan death squads Museveni got to dress up as Hutu extremists that would kill Tutsis at random as he had done in Luwero Triangle. Matogo was killed using a slow-acting poison.

69. Hussein Musa Njuki, journalist and editor of Assalaam and former editor of Shariat newsletters, 1995. Killed by agents of Military Intelligence using a poison that induces sudden heart attacks and he was taken to a Kampala police station to die. Njuki had become a strong critic of Museveni’s regime. Museveni used Njuki and Ahmed Seguya as FRONASA men to distribute disinformation in Uganda in the Amin era.

70. Lt. Col. Ladislaw Serwanga Lwanga, former NRA chief political commissar, 1996. Killed by slow-acting poison although he was also HIV-positive because he was seen as a threat poised by vocal Baganda officers.

71. Lt. Michael Shalita, Intelligence officer with the Internal Security Organization, 1997. Shot in Kamwokya on orders of the Ugandan ruler. Shalita was investigating cases of massive corruption involving top government parastatals like the Uganda Revenue Authority and the Uganda Posts & Telecommunications Corporation in which the Museveni’s family had an interest.

72. Brig. Fred Kamwesiga, 1997, Invited to State House dinner with Museveni and contagious poison put in his plate, for opposing parliamentary candidature of Augustine Ruzindana and calling Ruzindana a Rwandese unfit to run for MP in Uganda.

73. Joanne Cotton, one of eight western tourists, killed in Bwindi national park, 1999. The murders were planned personally Museveni in order to scare the West and justify Uganda’s invasion of Congo on the excuse of pursuing the ADF rebels and Rwandan Interahamwe who were accused of committing the crime. At a press conference in Kampala after the killings, Museveni pretended to be very hurt by the tourists’ deaths and took charge of the hunt for the killers.

74. Steve Roberts, one of eight western tourists, killed in Bwindi national park, 1999.

75. Mark Lindgren, one of eight western tourists, killed in Bwindi national park, 1999.

76. Martin Friend, one of eight western tourists, killed in Bwindi national park, 1999.

77. Gary Tappenden, one of eight western tourists, killed in Bwindi national park, 1999.

78. Rob Haubner, one of eight western tourists, killed in Bwindi national park, 1999.

79. Susan Miller, one of eight western tourists, killed in Bwindi national park, 1999.

80. Lt. Col. Jet Mwebaze, UPDF officer, 1999. Shot in the forehead in Congo on orders of Salim Saleh with Museveni’s approval, for questioning why Saleh and Museveni’s son Muhoozi Kainerugaba were exporting beef to Congo and looting minerals, instead of looking out for Uganda’s security interests. The government claimed it was an accident but there was an unexplained gunshot wound on his forehead. His body was returned in a sealed coffin and his family was not allowed to view his body. His brother, General James Kazini, is still convinced that there was foul play in Mwebaze’s death.

81. Anthony Ssekweyama, DP stalwart and human rights activist, 1999. Murdered and a fake car accident staged to cover up, on orders of the Ugandan ruler after he catalogued Museveni’s murder of high profile Ugandans and the NRA’s atrocities in northern Uganda. Fortunately, forensic evidence of Ssekweyama’s murder was smuggled out of Uganda.

82. Charles Owor, national electoral commissioner, 2000. He was shot dead in Kenya by ESO agents and an accident faked after he protested vigorously at the massive rigging that robbed DP presidential candidate in the 1996 election. The owner had sensitive and damning evidence of how Museveni rigged the 1996 election.

83. Henry Kayondo, lawyer and DP diehard, 2000. He was poisoned by the same East Bloc KGB poison used to kill Brig. Kamwesiga, which induces sudden heart failure and makes people believe it was a genuine heart attack. Kayondo was a consistent critic of the NRM’s anti-democratic tendencies and the Ugandan ruler ordered him silenced.

84. Mukono, Uganda Posts & Telecommunications employee, 2000. Mr. Mukono was gunned down at his home in Namungoona the day before he was supposed to testify at a commission probe into shady activities in the company. The killers, sent by Museveni, left with Mukono’s briefcase where he had put files and official documents of evidence.

85. President Laurent Desire Kabila, head of state of the Democratic Republic of Congo, 2001. Shot dead by a bodyguard of Col. Kahinda Otafiire. An ESO intelligence officer confirmed to Reuter’s agency that Kabila was dead when the rest of the world was still guessing.

86. Spencer Turomwe, opposition mobilizer and husband to Betty Olive Kamya, 2001. Although he was HIV-positive and was killed by Military Intelligence agents dressed up as doctors using a slow-acting poison injection because of his influence as a mobilizer and vocal NRM government critic. The government said they hoped his widow Betty Kamya would be intimidated by their murder of Turomwe but instead, she became bolder as an FDC envoy.

87.Agnes Katama, managing director of SWIPCO procurement company, 2002. She was murdered and her death was blamed on a staged car accident on the Kampala-Fort Portal road because she was beginning to question too much the huge corrupt deals involving the First Family in government procurements

88. Brig. Gad Wilson Toko, former minister of Defence, 2002 Murdered in a fake accident. Toko during a session of the peace talks in Nairobi had walked across the table and slapped the Ugandan ruler, shouting angrily why Museveni a Rwandese was determined to fight “your wars in our country.” Museveni never forgave him for that public slap.

89. Christine Kania, a member of the Constitutional Review Commission, 2002. She was killed on the same day as Brig. Toko

90. Deus Mugizi, former Uganda Airlines manager, 2002. Gunmen came to his home in Bunga outside Kampala and as his mother pleaded for her son’s life, they said they had not come for the property but for his life. Mugizi had protested many times at the sale of Uganda Airlines’ routes to the new East African Airlines which is owned in part by the Ugandan ruler family. He also knew about the four Airbus planes that Uganda Airlines was supposed to have bought but Museveni siphoned off the money.

91. Jonah Mulindwa, a cameraman with Presidential Press Unit, 2003. He was an eyewitness to some dirty dealings that Museveni was conducting in State House. Museveni has a secret room in the State House which only he opens, where he keeps a statue of himself surrounded by bones, skulls, and witchcraft items. One day, Museveni’s wife opened the room, saw the skulls and bones and almost fainted.

92. Francis Ayume, Solicitor General and Attorney General, 2004. Shot dead by Anthony Butele and them accident faked. The family was discouraged from viewing Ayume’s body. Ayume had been a strong critic of the Third Term project and was viewed as presidential material.

93. Robinah Kiyingi, Kampala lawyer and country director of Transparency International, 2005. Shot dead outside her home just outside Kampala. She had gathered damning data on her laptop computer on the massive corruption personally sanctioned by the Ugandan ruler for his family. Transparency International had estimated the Museveni’s worth was at $4billion. The Ugandan ruler gave away his hand in Kiyingi’s murder by saying he had a great interest in following how the case and trial were going.

94. John Garang Demabior, First Vice President of Sudan and chairman of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement, 2005. Killed aboard the Ugandan ruler’s helicopter. Garang had come to Uganda to demand back a huge cache of arms belonging to the SPLA which the Ugandan ruler had stolen and could not account for. The altimeter on the helicopter was tampered with in order to endanger the craft and the SPLA using global positioning systems established that the helicopter came down inside Uganda and not Sudan as Kampala claimed.

95. Sgt. John Atwine, alleged killer of Robinah Kiyingi, 2005. Poisoned in Luzira prison to cover up evidence of his framing and Museveni’s role in the murder of Robinah Kiyingi.

96. Kevin Aliro, Managing Editor, Weekly Observer, 2005. Museveni’s main methods of dealing with his opponents since the 1990s has been to hit them when they are HIV-positive and in that way few people see the cause of death as foul play. He did this with Spencer Turomwe and Kevin Aliro, one of the courageous critics of the government. Patriotic sources in intelligence who are disgusted with the Museveni’s handling of the country passed this information on to the Opposition that Aliro was actually killed using the poison spray.

97. Brigadier Noble Mayombo

101. ALFRED BONGOMIN: On February 12, 2002, politician Alfred Bongomin, who was the LC III chairman for Pabbo sub-county in Gulu district and a Movement stalwart, was gunned down in Gulu town.

98. ERIA BUGEMBE (KASIWUKIRA) the October 12, 2016 judgment by Justice Wilson Masalu Musene brought relief and joy for Sarah Nabikolo, the widow, who was acquitted of murdering her husband Eria Bugembe Ssebunya aka Kasiwukira in 2014.

99. JOHN AHIMBISIBWE: After spending a year in Luzira prison, Ivan Kamyuka, who is being accused of murdering John alias Ahimbisibwe, was granted bail by the High court on October 28, 2016.

100. DONAH BETTY KATUSABE: Nine people are supposed to face trial in the High court for their role in the brutal murder of business lady Donah Betty Katusabe in 2015. The highest-profile of them is Aaron Baguma, the former Kampala Central police station commander, and Muhammed Ssebuwufu, the owner of Pine car bond, where Katusabe was allegedly murdered from. Others are Godfrey Kayiza, Philip Mirambe, Stephen Lwanga, Paul Tasingika, Yoweri Kitayimba, Shaban Otuddu, and Damaseni Ssentongo.

101. SHEIKH ABDUL KADHIR MUWAYA: On December 25, 2014, as the rest of Ugandans were enjoying Christmas day, the leader of the  Shiite Muslim sect in Uganda, Sheikh Abdul Kadhir Muwaya, met his death.

102. CERINAH NEBANDA: By the time she died mysteriously on December 14, 2012, Cerinah Nebanda, 24, was one and a half years into her first term as Woman MP for Butaleja district.

103. Fred Rubereza Nkuranga

104. 23 young women in Nansana and Wakiso

105. Maria Nagirinya

106. Ronald Kitayimbwa Driver to Nagirinya

107. Assistant Inspector General of Police Felix Kaweesi

108. Chief Inspector of Police Muhammed Kirumira

109. MP for Arua Municipality Col (Rtd) Ibrahim Abiriga

110. Former Assistant Prosecutor Joan Kagezi Namazzi

111. Major Mohamed Kiggundu,

112. Several Muslim Sheikhs

113. 23 young women in Nansana and Wakiso

114. Yasin Kawuma (Bobi Wine’s Driver)

115. Maria Nagirinya

116.Ritah Nabukenya

117. Catholic church Archbishop Cyprian kizito Lwanga

118.Orthodox church Archbishop Jonah Lwanga

119. Doctor Anas Kaliisa

120.Bishop kaggwa of Masaka diocese

121. Major Kasirye Kangwa

122. Major Suleiman Kiggundu,

123.General Aronda Nyakayirima.

124. Major general Paul Lokech

125- Brahim Muwanga Kibirige

126- Suzan Magara,

127- Peter Kibirango

128- Adam Mulongo

229- Over 80 youth both at Lugogo and Kabalagala, who perished in the 2010 World Cup final bomb saga

200- Students of Buddo Junior School, who vanished in the fire that destroyed their school.

201- The many Women in Wakiso who were killed by pang wielded men.

202- People in Lwengo who were killed by organized criminals aided by the police 

203- Also Nowadays, many supporters of the people power movement, are always murdered by police and the army

204- Kasese murder